I liked the care that Dr Christensen gave me and the quality of the surgery and implant was excellent his communication with me about my implant and surgery was great. My issue is with their billing practices, it is my belief that they tried to bill me the total amount even though the insurance had paid them weeks before my billing date. And they also tried to charge me over the insurance agreement amount even though they knew what that amount was. I also was left in a room waiting 1 hour
I came to him with a concern about a lump on my neck and I was so impressed with his office staff, they were happy to see me come in and it was very soon after I was in a chair and he came in and examined me. Now it's been a few months and you can't even see or detect where the scar ever was. No battle scar to show anyone.
I can?t say enough about the wonderful care we received at Dr. Christensen?s office the day we needed immediate care on a facial wound. My two year old grandson fell and split his eyebrow open on a bathtub corner and needed stitches right away. He was in my care as his parents had just flown out of town. I called Dr. Christensen?s office and was able to bring him right over. The staff was amazing. One staff member used her cell phone to help calm him in preparation for the procedure. Anoth

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