His staff was degrading. He wouldn't fill out the mandatory paperwork that I needed for my job, unless I paid for another full session. And when I had two pieces of paperwork that needed to be filled out, he forced me to come back to have the other one filled out, and I had to pay for another full session. It wasn't like I always had paperwork either, it was only those few times.
My family has 3 people seeing Dr. Reid. They have all been helped immensely from him. From a person who has been dealing with family with mental health problems, Dr. Reid is one of the best they have seen.
Dr. Banks is a great guy! I see him every other month and he has always been helpful for me. Very knowledgeable and has always been very transparent with me. He has never diagnost me with anything without testing and doing his due diligence. Unlike a review I just saw.... Seems like someone might be in denial... Bummer.
Dr. Banks has no idea what Domestic Violence is & what the signs are. I was in a domestic violent relationship & instead of seeing that he diagnosed me as borderline bi-polar. As a victim in a domestic violent relationship, you ride the roller coaster of abuse with your perpetrator just to survive. There is NO such thing as a bi-polar diagnosis in an abusive situation. This bi-polar diagnosis has been extremely harmful to my and my son's life. He recklessly labeled me & caused irreparable harm.
I really liked Dr. Reid, he was very personable and interested in what i needed as a patient.
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