Best OBGYN around! Very thorough with questions and takes time to answer them. Kind and professional.
I loved Dr. McCarter! He is great- efficient but still really takes the time to listen to any concerns and explain things. He delivered my second child, and though we moved so have a longer drive to still see him, he is taking care of us with baby #3 too! Last delivery with him went fairly smoothly and he seemed calm and experienced, which made it a great birth experience! Recovery was way quicker than with my first (a different doctor).
Dr. Rogers is retiring but I have been a patient of his for 20+ years and he has always been willing to listen to my concerns and deal with them
Dr. Harward has been my doctor for 4 pregnancies and has given excellent care for all of them. The first 2 I had miscarriages and I really appreciated that he was very caring and took the time to explain my options to me. He has answered all of my questions well and has always made me feel important. He has also taken the time to get to know me. I have seen him in passing in the community and he has asked about my specific family. I would recommend him to anyone.
Such a nice guy and very professional. Most Doctors that I have worked with are not concerned with taking time to resolve the real issues but Dr. Hadley really was. This is the first time I have ever reviewed a Doctor but I feel like he deserved it.
I would never suggest this doctor. The first appointment he wasn't even there. Of course we didn't find this out until filling out all of the paperwork and paying for the visit. At the end of the second visit we scheduled our third visit. For the third visit we were told we could pay extra to find out the sex of the baby (my wife would be at 13 weeks at that point). We told them we would do that. Now we find out our appointment was cancelled, and they won't tell us the sex of the baby.
I had Dr. McCarter deliver my first baby. I had the best experience. He was always helpful and anytime I had a concern during my pregnancy he addressed it promptly. The nurses were as wonderful as he was too. One of my favorite doctors ever! I have also recommended him to two other friends that were pregnant and they both have loved him as well.
I went in with a Shoulder injury and my PCP was on vacation The only doctor was Dr. Rogers and he took my blood pressure and said it was high and when he saw me 11 years earlier for a broken finger that my blood pressure was high too. I asked him to look at my normal doctor visits and he didn't want to listen and said that I just needed to lose weight because I was too fat. I was blown away. I said I needed my shoulder checked and he looked at it and said see a specialist. What a jerk!
She listens intently and takes you seriously. Too many doctors have pretended to listen to me then brushed my complaints off. Because of Dr. Shelton I'm finally figuring out the reason behind years of chronic pain. She also has a great personality and shows that she genuinely cares about you.
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