My husband was seen by Dr.Gardner for gout and absolutely loved him. His gout was resolved in two days.
I work with Dr. Gardner, I would be the first in line to bring any of my family members to see this physician. He practices medicine by always doing what is medically best for the patient!!! He is one of the smartest physician's I have ever worked with in my 19 years medical career. My family loves Dr.Gardner!!!
Time to retire this Dr. Not caring, sighed like he was bored being there and with me. He begrudgingly gave me a small Rx, admonished me for not yet having a primary care physician (i did, just not local). There was not an ounce of compassion in his demeanor. IHC and their doctors are usually SO much better than this.
I would not recommend Dr. Gardner. Horrible bedside manner. Told me he would recommend using a steroid for my daughter's croup so I waited and called the pharmacy, which they never got the order for it. Called his nurse and they acted like I completely imagined that he said that. I'm not a professional; I don't know what she should take. We have seem him once before this and it was just as bad. Next time we go to Instacare I will ask to make sure we do not see him. Awful and rude!
Dismissive and no bedside manor. Sarcastic, assumptive and overall very unwelcoming. When you are sick you want a little compassion, empathy... You'll get neither at this doctor's office. Front desk receptionist was great, very friendly and polite. Total opposite or doctor Gardner.
Dr. Gardner did a superb job stitching up a very bloody gash in my finger. He has a wonderful manner. (He could have introduced himself).
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