The visit was very rushed and left me with more questions than answers, though I tried to trust in his advice. Now that I've visited another dermatologist, who very quickly referred me to a general surgeon, because clearly my case wasn't one for dermatology I've realized Dr. Taintor didn't even take the time to think through my case to come to that conclusion himself. I would not recommend him to anyone, unless maybe you need a quick wart or skin tag frozen off, which his assistant will do.
Don't trust him with any skin surgery. Removing a small cyst from my scalp took 2 surgeries and left me with with a bald spot on my head. He should have recommended a plastic surgeon instead. When I came back he told me to grow my hair to cover the bald spot. I don't believe Dr. Taintor is qualified to perform skin surgeries. Consult with a plastic surgeon before letting him cut your skin.
He has a friendly yet no-nonsense manner and gets to the heart of the issue very quickly. I was fitted with contacts elsewhere that were horrible but within about 15 minutes he had me seeing better than I have in years.
My 14 yr old daughter is learning to wear contacts. The drama might be equivalent to discovering she is allergic to food and needs to be permanently sustained by IV. Dr. Barnes and Beth have been honorably patient and helpful in offering solutions, assistance, and support. Last time we left the office, my daughter talked for hours about how grateful she is for their kindness. They explain everything and are very knowledgeable and personable.
I called to make an appointment for my son for contacts. He was already an established patient of this office. I made it clear on the phone that I wanted a contact fitting appointment for my son. When I took my son to his appointment, I again reiterated that I wanted him to have a contact fitting appointment. The girl at the front desk said of course. It was very clear what I had set the appointment for. Well no contact fitting was done - just wanted to bill my insurance for an eye exam
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