She does not listen to what you are trying to say and talks over you.
Dr. Piercey has an archaic understanding of the definition of disabled. She is an arrogant and an uncaring individual. Furthmore, she only cares about money and scheduled an unnecessary appointment just for personal gains. She had no understanding of my medical condition or triggers for the condition. Also, she felt it was necessary to suggest irrational solutions like sticking my head out the window while sleeping at night, or whenever I am home.
Excellent Doctor!! He has a great bedside manner, very knowledgable, listens to what patient has to say, a very positive personality. He operated on both my ankles with great results to me.
Dr. Walker is pleasant, but I was very disappointed with my surgery and care. He did not fix the underlying problem, so I need another surgery. I've already had to go elsewhere (and spend $) to get my hammertoe released properly. If he doesn't want to answer a question (wIll it stay this way?) he changes the subject and rushes out. I had to wait for his MA to track him down, so I knew when to return. He didn't give clear instructions for my PT either. Sorry, I do not recommend him at all
Dr. Walker is amazing!! Would highly recommend him to anyone!

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