I can honestly say Dr Richards office is the worst experience I have ever encountered in my life with a physicians office. I've tried to be patient and give them the benefit of doubt but my entire experience is ridiculous! To start I was on hold for 20 minutes to make the initial appointment. When I get to my appointment they were running 1 hour behind so I had to sit and wait. Not feeling good up to this point with the experience of scheduling and now waiting. Dr Richards was friendly an
He is a great doctor, but not good enough take it worth dealing with the incredibly rude and unprofessional office staff.
Dr. Reading was very personable and kind. Did not make me feel rushed. Took time to answer all my questions and made sure I was comfortable with her diagnosis. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Reading.
I find Dr. Sandhu to be very knowledgeable and informative. He took a sincere interest in my care and concerns and was very easy to relate to.
Very proactive and helpful with the extreme period pain that I have been dealing with for more than a year now. Willing to do all tests necessary to figure out what is going on.
Dr. Stowers was absolutely amazing and incredibly helpful, however, his secretaries (Viviana) are completely rude and make you feel VERY uncomfortable. She was very impatient with my questions and very inconsiderate. She also made many sassy comments about me in FRONT of her other coworkers and other patients. I left feeling very embarrassed. They messed up with my info and acted as if it was my fault. Incredibly unprofessional. I will not be returning as long as she is working there.
Dr. Richards was so good at going over and explaining all our options and helping us make a informed decision. Once he preformed the surgery he was with us through every step and made us feel at ease and confident. I would recommend Dr. Richards to everyone in need of a general surgeon.
I absolutely loved Dr Richards, he was so genuine and kind. He took the time to sit down and explain in detail what exactly the procedure I needed would entail and was so patient in answering all of our many questions in such a scary unknown period in my life. Just before being wheeled into the operating room, he was there to assure me that everything would be okay. He made me feel well cared for before and after surgery. I wish he could be my primary care physician he's just THAT wonderful!
Dr. Reading took the time to make sure my husband's PD catheter was placed with care, a huge difference from our last experience. She really cares about her patients, and we appreciate it.
He was seriously the best OB I have ever been to. Super informative. He genuinely cared about me. And he let me do whatever I needed to to have the birth I wanted. His bedside manner was impeccable and I definitely recommend him.
He is the best doctor my husband could have ever wished for. He is so patient and calm and very attentive. He did a surgical procedure involving cancer and explained everything in great detail with pictures. The procedure went very well. The after care was excellent as well. I wish he could be our family doctor for everything!
Excellent Doctor!
Came here after another dr who kept recommending his surgery. Was able to get better w/o the surgury, thank you. Night and day- Dr. Matern was patient and helpful.
Dr. Kuwahara is fantastic. I believe he has saved my life. He is informative and cares about his patients.
Dr Jackson was very professional, caring, and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend her. Did not have to wait for my scheduled appointment. Very prompt.
This physician has no ability to address individual needs or history of the patient. She is a "cookie cutter" physician that earned a degree in medicine but forgot the humanity part of the practice. I would never recommend this physician.
There is no point having a PCP who doesn't keep sick appointments, allow simple procedures with a nurse, or call in medications. The 3-4 times I have been sick since being accepted at this practice several years ago, I've had to go to the instacare or ER for treatment. What should be a small copay and prescription instead has sometimes cost over $1500. To add insult to injury today I walked in after waiting on the phone for 40 minutes and no one was even on the phone taking calls.
Very self centered and acts like she is too good for you. As changed in the past 3 months is no longer a good dr to go to. I would never go see her again after last appt. She helped my father life shorten very BAD
There was medical error and Dr. did not help me get appropriate care and this led to a chronic life threatening medical problem.
Very caring, concerned and professional individual. I have never met a better human being that I can call my Doctor. I am very blessed and grateful to have her. I have absolute trust and confidence in her ability and in her Character.
Dr. Jackson is wonderful! She is kind, passionate and very intelligent. The right combination for whatever ails you.
Love Dr. Gorman! Very experienced and knowledgable and really talks through all possibilities with you. Fun personally that really felt welcoming and warm.
She took into consideration all the facts to deliver the best option for care.
After 2 1/2 years seeing another doctor and dealing with a lot of pain I went to see Dr Matern. He fixed my problem with my ureter, which took over 6 hours in the OR. Problem was he couldn't find it from all the damage done by the prior doctor (I had a lot of scare tissue from the procedures done by the other doctor). Dr. Matern didn't give up and solved my problem. That was a couple of years ago. About a 1 1/2 years ago he did surgery to fix another issue. Everything is great. What he did to fi
Had a Vasectomy and he was super friendly and helpful. Procedure took 11 minutes (we timed it). I highly recommend Dr. Matern if you're looking to get this procedure done, he's a great choice.
I have seen Dr. Rallison many times this past year for extremely painful periods (think missing work and school because of the pain). His only answer regarding the pain has been to take and keep taking birth control when birth control hasn't been helping me. Thankfully I have switched to a different doctor that has been proactive in figuring out why I am experiencing this pain. ALSO, if you are sexually active and not married he will be very judgemental.
Dr. Merrill never gives up on helping find solutions to my less common GI disease. He is always patient & thorough. He takes the time to explain everything so that I feel comfortable and confident in what my treatment plan holds. I would recommend Dr. Merrill to anyone in need of a great GI doc.
Dr. Rallison was very helpful and patient with me and answered all my questions.
Over stretched and tore my esophagus. Did not mention how badly it was torn during endoscopy procedure and did not prescribe correct medication to allow the tear to heal properly. Had several emergency room visits until they determined the problem. Went to another Dr. to get medication that would help Dr. Kuwahara's tear heal.
She is the best. She is caring, connected, calming, very professional. Great sense of humor - and sensitive to patient concerns/fears. In five minutes she helped me understand more about my surgery than any other surgeon - ever! She helped calm my fears (which were not obvious but were very real). Dr. Jackson really is the best.
I refer everyone I know to Dr. Jackson, she is exactly the kind of Doctor you would want your mother to see. She was amazing and patient, every consultation and procedure was completed with outstanding care and expertise. I highly recommend Dr Jackson and her staff!
Dr Matern is awesome :-)
Dr Fisher was efficient in his knowledge and in getting things done quickly however when it came time to listen to my concerns and to how I was feeling he discounted that. When I told him I was not feeling well after surgery he told me I would need to work through the fatiguewhen in fact I had an infection. I guess his opinion of doing well after surgery is just surviving. This caused me missed work time and pain and discomfort that could have been avoided.

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Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, And Sigmoidoscopy
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Appendectomy, Laparoscopic
Colon And Rectal Surgery
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