Worst pain management in utah. He should be practicing medicine. He was abusive and hurtful. I give him a 0. If I can save one person the pain and humiliation by writing this. Then I know I've done something good. No one deserves to be told they're imagining the pain. Not everyone is a drug seeker/addict. Some people actually need help.
Worst doctor in Utah. I would not recommend his man to my worst enemy. This man profiles his patients as drug seekers. He tells you that the pain you're feeling is in your head. He will give you no options or order any tests or anything to answer why you are still continuing to be in pain. I have felt less than human seeing him. There are many who are and have been treated the same way. Do not see this man for pain management. He has no interest in actually helping. He just wants to get paid.
Michael Chung is a fantastic spine and joint doctor. I had a lower back injury and he was the third doctor I saw about my pain and the first doctor to treat me like a human being
Dr Chung does not show real care or concern for patients, everything is a joke or laughing matter. He had me on addictive pain meds telling me several untrue statements regarding the meds. When I finally, wanted to stop the meds, I had to do it on my own with no supervision or even over site. I was told to see Dr Chung by my Work Comp worker. In my opinion Dr Chung does this only for the money.
Please, Please Please lawyer up before you visit a Chung Dr. Workers Comp is about to hose you over!!
Workers comps hired hand. Lawyer up before you are sent to them! Your welcome!
I thought I had MS and Dr. Fotheringham believed it was carpal tunnel. In the end, he was correct, thank goodness! He is smart and doesn't jump to easy conclusions. He is conservative in his approach. When I finally went to surgery, I knew we had exhausted all the alternative options.
I suffered terrible pain in my back and hips after a severe fall at work while being 5 months pregnant. after about 5 months of being treated by him, its like he flipped a switch on me. At my final appointment with him he yelled at me saying I was making up the pain and to hire an attorney! He was completely out of line. I'm glad he was so rude, because that led me to a different doctor who properly diagnosed and treated me. Stay away from him if its a worker comp injury! He is not on your side!
I had been to 4 other doctors before him and none of them could tell me what was wrong with me. I went to Dr. Fotheringham and within 15 minutes he had a name, and explanation of why, and what I could do to relieve the pain! I love this man! He is truly one of the best Doctors there are out there! He knows his stuff!
Got right in at my appointment time! Very friendly staff. Dr Fotheringham listened to me and was very professional and helpful
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