I have seen Dr Willesen for almost 15 years and have never would would want to never seen another Dr. She is patient and listens. If I do not feel comfortable taking a treatment due to side effects or cost, she works with me to find an alternative. She has helped me through some very trying illnesses that I do not believe other doctors could or would. I have recommended other family to her and they have felt the same.
Terrible front desk staff: Trying to get a prescription refill is worse than amputating your own leg, except Dr. Whittington's staff makes you wait longer. I'm getting a new doctor because of their poor treatment, not because I'm not happy with Dr. Whittington (I've been with him for over a decade), but because of his abominable office staff.
I referred to many in 12 yrs to Dr W. I'M SORRY FOR THAT! I was COMPLETELY DIAGNOSED WRONG! She recently started "try holistic". No examples? I LOST 12 YRS OF MY LIFE, WITH MY KIDS, SPENT THOUSANDS ON RX, THEY NEVER WORKED & I COULDN'T WORK! Here's your sign! 1 Chiro appt for unrelated issue & the INTENSE PAIN that kept me FROM A LIFE GONE! Lableled "ADDICT", I followed HER instructions! Now I DESPERATELY NEED A TRUSTWORTHY DR, can't get them to listen I'M JUST AN ADDICT. BUT I SAY NO PILLS!!!!
I went to Dr. Willesen for a Wellness Review scheduled by my insurance co. and a prescription refill. The Wellness Review takes longer than a normal appt. She is very thorough and is very concerned about her patients. You can bring up any concerns and she will always answer them. She has been my doctor for over 10 years and I would never go to anyone else. In 4/16 she saved my life after a Specialist refused to see me after he operated on me. She knew right away what was wrong and cured me.
Worst experience I’ve ever had with a doctor.The office staff was terrible too.Hard to get on the phone and didn’t return calls.
Don't ever call if you are sick! He has no patience. He seemed very put out (on a Saturday p.m.) Very rude! I was so sick and scared with my medical background and was concerned with an added symptom after a week of being sick. He is not compassionate and seems to have the attitude he is above you and I had better be dying. I went to the insta care instead.
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