Dr. Eborn met with me briefly, diagnosed me with a condition without performing any tests or examining me at all. After explaining why I was there, she did everything to talk me out of my birth control of choice and told me my only other option was sterilization. This was the worst doctor appointment I have ever experienced. It is a pity, as her PA is a comprehensive and understanding health care professional. I got a second opinion by a fantastic MD who supported my birth control decisions.
Love everything about this office!
Dr. Williams wanted to put me on so many medications instead of further testing or any images, such as a MRI ( last MRI was in 1999). May 2016 a week after I saw Dr. Williams I saw my ENT who was curious enough to order a MRI! I was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma tumor 1 day after the MRI. This doctor was in a hurry, careless, and doesn't listen to her patients!!
As hard as it is for me to write this review, I feel that it may help someone in choosing a doctor. I, unfortunately, had a bad experience today with Dr. Eborn. I left in shock, offended, scared, and in tears. She didn't listen, made some very serious assumptions about my personal life, and sent me on my way. I have had a great experience at Foothill Family Clinic, but I won't be seeing Dr. Eborn again.
I absolutely love Dr. Taylor and his staff. I've been going there for several years now. He's a fun and very knowledgeable physician.
I've had two appointments with Dr Eborn (each ten minutes or less) and I've always walked out feeling like my health isn't her concern.
Poor personal service. Did not address immediate concerns. Left feeling like it was a waste of time and money.
I had a horrible experience with Dr. Eborn and her staff. I was stuck in gridlock right outside her office-called and was told she was still with the patient before me. I arrived 2 minutes later, well within the 15 min grace period, 33 minutes before her practice closed. I was her last patient. She told her staff that I hadn't checked in within the first 10 minutes - despite calling and her still being with the previous patient. Apparently she wanted to go home. lt didn't matter that I was sick.
A few reasons: *Lackadaisical response to submitting prescriptions *I've had the lab call me about my sample because the form wasn't filled out *Recently a 45 minute wait in the exam room (not counting the office wait) and then being seen for 10 minutes, half of which was used to discus him being out of integrity. *That 10 minute visit cost over $100
Got me in for 3 tests in a period of 6 hours. Able to give diagnosis for a disease that usually goes unnoticed until it is life threatening. Very trustworthy and intelligent. Excellent doctor.

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