Fine enough experience in office. Waited for a little while and Dr. Wills is nice enough. After later thinking about the pricey procedure he ordered for me the decision to do so didn't make sense. The worst, though, was his complete lack of keeping me updated on the results. $300 dollars letter and I have a letter saying your tests are normal we don't know what's wrong with you. So much wrong with his office's communication back to you. There's many different doctors out there-find another one!
He was very thorough and gave me a lot of time. I felt like he gave me the opportunity to completely explain my problems. He was kind and listened and we came up with a good treatment plan together.
This guy is an idiot! I saw him as a doctor's assistant because I could not see the doctor soon. I complained about upper abdominal pain and shortness of breath and he palpated my abdominal while I was sitting in the chair for only 1 second then he left the room to get a stethoscope, when he returned he placed on my back and told me to breath another 1 second. Told me to stop seeing specialists. No regard for my health. Waste of time and money.
I do not recommend. She belittles her patients and does not understand chronic illnesses unrelated to her own area. Our appointment with her made my husband want to give up. Since then, we've met a wonderful doctor and we're back in the fight.
I don't trust this doctor at all. He called me by the wrong nsme, misdiagnosed me and gave me the wrong medication. He went into the waiting room and gave my husband test results for a different patient . I went to the mayo clinic and got a completely different diagnosis and treatment plan.
Every time I've seen Dr. Wills he said he would call me back with results. He is always weeks late to call back, and only after I hound his office for a response. His communication skills are terrible. The only times I have spoken with Dr. Wills directly are immediately before a procedure, and immediately after, when I am still coming out of anesthesia, so I barely remember these times. Every procedure has gone very well, but I absolutely cannot recommend Dr. Wills.
My treatment was fantastic. I had no problems afterwards. It was 100 times better than the one I had years ago. Thanks to all of you!
Great consultation wanted to find the root cause before just giving me perscriptions. Very nice and articulate. Well versed in gastronomy
The whole experience in the office, from start to finish, was exceptional.
I was pleased with the time that doctor sossenheimer gave to us discussing my problem.
For having a colonoscopy, it was a good experience.
Dr. Sossenheimer always answers any questions I have or concerns. The staff is great, great Drs office.
Efficient, timely visit. Staff very friendly. Dr. Trowbridge took time to answer my questions and valuable explanations. Personable.
Great doctor visit. Dr. Pedersen was very easy to talk to and he communicated his ideas expertly.
Facility staff and Dr were excellent. Just don't like prep
The producedure was great what i remember of it. I would recomend anybody to him. Thanks
The treatment was fast and everything was excelente.
Very nice staff and facility. I was amazed how quick the procedure was.
I highly recommend Dr Pederson and Barb. This was a much easier and more thorough procedure than I have experienced previously.
Dr. Siddoway saved my life when my bowel ruptured by admitting me to the hospital even though he did not know me, but knew I need care quickly.
Dr Siddoway is very pleasant, great bedside manner. Inspires confidence.
Overall excellent treatment
Made a horrible procedure easy! Thank you!
My experience with Dr. Wills has demonstrated that his dedication to his profession and his patients is a very strong characteristic that is extremely important to him. Because of his dedication, he was able to make a diagnosis that saved me both time and effort. And, ultimately, resulted with a very successful treatment and outcome.
Fun and friendly, caring and knowledgeable. We miss him in Missoula.
One of the kindest physicians I have ever met.
Dr Woerlein left the clinic without talking to me after my colonoscopy and his office never did call or mail the biopsy results. Horrible communication and follow up by him and his staff at Utah Gastroenterology in St George, UT.
Do NOT bother calling this office! The earliest appointment is 3 1/2 months out! I cannot imagine how they would think that someone in intestinal distress would wait 3 1/2 months to see a doctor...WOW! This is one of the reasons people use the emergency room as a doctors office...
Dr. Krishnamurthy was very professional. She made me feel very comfortable regarding the colonoscopy procedure. She explained the process and was great at easing any concerns. Highly recommend her and her staff.
Dr. K is highly recommended by me. After nearly 20 plus years of having physician after physician pass the buck she heard me loud and clear. She saw the need that something was wrong. She was caring, professional and I have no doubt that she has saved me from death. Within 6 months I had the tests necessary to appease the insurance and confirm that I was indeed in need of help. I was referred to a surgeon. 3 weeks post op and my life has changed for the better. She truly is 1 in a million.
Holly did my endoscopy and initially agreed with a diagnosis and treatment plan that myself and PCP had come up with together. She seemed like a great Doctor at first, and I was excited to be seeing another woman for a very rare and debilitating condition. My second visit with her was not so great. Holly was completely dismissive, didn't take a complete history, and walked out of the appointment while I was still in tears and just said "I need to do more research" didn't even ask me f/up.
Dr Doxey is very professional, answers all of my health questions. Great Experience for medical experience.
I had the best experience with Dr. Chaya Krishnamurthy! She was extremely personable and took the time to listen, which I feel is very rare. Her willingness to help me figure out the root problem, instead of shoving a bunch of medications to mask the problem, really spoke to me. Best gastro doc I've seen by far! Thanks Dr. Chaya! :)
Have been going to him for years. Top of the line. Very professional.
Not bloody likely. Overheard office staff discussing the lie they would tell me.
Dr. Clark was GI on call when my dad was inpatient at St. Marks. He listed his symptoms, she did NOT perform an exam, and said it wasn't his gallbladder. He was referred by another physician in her office to a surgeon for removal of his gallbladder because the ultrasound was indeed abnormal. Two wks later he went in for removal of his gb to discover his abdominal area was full of abscesses. He was septic and hospitalized for 14 days. We are lucky he lived. I wouldn't trust her with anyone.
Dr. Hilbig, gives good intro to procedure at Solano surgery center in Vacaville CA painless and without discomfort
Completely dissatisfied with Dr. Moore's level of care and his concern for my condition. He has no concern for my situation. The only thing of importance to him is that he maximizes the amount of money he makes. I wouldn't even recommend him to someone I didn't like.
Dr. Jones was extremely professional and very throrough. He took the time to listen and understand my medical issues. Both times I had a procedure, he was on time. Would highly recommend to others.
Dr. Maxwell really listens and cares about his patients. He wants what is best for each individual and tailors his care to that rather than a set process. I would recommend him to anyone who is having gastrointestinal issues and isn't quite sure what the problem is. He will not just jump straight into referring a colonoscopy, but takes a thorough look at the history. I probably would have lost my job if it weren't for him and his care to ensure a solution was found. Thank you Doctor Maxwell!
I saw dr. moore several times for a Gastro intestinal issue, (UC) We could not find anything that would calm my condition down. I was wanting to see another doc for a 2nd opinion. I guess Dr. moore knew this Doc, and promptly discharged me. I believe he was mad about this and the fact that I missed my last appt due to having a UC episode where I was not able to leave my home. He sent me a nasty letter telling me I was no longer welcome in his clinic.
Compassionate, caring, wants to answer your questions. He is thorough in testing and getting to the bottom of the problem.
Dr. Canale is everything you want in a Doctor. He is extremely kind and understanding. He listens to you and expresses sincere compassion and empathy. I cannot say enough good things about him. I haven't seen him in over 2 years, but his genuine concern is something I will never forget. I wish him all the best and hope he never loses what makes him such a special doctor.
Explains the procedure very well. Tells you about all the complication and risks. Staff is also very friendly.
I was having awful GI issues at age 19, and at the time I looked a little punk; I had piercings and crazy hair, but was healthy (other than the GI issues). Dr. Joseph took one look at me and flatly said, "Someone who is 19 can only have these issues if they're a drug addict." I explained that I'd never done drugs, and I was being truthful. He didn't believe me and said there was nothing he could do for me. So I went to a different doctor in his practice. Lo and behold, I had Crohn's Disease.
This isn't about dr Batista but his receptionist, Brittany. Called in with severe pain. She was cold and offered no help at all. I won't go back to him because I wouldn't get the help needed because she doesn't care or listen.
Great and considerate Doctor. Listens to your complaints and thoroughly goes over your health history and issues. I have liver disease and Dr. Doxey closely follows the progression and the varicies associated with liver disease. I have had colonoscopies by Dr. Doxey and they were a positive event. Follow up calls on my conditions were a welcome response. I will highly recommend this Doctor whenever you need to see a gastroenterologist.
I am a retired medical administrator. As you might imagine, I've been around the healthcare system a bit. Let me say that after meeting him and experiencing first hand Dr Canale's surgical skills, I would wholeheartedly recommend him as your colon specialist. He's proficient and professional. And besides he's friendly too boot. His clinical staff in the endoscopy center is spot on as well. Try him out. I think you'll be pleased.
I was referred to Dr Maxwell by Dr Eifling. Dr Maxwell is very caring and explains everything that he is doing. I really appreciate that he could take me as quickly as he did. He is very courteousness and friendly. I would highly recommend him to family and friends.
I appreciated Dr. Clark and her knowledge and professionalism. Her nurse was very kind and responsive to calls and messages.
I would recommend dr Fenton and the Imc hospital to all my friends and family for their procedures. Thanks Dr Fenton and all his staff
This was a consultation with the doctor before the colonoscopy procedure was scheduled. The staff was very professional.
Facility, staff, treatment results & provider were all great.
The nurse was exceptionally kind and personable. She was the one I talked to most. Dr. Clark was informative and open for questions.
I had a fine experience. No complaints. I enjoyed meeting Rayburn, and his warmth and clear competence inspired confidence.
One of the easiest colonoscopies I have ever had. I have had 12!
Very professional aimed at releasing sress and apprehension. All outcomes were explained and risks addressed.
She is top-knotch and I would highly recommend her.
Everything went very smoothly, no complaints.
Dr. Boschert does a great job. He is a true expert, up on the latest research and he shares the information in a clear manner. He cares and it shows.
The facility and the staff were wonderful. My provider was very helpful. The experience was a lot better than I expected.
The facility was clean, the staff courteous, once I got to the treatment room the doctor was prompt.
Good experience, excellent doctor, and staff was also good.
Minimal wait time. Efficiently processed. Discomfort associated with procedure was minimal. In and out in about 2 hours.
Dr. Hilbig and Spencer were very knowledgeable and friendly in assessing my situation. No further treatment was recommended at this time.
I had no problems and all went quite quickly. Results have been great and there were no after affects.
He is a very good doctor. He takes the time to listen to you and explain things.
was very satisfied with everything. Great doctor, great staff.
Procedure was timely, well explained, and performed in a very professional manner by all individuals involved.
Great as always. I appreciated getting in an being seen with minimal wait.
Great Doc!!! very friendly but also matter of fact. explained things very well and was a great listener
Very pleasant it made me feel comfortable which meant a lot I would recommend their facility to anyone thank you Dr. Clark
Very prompt and professional. I would recommend this facility to friends and family.
Everyone - Dr. Boschert, nurses, technicians and staff were kind, thoughtful and helpful. They made a stressful situation very easy.
Everyone was very professional and excellent instructions and followup
All went well, was treated with respect & dignity
Everything about this experience was great! The staff and doctors were very kind and helpful and made you feel comfortable at all times.
Dr. Maxwell was very professional, as was Amy, his nurse.
I don't like having this procedure done, but Dr. Clark is so professional, she makes it easier than I anticipated.
Great experiane everyone was very kind and helpfull all the way from checkin to recovery.
I was treated very well and the procedure went well. The worst part was drinking all the prep. Solution
The staff was great, expectations clear and Dr. Moore is a marvelous doctor and has a tremendous bedside manner.
Everyone was very kind and professional my appointment went very well thank you
I was very impressed with Dr, Joseph and felt good about the advice given and the suggested follow-up.
Dr Maxwell was very thorough with his examination and explored all issues that may be wrong. I would highly recommend Dr Maxwell.
Mark Boschert has made a colonoscopy as painless as it could be. The worst part is the prep. I am grateful.
all's good, Christian is great to work with.Enjoy talking w/her.
I was sooo nervous about seeing Dr. Harmsten....after meeting him I knew why so many people recommended him to me......he is kind, doesn't rush you and listens intently at what you have to say... I recommend him highly....
I consider Dr. Joseph one of the best in his field. Everything went very smoothly. Thanks so much. L Panek
Dr. Canale was very courteous and knowledgeable and helped make sure I felt comfortable with the procedure as a patient.
Very friendly and professional. Thank you.
I would be glad to recommend any one to dr. Bown. He was so thorough and explained things very well and knew just what to do for me. He called me and checked on me. And his stuff was fabulous. I had to call often about different things and Ashley would always take care of my questions and concerns. I am doing much better today because of dr. Bown. (Tonya Neilson)
Had a great experience during a worrisome time. I felt very comfortable during the complete procedure. I
Procedure went very smoothly and all involved were professional and friendly
Excellent, comprehensive, great follow up.
The staff was great and very caring, but my over all experience was great and Dr. Boschert very detail on my results. Thanks again
Dr. French is an amazing dr. He takes the time to really listen to his patients. He has a great bedside manner. He makes sure you fully understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. His nurse is great also. I would highly recommend him.
Dr. Canale is extremely knowledgeable and I trust him completely. I went to him based on glowing reviews from friends/family and was not disappointed. He is also very practical, honest, and realistic. He is a refreshing doctor to see who cares a lot and knows a lot. All of his staff were very kind. He put me right at ease because of his confidence and easy-going/fun attitude. I drove all the way up from Provo to Bountiful for an appointment and if I ever have more GI trouble, will do it again.
Very impressed with her and her abilities
I was referred to him from a family member and booked 3 months out. Took the time off work and drove there to find out he was stuck up the MTN due to Avalanche warning I could meet with PA or rescedule. I asked if normally they notify people ahead of time on things like this and told it just happened and she was sorry. I'm sure he would have known 5-10 minutes before my appt. that he would not be able to get there in time so I find this hard to swallow.
I would never recommend this dr! He didn't listen, my daughter has severe gastroparesis and we came to him in hopes of getting answers! He didn't even listen to her stomach! My daughter and I both left in tears, so discouraged! We waited 2 months to make this appointment and they didn't have records transfered over! He was short, didnt listen! Had no answers! My daughter has lost 45 pounds in 4 months ! He is supposed to be a specialist!
Very kind, have great information. Very helpful.
Was on vacation. Emergency upper GI exam for loss of blood. He was amazing. Excellent care with exam procedure and follow up. I would recommend him for my family.
Everyone I spoke to or came in contact with was very pleasant and helpful. Everything was carefully explained and questions answered.
Dr. Doxey was very personable and truly listened to me. Very good staff.
In today's world of often declining healthcare delivery, Dr. Hilbig and the staff of UGI have been 'shining stars'! With just one phone call and an explanation of symptoms, clerical staff respond by recognizing the importance of those symptoms and finding immediate openings in the schedule. Once seen, the office and medical support staff provide friendly and knowledgeable service. They put patients at ease and provide helpful information. Whether an office visit or a lab procedure, Dr. Hilbig ru
My experience was great. Dr Hilbig and staff are very nice and highly professional in their care. I highly recommend him.
Everyone did their best to make me comfortable. Dr Fenton is awesome!

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