Dr. Shah is nothing short of tremendous. His highly honed skills put him in an elite category of pain management anesthesiology and specialist in state of the art procedures. He produces results, often extraordinary. His abilities as a reliever and healer are only matched by his unique respect for, accessibility to, and genuine care of his patients. I am very fortunate to be one. Dr. Shah is exemplary.
I am suffer from a damaged lateral nerve that was cut during hip surgery a few years ago. I'm only 47 but I can not describe the pain I suffered while in recovery from my hip surgery my implant worked perfect and not any issues with it whatsoever, its the sharp pain down my left leg. For 9 months I was felt like I was being called a baby, liar and all I wanted was pain meds. Finally the lateral nerve they severed during surgery finally surfaced. I turned to Dr. Matsurmura for help. He cares!!
Great doctor who understood my back issues and prescribed the proper procedure to address it. He has helped me to greatly reduce my level of pain and live a better life. Additionally, one of the most personable doctors I have ever met. His staff of nurses are knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive of this doctor--and they will convey that respect of this doctor to you on every occasion. Speaks volumes regarding his experience and capabilities. I highly recommend Dr. Raj to everyone.
Dr Raj has been treating me for probably 4 years now. He and his staff are absolutely fantastic. Sometimes there might be a little bit of a wait but, that is because they are so good. They is no cutting corner what so ever. To bad all health care providers can't treat their patients like these people do.
Dr. Rajagopal has attended my back pain needs for years. I appreciate his knowledge and his frankness and ability to explain exactly what needs to be done. It is easy to make appointments with him. Thank you Dr. Raj.
I have been his patient for a year and have found him to be very competent, kind and caring. His procedures are not painful like the previous pain clinic. He doesn't waste time, but does listen, answer questions and explain meds & procedures as well as side effects, etc.

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