I appreciate Dr. Gilliland's willingness to spend so much time with us going over all of our questions.
The doctor was very patient and took all the time necessary to hear our complicated story and provide us with some realistic and good alternatives. We felt like there was genuine concern for our case and were very happy with our first visit with him.
I thought Dr. Heiner was very knowledgeable. He was able to answer all my questions and put me at ease about some of my worries.
Truly wonderful experience. We were nervous and anxious and Dr. Moore immediately made us feel comfortable and at ease. We were impressed by his preparation, his listening skills and his ability to really help us in a short amount of time.
I felt my first appt was a very thorough intake. He spent a good deal of time listening. I was pleased with his willingness to move forward with testing promptly.
Very kind and knowledgeable doctor. Very thorough and attentive. I was very impressed with him.
Very nice and understanding.
Dr. Blauer and his staff were very welcoming, I was comfortable from the second I walked in. He made sure to explain things in a way so I could easily understand. If you are looking for an RE I would recommend him! ...
Everyone is always very helpful. Dr. G was very personable and kind. I appreciate the doctor and staff's sensitivity.
Dr. Heiner was very helpful in our initial consult. He is very educated and helped me understand a lot more about my current situation. Only down to the consult was not having brought a note pad or recording! It's easy to forget so much information and terms. It's hard to relay such great smart info to others without dumbing it down x100. Great doctor, very helpful!
Dr. Gililland is wonderful! He takes his time with you and is very compassionate and cares about you and your situation. The rest of the staff at the Clearfield office is great too! They are all very friendly and easy to work with. I love everyone at the Clearfield office and am great full the office is located where it is. There however been a few times where you have had problems with your phone lines and I have not been able to get through. Other than that you guys are awesome!
Great interpersonal skills, genuine concern for clients and very professional.
It has been a super amazing experience and his staff has been super friendly.
Is very concerned, thorough and kind.
He is a great doctor. He has a great personality and genuinely cares.
I thought my experience was great. The staff and Dr. B was very nice.
They are great at answering any question I have.
The visit was amazing! The entire staff was so willing to sit down and talk with us to answer every question we had. They spent as much time as needed with us. They made us feel comfortable and not rushed.
Dr Gilliland was great, he took the time to listen and he explained everything very well.
Love Dr Blauer. Sometimes he seems a little distracted by his computer but other than that he is great!
Dr Heiner was Super nice and friendly, always made me comfortable, and Answer all my questions.
Dr. Blauer Very thorough. The staff is very friendly and helpful. I knew I was in good hands.
It was very nice and comfortable.
Dr. Blauer is wonderful! I would appreciate some more explanation during procedures to help me keep calm.
Dr. Blauer was great. He was very thorough with discussing all of my options and answering any questions I had.
He was great! Very knowledgeable and answered all the questions we had. Felt very comfortable with him.
From the receptionist to Dr. Gilliland, everyone is very caring and professional. I am glad I was referred to them.
Dr. Hatasaka is very caring. I know I am in good hands. I like that I get to see a doctor on each visit.
Dr. Hatasaka has been wonderful. He presented us with all our options up front and helped us to understand our options.
Dr. Moore saved my life. He is not just a fertility doctor, but also a doctor with immense knowledge of the female reproductive system. I went in to Dr. Moore after 2 years of non-stop heavy bleeding that not one of 5 other OB/GYNs and specialists that I saw was able to stop. I had been hospitalized for severe anemia as a result. FINALLY after 2 years my PCP referred me to Dr. Moore. He understood exactly what was happening and stopped my bleeding only a few days.
Dr. Hatasaka is wonderful. So kind and patient, excellent bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone.
Every time I come, everyone is so nice and welcoming and comforting. It's been a great experience.
Our experience with Dr. Blauer was pretty good at first but went downhill. He gave us conflicting information about what might be causing our fertility issues--within minutes of saying one thing, he contradicted himself and said the opposite. For something so crucial to our fertility journey, it was very confusing. When I asked for clarification, he seemed annoyed, like I was being overly-inquisitive when, in reality, I just like to understand my health. His bedside manner just isn't great.
Everything was soooooo amazing! I love you guys!!
The care and compassion have been impeccable!
My Experience with Dr Heiner was great. I do not think I would change anything.
Very Co-operative.
His bedside manner is questionable and chomping on food while asking questions right before doing my ultrasound is pretty gross. He totally creeped me out.
I was happy with Dr. G very professional.
Really friendly and helpful. They were able to get me in quickly and answer any questions I had.
Dr. Heiner was very knowledgeable but I would like a better bedside manner when things go wrong, he just seemed distance and fact based, when this is an emotional thing that was happening to us. I would like there to be more care and concern in his voice. His beside manner was good, until we got the bad news and his voice and actions seemed a little cold. I know that he has to deliver bad news a lot but this was the first time for us and it was harder to handle when he seemed so emotional detach

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