Would never recommend Dr Hunt for anything. Absolute worst doctor I have ever seen. Had to go to another ER to get the care I needed. A doctor should never talk down or yell at his patients. He shouldn't be allowed to see people or anything living. St. Mark's is usually a great hospital as long as you stay away from Dr. Hunt, if you're in the ER and hear his name run, go somewhere else!!!!
Terrible doctor in everyway! He should not even be practicing medicine! I would not recommend him to anyone! We were in there for help and we had a couple of questions and he started yelling at me. I left there in tears.
He yelled at me when all i did was offer him the paperwork on my husband's diagnosis. Did nothing for him and left him in pain. Worst doctor i have ever seen. Terrinle with people period. I would not recommend him to anyone! He had me in tears after uelling at me for no reason.
I took my 4 yr boy into the E.R. for high fever, sore throat and rash over neck, chest and lower parts. I mentioned he might possibly have strep. Dr. Hunt examined his vitals,ears,nose throat and body rash and assured me it was a viral infection and sent us on our way. No strep test was performed. Wanting a second opinion i took my boy into his pediatrician the next day where a strep test was performed immediately. Sure enough my boy was diagnosed with strep throat & scarlet fever!
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