Excellent bed side manner...Took the time to make me feel like I mattered as a patient. I wish he was a general practitioner so I could have him as my primary care doctor.
I found Dr. Hitachi to be refreshing as far as ER doctors go. He was thorough while trying to be reassuring. He had lost a couple of patients the night I came in, but his professionalism showed through by his positive and caring attitude. He made sure I received the medical treatment I needed.
Because of this providers failior to treat my problems now I have hip pain every time I go upstairs.
Because Dr. Hirschi took the time to listen to my medical history and symptoms, he ordered an MRI. I came into the ER, throwing up from a bad headache in January of 2016. I was consequently diagnosed with a brain tumor and taken by ambulance to the University of Utah for brain surgery. I have since had chemo and radiation and my last MRI showed no signs of cancer. Dr. Hirschi saved my life. My family and I will be eternally grateful to him. I have never seen better bedside manner in a doctor.
This doctor saw me in the ER and gave me a bunch of pain medication that made me supper sick. He's a horrible doctor.
Dr. Hirschi was very friendly and knowledgeable of the problem and went over and above in finding the problem. His bed-side demeanor was excellent and made me feel at ease. One of the best doctors I have seen at this ER. He actually listens to people and communicates his position and decisions. Excellent doctor!!!
Same experience as other patients....he made us feel like we were wasting his time....actually said to me that me bringing my daughter to the er was NOT an emergency and she should not be taking up a bed. As her mother I think I can decide how worried to be for myself. Very poor bedside manner....kept cutting me off whenever I tried to say anything.
My 87 year old mother came to the emergency room by ambulence. Dr. Hirschi did a very brief exam and told her he couldn't find anything wrong with her. She insistted on X-Ray of her back due to the pain. She had X-rays a few days before of her stomach For something unrelated. He did do the X-rays at her iinsistence but yelled at her that they didn't show anything different. A few days later she has an MRI which showed a fracture of L1. He should have had the MRI done when she arrived by ambul
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