Money hungry. Had an antibiotic which led to yeast issues. All I wanted was a prescription to kill the yeast and they wanted to make me come back in so they could charge me more money.
Dr. Springer is the Best Doctor. She is so kind and caring. She listens and cares. The only complaint I have is everyone else thinks shes the best and she is hard to get in to see.
To begin with I usually wait on hold 10 minutes any time I call the doctors' office....I think Dr. Karyn Springer is a great doctor for physicals but she is never available to help with anything else. I have had strep a few times and have been told it would be numerous days until she was able to see me. I called from a vacation in Russia to ask a question because I was sick and I had been told not to go to the doctor in Russia. Her nurse refused to even speak with me because I needed to come in
Dr. Springer tried to evaluate my psychological condition at times, attributing exhaustion to mental illness and suggesting mood stabilizers. I go to her because she is a medical doctor and she spends most of her time with me trying to make eye contact, evaluating my mood, and sometimes even laughing at me. At times she has given me good medical advice, but it's not consistent and I've finally needed to find another provider.
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Intermntn Hlth Cr Nrth Orm Clin
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