Rip off artist! If I could give her a zero, I would! She makes you pay for wellness check and sets you up so you have to. My original dr. retired and she was the replacement. I went in for my yearly checkup with no problems and I was charged with a tier 3 issue! I already was taking med for my thyroid. She refuse to write script for bone scan-i have osteopenia. Plus, she wouldn't touch me! Just sat at her computer and typed! I reported her to my insurance. DO NOT CHOOSE HER FOR YOUR DR.
I had a very bad experience with Dr. Haberman. I would not recommend her to anyone.
The sheer ineptitude of Dr. Pradhan has made me so unhappy I feel like I should warn those who want to make an appointment with her. She did not run any tests except an allergy one for my mom who was ill. Told her everything was fine. My mom got a 2nd opinion-turns out she has a bad infection and has been on 3 different antibiotics. If she didn't seek more help, it could have turned into sepsis. When told about this, Dr. only responded "That is a common bug." Not true. Avoid her-Save your money
I had to find a new doctor because mine was leaving town and I was not happy. My previous physician recommended Dr. Pradhan. I made an appointment for my annual checkup and I found Dr. Pradhan to be very thorough, easy to talk to, willing to listen, and willing to take the time to answer my questions. I may even like her better than my previous physician, whom I really loved.
I went to this doctor as follow up from an Instacare visit per I was not getting better after 2 weeks. Dr. Pradhan did nothing but reread my Instacare visit records to me. She didn't as much as listen to my heart, look in my ears, poke my stomach...NOTHING! I never go to doctors and didn't have a primary care physician and Dr. Pradhan was one of the doctors on the list of doctors the Instacare said was taking patients. I was able to get in right away, but now I know why. Still sick!
Misdiagnosis led to two years of unnecessary pain and discomfort.
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