Dr. Evans performed 3 surgeries on me ( patellar tendon reconstruction, rotator cuff tear repair and artroscopic meniscus tear repair. Results were always extremely satisfactory and check-ups always helpfull. In fact, in two weeks I'm expecting another surgery ( partial knee resurfacing) and dr. Evans was again trusted by me to perform procedure.
Dr Bourne was nice but was in a hurry to move on. Even though I had pain at a "10" he didn't suggest anything for immediate pain relief but just suggested to schedule a visit for a specialized device to be made and come back in a month. What? I'm here now because I'm in pain now.
Dr. Huntsman was very knowledgeable, friendly, outgoing, and thorough in his process. The surgery had no complications, and he was thorough on follow up information and what to look for and not do. I was referred to him by another doctor when conventional procedures didn't help my condition, so I didn't visit him very often, but my visits I did have wereexcellent
Doctor Mariani would be my first choice. I was seeing another orthopedic surgeon, and a friend recommended I use Doctor Mariani. After I went with Doctor Mariani, two of my acquaintances,who work in the health care industry, said if they required a total knee replacement, that's who they would choose too. Doctor Mariani was concerned about the best outcome for me, and I had to loose some weight before he would consider surgery. That was a tough pill to swallow, but has been well worth it.
I'd heard many good things of Dr. Huntsman. I'm very happy with the results of my surgery. He was most thoughtful and concerned with my problem and getting it taken care of. I think he's pretty wonderful.
I have been operated on four times by Dr. Huntsman. He is an excellent surgeon. He is very knowledgeable, very concerned for the well being of his patients, and he is one of the best doctors that I have ever had.
The afternoon before my appointment, I was called by Michal and told that Dr Newton was called into court and my appointment was cancelled. I was moved to the back of all appointments on their schedule! Apparently, the court system only provides one day notice for subpoenas. This practice seems to believe that their time is extremely important, and that my time is not at all important. What a terrible way to treat your client.
I have recommended Dr. Martin to family and friends. He cares about you as a person and reason for being there. His assistants Lycia and Kim along with others in the office have always been very good and helpful in person or by phone.
Dr Martin is nice, friendly and took the time to explain the procedure and recovery to me. He allowed me to ask questions and took the time to answer all of them. Great bedside manner! I would definitely recommend Dr Martin to my family and friends!
Dr Mariani is absolutely the best. I've been fortunate to have the ability to work with him for several issues and have always felt he was there for all my questions and needs. His staff is by far one of the best in the medical industry. They always know you by name after your first meeting and will always try to get the information you need to proceed with making an educated decision. It would be heartbreaking if I would have to go to any other Orthopedic specialist.
I would highly recommend Dr. Martin. I found him to be personable and knowledgeable. Most of all, I felt he was very competent and experienced with my symptoms and subsequent surgery for De Quervain's Syndrome. From start to finish, this was a very positive and professional experience.
Dr. Randle has helped my 91 year old mother for several years. His approach is informative, with very good communications with both my mom and me , allowing her to make good decisions for her health in managing her stenosis and sciatica. He is very patient and kind. We both strongly recommend Dr. Randle.
My recent experience with Dr. Martin was outstanding and I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking an orthopedic surgeon. He was immediately responsive to my search for a surgeon to evaluate a broken wrist and scheduled surgery the next day. Dr. Martin was completely open to questions and concerns. Follow up appointments were efficient, referral to an excellent physical therapist was immediate and highly beneficial. The surgical team at St Marks is excellent, friendly and professional.
Excellent care over 25 years. Right hip replacement, double knee replacement, left hip replacement. Highly recommended for diagnosing, surgery skills, and after surgery care. The most honest, listening, hearing concerns, describing procedures, and truly caring surgeon I've ever met. Highly recommended surgeon and individual patient-centered plans. Would ever go to anyone else!
Our experience with Dr. Huntsman was wonderful. He was great at keeping us informed and giving us all the options available. It was great to see the immediate elimination of pain and numbness after the surgery. I would, and frequently do, recommend him and his staff.
Dr Randle is courteous, listens and answers questions in a very clear way. If you do not understand you can ask for clarification without fear of intimidation. I feel that I receive excellent care provided with complete honesty. I have the utmost confidence in this healthcare provider, trust his decisions and I am lucky to have found him. The offfice staff is friendly, efficient and caring as well.
After having physical therapy my hip reached the point where bone-on-bone in the joint left no other choice than a hip replacement. I was nervous about such invasive surgery. Dr. Bourne explained the deterioration of the hip joint, how a replacement device would function, and told me about the surgical process. He was honest and forthright yet kind and understanding of my apprehension. It's been 4 months since my surgery, I'm pain free, and so grateful to Dr. Bourne for a new lease on life!
Dr. Mariani is a consummate gentleman, an excellent doctor and a superb surgeon. I had my right hip replaced nearly three years with perfect results. I am 72 years old and physically active. I hike the Wasatch Mountains, Zion National Park etc.; am an active road biker; enjoy snowshoeing and ski Alta and Snowbird. The primary restriction is while lifting weights I am limited to 300 pounds on a leg press machine. Next on the schedule are two knee replacements.
I was hesitant about having my hip replaced. Dr Mariani gave me space and time to Mar my decisions. He told me if I had it done it eould be no comparison to my first surgery 20 yrs ago. I finally decided the surgery outweighed the pain. I woke up after surgery without pain, I was able to stand and walk without discomfort. It has been 6 weeks today and I feel so good. I walk unassited . I drive I can do stails no problem. Dr Mariani and his staff and absolutely amazing to work with.
Dr. E. Marc Mariani is the BEST orthopedic surgeon in Utah, if not the United States. He is so in tune to the details of each appointment and makes sure that the #1 priority is the the health/well-being of his patients. Recently, Mr. Mariani performed a total right hip replacement on myself and he promised me that I would be pain free and mobile within 2-3 three weeks after the surgery and he was 100 percent correct. I have never felt better. Thank You Dr. Mariani and Thank You Portia!
He was thorough and spent a lot of time going over me with my symptoms. He also suggested some treatments and options that none of the other doctors that I've seen have done. Seemed very knowledgable and caring. My only complaint is that I had to wait awhile.
As a new Park City residence, I discovered, unexpectedly, that I needed a hip replacement. When checking out physician recommendations, Dr. Marc Mariani was the unanimous recommendation for my surgery. A year later, I am in great shape without one problem. Dr. Mariani is an exceptional surgeon as well as a warm and caring professional.
I had a left hip replacement 5 weeks ago and I was extremely satisfied with the surgery and all follow up.Dr Mariani immediately following surgery gave a full explanation to my family which was very helpful to them . His manner was professional at all times . I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs orthopedic surgery.
I was apprehensive prior to the surgery (hip replacement). He put me at ease at the very first visit. We scheduled he surgery and three days after the surgery I was home with little pain and discomfort. I used a walker for a couple weeks and was soon getting around without it. Dr. Bourne has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him for any orthopedic issue!
I recently had a hip replacement by Dr. Mariani. He came highly recommended by several people. He is personable, and knowledgeable and spends time with the patient. He is a great surgeon. The surgery went very well, and my recovery has been great. I highly recommend Dr. Mariani for joint replacement surgeries.
Dr. Mariani has performed 4 surgeries on me and soon to be five. I have known him for over 21 years and he never ceases to amaze me with his attentive and gracious manner. It is always a pleasure to see him and Porsha. He is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced Doctors in his field. He goes out of his way and spends as much time as needed to comfort, answer all questions and ensure that you have the best possible outcome. I feel fortunate that he is my Doctor and friend!!
Very professional and thorough. Would highly recommend the doctor and his staff on your orthopedic needs.
I went to Dr. Mariani after I had hip surgery from another Dr. . My hip was loose and popping out of place. After discussing this with the Dr. He stated"you tell me what you want me to do." I went to Dr. Mariani and immediately received professional analysis and a plan to repair the problem. In 2 weeks I under went a hip revision that has been absolutely outstanding. I started walking without a hitch, everyday I am progressing which did not happen before. My hip is solid and secure.
Dr. Jackson is an incredible physician and surgeon. I have referred several friends and family members to him, as well as being seen by him myself. He is very patient, and knowledgeable. He also has great bedside manner and is very sensitive to his patient needs. I have never seen a physician so involved in his patients care. His staff is very professional and experienced as well. Overall, I would recommend this orthopedic surgeon to anyone in need of an outstanding provider.
Was an awesome experience, was not judged or ridiculed
There would always be an appointment before surgery to go over the procedure and answer any questions. Before surgery Dr. Huntsman and everyone included in the surgery came to me and introduced themselves and let me know what they were doing in regards to the surgery. When I met Dr. Huntsman for the first time he saw my pain did x-rays, MRI to find out the exact problem and did the surgery two other doctors wouldn't. He's a hero!
My visit was very informative and rewarding.. He spent time explaining what my problems and suggested a way to try to help relieve some of my back pain. I appreciate his help. Kathleen and Abbey have been wonderful in seeing I got appointments right away and that i got my prescriptions as I needed them. Thanks to them all.
I could not have received any better care than I received from Dr Bourne and his staff. I have the highest regard for Dr Bourne and would recommend him without reservation. A grateful patient--Rex Scott.
Dr. Hansen did a total hip replacement for me. I had been dreading it and putting it off for two years. I finally cried uncle and got it done. The surgery went so well I felt good enough that I didn't have much pain meds at all at the hospital and none when I returned home. My recovery was wonderful was up and running in a few days. When I went to physical therapy 2 weeks out my therapist was amazed at how great I was doing and I didn't need much therapy at all. My experience was great!
He is caring and considerate. He is one of the best surgeons in the state and he treats you like family. His assistant Portia is also excellent.
Climbing 400 steps to the top of one of the towers of the Cathedral of Notre Dame - Putting on my socks and tying my shoelaces without getting a hernia - Standing on one foot and washing the other in the shower – unassisted! - Playing racquetball again - The expertise and care of surgeon Dr. E. Marc Mariani and his assistant Portia Jones and the health care staff at St. Mark’s almost made having total hip replacement a pleasurable experience! I've recommended Dr. Mariani to half a dozen friends
Dr. Huntsman performed a one level spine fusion for me in 2010. It was a successful surgery. I had a second spine fusion above and below this site in 2016 and was also successful. I have been satisfied with his recommendations and would not hesitate to seek his advice on any future issues. I have recommended Dr. Huntsman to some of my aquaintences as well.
Excellent Doctor/Surgeon with a passion for delivering the best for his patients.
A great listener. Will spend the time to discuss what you need. Efficient office operation. Excellent surgeon. I have had total hip replacements for both hips, separated by a couple of years. Everything is working extremely well. I would never know that I had this done. Truly amazing. I'm grateful for Dr. Mariani's expertise. He has great follow up, as well. I fully recommend him without any reservations.
Dr. Jackson has operated on several of my friends and family over the past couple of years. They have all given him excellent reviews and highly recommend him. I have had him look at my shoulder that needs to be operated on and am planning on having him do it next year. Very professional and personable.
I would not hesitate to go to Dr. Jackson or refer a friend or family member to Dr. Jackson. He is a well trained surgeon with great people skills and will take time to get to know you and your situation. If you have a sports medicine injury or need a total joint replacement or maybe just a second opinion, Go see Dr. Jackson!!!
Dr. Jackson is the whole package. He is young, knowledgeable, kind and empathetic. He spends quality time with you as a patient and is in my book the best surgeon there is.
I'm 2 1/2 mos. out from partial knee replacement by Dr. Mariani, and I'm very pleased with the staff, the treatment and the result .
I just moved here from out of state and my mothers friend recommended me to him. He's a arrogant man who did not even take the time to read my medical file from my out of state Doctor. He accused me of Doctor shopping as if I was some drug addict off of the street! He didn't even know me! He haven't even taken the time to call my doctor! I mean really Utahans drug epidemic is my fault? Or I'm to suffer because I just moved here? he needs a lesson in humanity and treating the patient!
I was referred to Dr. Randle by a specialist I had been seeing for over 4years. Initially I thought I would be in good hands, and that because of my previous doctor, Dr. Randle would be as empathetic and personal- which he is not. When I went in to see him, I literally left in tears after being told that you just need to know that your injury is what it is, and I need to get used to the pain you may experience. It seemed as if I was only seen so he could get another check. Very disappointed
From the very first moment, I knew i was in good hands. The entire atmosphere of the office exudes confidence and enthusiasm, and I felt calmer immediately, that everything was going to be alright. Dr. Mariani set me at ease, and we decided right away to do bilateral total knee replacement. The entire process showed attention to detail. I want to thank Portia also, for making me feel part of the team, a participant as much as the patient. It was no small wonder how well I did post-op,
From our initial contact in late 2011to schedule a total hip replacement, through my husband's total hip replacement 2 years later, and for follow-up appointments and treatmentls that had nothing to do with the surgeries, we have ALWAYS been treated with friendly professionalism by the telephone and reception staff, by Dr. Mariani's great support staff, by his assistant Portia Jones and by Dr. Mariani himself. He is the consummate professional, with a great bedside manner. Highly recommended!
He has been my dr for over 20 years. He is always kind, caring, professional and most of all knows what he is doing. He is wonderful!
Dr Jackson was very understanding and explained each and every doubt that we asked patiently. He did an excellent work on my total hip replacement surgery and my recovery was a great success. He even recommends well trained and knowledgable physical therapists for post recovery care. He was a great blessing during our time of distress to whether go forward with such a major surgery or not. Highly recommend him to all.
Dr. Benjamin Hansen is an excellent orthopedic surgeon and medical provider in all aspects.
the Dr replaced two knees and both had to be revised within 18 months due to pain and instability.
At 17 years old dr huntsman found out I had fratures in my spine. He jumped right to back surgery. Yes I believe he did what he thought was best at the time and wanted me fixed quick but since then I have had 4 back surgeries. Him performing 2 of them. Since then my back has gotten worse and i have ran out of options. I know dr huntsman had helped many people but if you visit him and he suggests surgery. Make sure that is your last option. Epically at a young age.
I was referred to Dr. Hansen in 2015 .. I had a bad hip replacement done 2 yrs. earlier (from a different Dr.) .. Constant pain . Could hardly walk. After a couple more x-rays and a couple of tests, it was recommended that I have a hip revision.. Dr. Hansen and his staff set up a date for the surgery .. It was done in Oct. 2015. Totally respectful of his patients and in a very caring manner .. I have been pain free since the surgery .. He is a very superior Dr. in my opinion.. FABULOUS !!!
Three years ago i had total bilateral knee replacements by Dr. Mariani. Even though i had other health issues, they were of no conquence due to his excellent judgement and experience. my recovery was swift and complete. Having this surgery was one of the best decisions of my life. Due to my successful outcome, my husband recently had a total knee replacement by Dr. Mariani. I highly reccommend him and his excellet staff.
Inept, apathetic, complacent, and arrogant accurately describe Dr. Martin. He gives little if any weight to patient input. He amputated far too much of my finger. He said he could deepen my web space by 1/2. He deepend it by 1/16th. The M.A. who attempted to remove my sutures used no gloves, had long nails and a ring. She left three sutures in my hand explaining that she could not tell what was connected to what and to remove them myself. I've tried. I still have sutures and a hole in my hand
From first meeting this doctor my experience is horrible cause he treated me like I was stupid and below him! I do not need a rip replacement but he has only concentrated on a cyst in my hip instead of the tear I have in my labrum! But would not speak to me directly cause I was very confident and positive about how my hip feels!! Then I decided to let him do a arthroscopic surgery on March 25, 2016 and on my way into the operating room I noticed a young girl texting on her phone!! No good!
Very much better than I expected. Could not have been better.
I am very impressed with Dr. Jackson as a professional and his technical skills. His bedside manner is great and his staff very supportive and personable. He performed my shoulder surgery which is finally getting back to normal following a Rotator Cuff surgery I had 6 months prior by another surgeon.
His office was supposed to contact me. They have not after 2 weeks I have called them and they will not answer the phone. I have left 2 different messages with them and they still have not returned my calls. When I was in his office I had to wait for over an hour in the lobby while I watched Dr Randle relax and chat with the office girls. When he did finally see me he was rude and would not even let me describe my symptoms.
Dr. Huntsman was straight forward about my surgery. So thankful I was referred to him by one of his previous patients. I was in Casper, Wy for back surgery 2 years ago. Never pain free until after having the recommended surgery by Dr. Huntsman. He explained everything in detail before, during and after the surgery. We were shown a video of the procedure I was having, and shown XRAYS of before and after. We recommend Dr. Huntsman to family and friends! Very empathetic professional!
Have already recommended him. He is a talented surgeon with a professional attitude.
Just what I expected: perfect.
He was very thorough, took time to answer questions or concerns. I have referred patients to him for their orthopedic needs and have always received glowing comments back. When I required his services, I was not disappointed. Everything went well and my results were exceptional.
I think Dr. Hansen's motto must be: Settle for Perfect! He was genuinely interested in me as a patient and as a person during my entire experience. His thoroughness in explaining the procedure eliminated my fears and anxieties. The surgery couldn't have been more successful. I had very little pain following the surgery and appreciated his attentiveness while I was in the hospital and in follow-up appointments. When I have the other hip replacement surgery, it will definitely be with Dr. Hansen
Dr. Mariani is a very personable and caring human and a fantastic surgeon. He and his staff were very considerate and responsive. For having a hip replaced it was a great experience! Highly recommend!
He is friendly, caring and very accomplished. His expertise is unsurpassed. I was impressed that when I was in the hospital, he personally came daily to check on me.That is getting more unusual in the health care world. Many doctors rely on a hospitalist M.D. to evaluate and report for them. I felt like Dr. Mariani wanted to make sure everything was being addressed properly. I have total confidence in him and would recommend him to anyone.
There are three main attributes you want and need in your surgeon: 1. demonstrated, consistent competency in the procedure itself, 2. LOTS of experience and 3. a good bedside manner that enables you, the patient, to get educated, comfortable, and confident in how he/she is going to manage your case. Dr. Mariani is outstanding in each of these areas! He is caring, competent and committed to the best possible outcome for each of his patients. His results are simply outstanding. A+++
Dr Bourne is a marvelous Doctor with the expertise & knowledge of his Orthopaedic practice. I traveled over 290 miles (one way) to have Dr. Bourne do my anterior total hip replacement. My surgery was flawless and the recovery was relatively easy. Within two weeks I was walking without any assistance. Dr. Michael Bourne is a very friendly and honest physician. I highly recommend Dr. Michael Bourne to anyone who needs a total hip replacement.

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