Dr. Kevin Duke has taken care of our family for 15 years. Even busy like he is, he always listens. He also take the time to explain and answer any and all questions we have. His team is kind and courteous. He also councils, explains treatments thoroughly, and advices best practices and habits we need to have.
Dr. Stevens does not rush through a visit. He listens to you and responds to your questions and concerns very well. He does not call for unneeded tests just to "make sure". He refers to other specialty physicians when needed and I have been very pleased with those doctors. He uses his experience, common sense, and looks at you as a whole person before he makes care decisions. I really like going to Dr. Stevens, and have gone to him for many years.
Dr. Stevens is not only friendly and personable, but he is also great at getting to the bottom of thorny medical problems. His professional knowledge is amazing, and he is always learning about new research and treatments. Our entire family thinks he's the best!
Dr. Mathews is such a kind and caring doctor. He listens well and never makes me feel like he's in a hurry to get to the next patient. He takes the time to consider multiple options for care instead of just writing a script and sending me on my way. I love that he tries to find the root of the problem and work on fixing that instead of just treating symptoms. I highly recommend him to anyone in the area.
Dr Duke n primary care many years I trust him completely. He always takes the time to explain things. Dr Duke always xplains new medications to e 2nd by choose change it.
Dr. Duke has been my primary health care provider for many years. During this time his professionalism and medical skills, together with his kind and friendly demeanor have impressed me very much. I appreciate the association and friendship that has developed and have no reservations in recommending Dr. Duke and his skilled staff.
Dr. Bergeson is knowledgeable and very personable. He takes the time to explain things in detail to his patients.
Dr. Duke is the best Dr. we have ever had. He is so friendly and kind. It makes going to the Dr. an enjoyable experience. Dr. Duke is extremely knowledgeable in what he does. He's so attentive to make sure you have the best care possible. We can't thank him enough for all he's done to provide the best medical care for our family. We love knowing that whatever we're dealing with Dr. Duke is there to help. His staff is also wonderful and we appreciate their smiling faces ready to greet us.
Very pleased with all aspects of my visits and care I received.
I've been seeing Dr Stevens for over ten years and have always trusted in his care.
Dr. Duke is an excellent doctor, plus he listens to and respects what we would like to do to have better health. We would recommend him highly to our family and friends.
Dr.Stevens is a champion Family Physician. He is easy to talk to and is kind. He never talks down or makes you feel like your concerns are unwarranted. I am grateful for a doctor who sincerely cares about my family and takes time to discuss all of our concerns. He is incredibly intelligent and we are always satisfied with the care we receive from him.
I highly recommend Dr. Bergeson. His office was clean and pleasant. His staff was able to schedule my visit quickly, even though I needed a new-patient physical exam. He addressed all my questions and concerns and did not make me feel rushed. But my favorite thing about Dr. Bergeson was his friendly, cheerful demeanor. He put me at ease and had me smiling and laughing right from the start.
My wife Rebecca and I enjoyed how Dr. Matthews listened to us and even referred us to the a dietitian to help me lose weight. We will lee him as long as we are here in the Valley!!
We found Dr. Stevens to be very attentive to our concerns, very easy to talk to, and we have confidence in his recommendations. We are very pleased that we found Dr. Stevens and look forward to a long physician-patient relationship with him.
Dr Stevens is a skilled and compassionate family doctor. I love that he uses a holistic approach to treating our family and takes time to actually listen. While we may wait a few more minutes in the waiting room or exam room on occasion, I never feel like he is rushed when it is our turn. That is a worthwhile trade-off to me.
Dr. Bergeson has been our family doctor for years and we recommend him highly. He listens attentively and truly cares for our well being. He has treated most of our family through the years and still cares about them. It has been wonderful to have a doctor who truly cares about our family.
Awesome doctor! He made sure I understood everything.
Dr Lars Bergeson has been my primary physician for twenty-five years. During that time I have experienced some serious health problems as most of us do. I continued to rely on him for my medical needs.1.The ease and speed of scheduling and accessing him in emergencies. 2. Staffs greatest concerns are for my needs and comfort. The office is always clean and courteous.3 Doc listens and provides up-to-date information.Trusted his decisions. He is always right. Highly recommend him as your physician
Our family has been very fortunate to have found Dr.Duke. He has been a tremendous help in keeping my blood pressure under control for many years. He is a Doctor that always has your best interest at heart and takes time to answer every concern. He also delivered our two grandsons and even though our daughters have moved from the area they still contact Dr. Duke. He has common sense and makes your visit a good experience. Great Doctor and an outstanding human being!
I had many concerns I felt really listened to about all of them. All my concerns were addressed, options were explained well to me, and most importantly I was not made to feel bad for being sick or having questions! :-) I was so pleased that I made appointments for my husband my son and even my mother! Thank You Dr. Duke!
I have alwsys had good luck being treated by doc duke. He treats you like family and cares about your health and life. He has saved my life a few times and went beyond to help me when i couldnt walk.
We love Dr. Duke!! He is hands down one of the most compassionate and understanding Dr.'s around. Being a parent is hard and stressful especially when we have children that are sick. Dr Duke is always so patient and caring with our little family.
Dr. Stevens is capable, kind and never acts rushed. He spends quality time with his complete attention focused on the patient. He communicates clearly and understandably.
I think Dr. Duke is great. He's very personable and makes you feel at ease. He took the time I needed and didn't make me feel rushed. He's down to earth, and talks to you like a friend.
Dr. Berguson has been my primary care physician for 15 years. He is always willing to listen and explains things thoroughly to me. I feel like I have had excellent care from him.
Having been a patient of Dr. Bergeson's for several years, I'm very pleased with how the service at his practice has continued to improve. What was already courteous and professional staff has gotten better and the physician's time spent with me as a patient has increased and become more meaningful. Their online information portal is very helpful for keeping track of past visits, tests, and consultations.
He has a genuine care for his patients. He is easy to talk to and understands what you need.
I have been a patient of his for about 17 years. Could not ask for a better doctor than he. He's fantastic at taking Bloods with people that have bad veins. He's gone the extra length of caring. His knowledge is vast. You could not ask for a better doctor.
Such a great doctor! I have learned so much wonderful information as a patient and i cant thank him enough for how well he treats me.
Dr. Bergeson draws my blood better than anyone else who has ever drawn my blood.
I quit going to Bergeson years ago. I had a problem he addressed with different medicines without examining me. 3 months later I went to a different doctor. I had cancer.
We trust Dr. Stevens and his staff. We have had positive experiences for years. We appreciate the time he gives to ys.
I have been a patient of Dr Bergeson's for 30 years. He is amazing! He spends time with you to listen to your problems. He even followed up with me when my Father in law passed away. He has been spot on with any illness or concern. He has referred me to someone I can relate to when a specialist is needed. He even diagnosed a malrotation of an intestine on my newborn grand baby! He sent him to Primaries and followed up several times until he was released. Good Doctor good man!
Dr. Stevens is a exceptionally intelligent, caring, precise and professional Physician! I highly recommend!
Hi is a very decent doctor and treated my with respect. However, my personal discussions with him did not remain confidential and created a lot of headaches for me. I did my annual physical exam and received a bill to the the mismanagement of the office staff. I took me a while to correct it. Actually I had to go to his office again and pay another co-pay to just discuss my billing problem. I had disappointing experience.
over medicated right from the start, very high dose. found a different Dr.
These rating sites Do not accurately represent. Bottom line Dr.Stevens is kind, honest, cares for all his patients and is one in a million. I am filling this out only because universally he has a 5 star reputation.

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