This was the 3rd neurologist unable to diagnose me. That's ok. It turned out to be a very rare disease (SCA - diagnosed by Mayo Clinic and confirmed by UCLA ataxia clinic specialist). But he was the first and only one to be dismissive of my symptoms. Bordering on condescending and patronizing. Even when presented with the findings, he was still couldn't admit he missed the diagnosis. He may be ok for run of the mill issues, but for a difficult diagnosis, look elsewhere.
Refused to listen, will need second opinion. Overall the only useful thing was the MRI.
Dr. Black treated me for a series of small strokes. Compared to two earlier experiences with the same symptoms with two other specialists in other states, Dr Black's analysis and treatment seemed more than twice as knowledgeable, insightful, timely and helpful. Together with partner Dr. Peterson and the outstanding stroke team at St. Mark's Hospital (Gracie, Shari, Quinn, Andrew, Bertha, Libby and others), I don't know I could have received more professional, caring and helpful attention.
Dr. Black is an excellent doctor. I am seeing him for Parkinsons. He calmly explained alot about my condition. He is very thorough. He answered my many questions. His office is wonderful.
I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt after reading his reviews. Sadly, I was disappointed. He has no bedside manner and didn't listen and is very apathetic. He barely looked at my MRIs and didn't even read the reports I handed him from the radiologist. He didn't address anything!! His suggestion was to stop drinking Diet Coke (I drink no where near the threshold) and taking one of my pills. Then gave me 2 more (check out dollars for docs and see what he gets paid by the drug makers...)
I needed to go see a Neurologist and was able to get into Dr Black. I thought he was a fabulous Dr, he took the time to talk to me about my concerns with my headaches, did an evaluation and ordered an MRI. I would recommend him to others in need of this type of specialist. He was very friendly and really took an interest in what my concerns were.
The staff is so rude and Dr. Black is completely incompetent! If you have a medical problem, he is just going to send you home with absolutely no diagnosis whatsoever. I have had a pounding headache for a month now that sent me to the ER twice and all he says is it's normal. Another doctor recommended a CT or MRI and he just flat out said nope. She even said it could possibly be a brain bleed. When I called to see why he wouldn't do either the office lady just says I should trust that.
One of the worst neurologist I have ever worked with. Tried to tell me my condition was in my head. Gave me seizure meds he obviously makes most of his income from big pharmaceutical companies. Luckily I ended up an Mayo Clinic proving Dr Black was not only wrong, but was a terrible Dr and should retire. His staff was nice, but nice staff and a bad Dr will just cost you money for nothing. Would never recommend him. Your best bet is with another Dr.
After having several MRI's and extreme pain in my back and neck I when to him and he never even looked at the MRI's and told me it was all from my postpartum depression. Then he prescribed me a drug that knocked me out for 2 days. My husband had to take time off of work to take care of me and the kids cause all I could do is lay in bed.
He has a real creepy personality and doesn't seem to show much interest in your concerns.
He is absolutely the worst neurologist. He miss diagnosed my wife and still wouldn't make it right after he received a large amount of money from us and our insurance. In finding a new neurologist my wife is now being treated correctly and her Health is improving
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