Extremely arrogant doctor. Impatiently "listens" to your history but has already made his mind up re diagnosis. One gets the impression he doesn't listen, wants to keep you as a patient for the business, not because the patient is sick!
This clinic is very difficult to work with. We have been trying to get referrals sent over to the hospital for some specific lab work and have had to call several times to try and get it sent in. It still has not been sent in. We also have had to call several times for prescription refills because they have not sent it in. It has been very frustrating to work with the office staff and get answers to our questions. This has been the overall experience with Nephrology Associates of Utah.
Dr. Jansen is one of the best kidney Dr's I have ever had, and I have been dealing with nephrologists since 1985. He is very pleasant, he is not bothered by patients asking questions. I would and do recommend him every time!
Very caring, responsive to questions, explains disease and treatment thoroughly. Checks on general healthier any other conditions which may or may not affect the kidneys but affect general living.
Pros: Explained medical conditions very well. Was knowledgeable about how herbs could affect kidneys. Did not give me any hassle when I wanted to wait for lab results before getting a CT scan. Gave me lots of info to take home. Cons: Ultrasound and especially x-ray will locate most kidney stones with MUCH less radiation and cost than CT scans, but CT was the only option offered.
Dr. Gopinath greets me with a smile and I leave with a smile. He is very positive, listens to me and discusses my concerns. I'm impressed with his up to date awareness of the latest treatments available and how he explains the options I have. A+ for Dr. Gopinath!
Dr. Gapinath is a very arrogant Dr. The first thing that came out of his mouth was I deal with a lot of patients with kidney stones so I know exactly what I am talking about. my husband and I where stunned. this was even before we said anything to him. as we where talking he was making hand gestures for me to get to the point and acted very annoyed. He acted like I was a fool and didn't know my own body. I have had problems with prescriptions and the calling service is a joke. never again.
Dr. Lambert was my doctor for years and years. I trusted him with my life and still miss him since he has retired.

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