Dr McLaughlin is seriously the best doctor I've ever interacted with. My husband and I both see her and we were both crushed when her previous clinic closed their doors. I'm thrilled she's back at a new clinic. She is calm and patient and listens extremely well (and has a fantastic memory). She takes the time to figure out how I am doing in all aspects of health and is very thorough and also very caring. Once you find a good doctor, you never want them to leave. I'm so happy she is back.
The best Doctor I have ever had. Caring, careful, connects the dots. You will absolutely love her.
Dr. McLaughlin is AWESOME. She is prompt, caring, and thorough. So happy she is at a new clinic!! The Madsen Clinic in Slc Ut. 801-581-7790
Dr. Mclaughlin is the best physician I have ever known. She is the primary care for me, my mom, and 3 other friends - all share the same opinion. She is extremely knowledgeable, thorough and keeps up with the latest research. Most importantly, she is unbelievably generous with the time she spends and the personal attention she affords each patient. She exemplifies what a physician's used to be: caring, efficient and attentive to the patient - not beholden to insurance co's and bureaucracy.
Dr McLaughlin is the best doctor I have ever had.
One of the best, most caring MDs in the Salt Lake Valley. Spends the time necessary to find and solve issues. Saved my life by diagnosing uterine cancer at it's earliest stages and sending me to a cancer specialist during a routine exam. The cancer specialist was astonished at her skill and said uterine cancer is rarely, if ever, caught at that stage; said she wanted Dr. McLaughlin as her doctor. We hope she sets up practice somewhere nearby very soon! Don't want to change doctors.
Dr. Szcznesy is personable, conservative in treatment options (this is a positive!), caring in all aspects of a person's life. She spends a lot of time with you, discusses various treatment options, listens to you and is quick to return calls, or, as appropriate, has her assistant return the call, who then gets back to you with Dr. Szcznesy's advice. The office is well organized and if one has to wait, it is only for a few minutes.

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