Dr. Baliff performed by lasik ten years ago. I had 400/400 vision and -1.5 /astigmatism. I also have thinner corneas. Surgery went perfectly and for almost ten years I saw 20/20. Then I hit my late 40's and started using readers. Now, after returning to online college/heavy computer use, I returned for a touch up in my right eye for astigmatism. Don't let anxiety over the surgery stop you from correcting your vision- Dr. Baliff is a top rated Ophthalmologist and surgeon.
I absolutely LOVE Kenna Larsen!!! She listened to me and all of my concerns and she thought long and hard about treatments for me before deciding that surgery was the best option!! I will continue to see her for any and all issues
Not my first rodeo with Dr. Byck. To be honest I wouldn't trust anyone else, I drove a motor home 1000 miles just to make sure he and his wonderful staff treated me. Now my complaints.....this website has been horible at best to deal with and what ever you do go from beginning to end without stopping. Write any notes down then do your research. I will say the communication with web manager (?) was worth 5 stars.
I wet to see DrByck for a second opinion and left with a surgery date. He is thorough, explains the challenges and risks in easy to understand language along with visual explanations. I left with a sense of confidence and complete understanding in the procedure..
I am now going into my third knee surgery with Dr. Byck, and the first on my right knee. He has done an ACL and Meniscal repair on my left knee and it is stronger now than it ever has been. He is a compassionate doctor who does everything he can to make sure you understand not only your injury but your treatment. I hope that this coming procedure will be my last, but if I do sustain any other knee injuries I will have no doubts about who I want in my corner.
Dr. Byck was kind and knowledgeable about my problem. I am excited to continue my care through him and would recommend him to others.
Tried to explain my pain in my elbow. She seemed confused by the whole ordeal. Spent a total of maybe 10 minutes with me and after reviewing the x-rays she basically said "I don't know whats wrong, we could do surgery." Are you freaking kidding me?! What a joke. Never going back to her or her practice. She had no intentions of helping me, following up after PT treatment, and did not care if my problem had been resolved. Avoid this one for sure.
Awesome doc. Really knows his stuff and utilizes cutting edge technology to help with pain. He did some regenerative medicine procedures on me. So far I'm feeling better than ever!
Dr Baranko treated my hip after a bicycle accident. I healed very quickly with minimal problems. I attributed my quick and easy recovery to Dr Baranko's workmanship. My treatment after the surgery was excellent. A bad experience for sure but Dr Baranko made it a little easier I believe
Horrible experience. I went to have a cyst drained and the procedure was not complete. When I contacted Dr. Larsen in less than 24 hours to state that there had been no change, she asked that I give it a few days. When I contacted her after a few days, she said that the cyst had simply returned and that I would need to make another appointment. The cyst did NOT return, it was never removed properly to begin with. This was by far the WORST experience imaginable.
I had some prp injections. They hurt as much as you'd expect having someone poke a needle into an area where you're already sore. Dr Kokonen was kind and patient with me. He helped me relax by letting me know before he did every injection on my back so I wouldn't flinch each time. I appreciated that he explained the process in detail and even showed me the ultrasound screen, pointing out my muscles and joints he was injecting. He's a great doc! PRP helps a lot. I'd do another procedure with him.
Both appointments I had I waited more than an hour past my appointment time, just for an injection. They didn't even acknowledge it or say sorry. I understand that he's busy, but so are his patients, and we don't appreciate being treated like an afterthought. Maybe schedule less appointments so close together...we schedule a time for a reason.
I've had Crohn's disease for several years and have seen four doctors over this span of time. Dr. Gonzales is a very kind man, however his practice is not run efficiently. The staff is near impossible to get in touch with and they don't seem to be concerned with me or any patient specifically. I understand that they see many patients, however there is no individuality or concern with each patient. I am not impressed with the medical care given to me.
Dr. K is very knowledgeable, personable and has a genuine care for his patients. I have had RFA's in the past by another provider, Dr. K's were by far the easiest. Thank you, sir.
I saw Dr. Gonzales for about six months. It takes at least two months to schedule an appointment. He refused to listen to any of my concerns. I saw him a total of five times including a colonoscopy. The last time I saw him I was still very sick and bleeding, Dr. Gonzales insisted that I was healed and would have to just deal with my bleeding and diarrhea.
Amazing is an understatement! Caring, loving and genuine! Wow. My family will ONLY go to this FANTASTIC Dr. Treats my son like his own. So glad to call him a friend/family/buddy. Thanks for being you ?? The world is better because you are in it. One in a million DR. NADIM B. BIKHAZI!!!!!!! My family's guardian angel ??
I have been a patient of Dr Ballif for over 20 years. He is in my humble opinion one of the best eye doctors in the state. I have had multiple issues with my eyes and my regular eye doctor has consulted with Dr. Ballif regarding. Thru those conversations I became Dr Ballif's patient. He always answers any question I ask in easy to understand details. He is a great eye surgeon. Very minimal time to do a cataract surgery and post follow-ups. I recommend everyone to see him. My regards Rick B
Had tonsils taken out late summer. While it wasn't a fun experience, could not be more pleased with Dr. Major and his staff. They were courteous and attentive. Would definitely send family to see him.
injections were not as painful as i thought they would be. doc is friendly and my appointments are always fast
I would recommend Dr. Gonzalez. Certainly took care of me. His staff was phenomenal.
Doctor Ballif is an exceptional doctor and person. I've been seeing him for years.
Many doctors gave me pain meds, but they never did anything to try and fix my back pain. Dr. K wanted to lower my pain medication dosage and try injections and physical therapy. At first I resisted and almost went to another doc for more meds. But after we lowered the dose and I tried other things, I realized how addicted I was to the narcotics. They were literally ruining my life! Dr K helped me find healthier ways to manage my pain, and it is improving considerably since I've been his patient.
I took my sweet mother, suffering from Alzheimer's, to Dr Gonzales upon recommendation of another GI specialist, who did not provide the sedation options that Mom needed. We were beyond pleased with Dr Gonzales' thoroughness, professionalism, honesty and kind bedside manner. Our appointments were never over until all our concerns were answered to our satisfaction. Additional office staff were just as kind & competent! He was worth the wait. His FNP & office staff were great to respond interim!!
Dr Kokkonen has horrible bedside manner and his nurse is not any better. I got steroid injections in my back and wasn't able to take anything to help me relax, and both were very rude about this. When I was given injections, he must have hit a nerve because it hurt so bad I about flew off the table! Literally. I started shaking and sweating profusely. When I called the office several times afterwards, no one would ever call me back. I ended up switching doctors. I would never return here.
Dr. Bikhazi has been treating my chronic ear problems for more than 15 years. He is very knowledgeable and also very caring. I recommend him to everyone! You hardly ever have to wait to see him, he is usually on time. He also listens to his patients, which isn't always the case with doctors. He will go out of his way to see you when you have an emergency.
I was very impressed with Dr. Larson. She was extremely thorough, but most importantly, spent time explaining.
Excellent work and thorough explanations of all instructions.
Dr Heaton did not listen to me when I was in his office., after I waited 2 months for appt. He sent me home with a prescription, which I did not take. Saw my GP and had CT. My kidney is blocked. Not happy.
If you need a surgeon, Dr. Grunander is who you want!!!! She is the PRIME example of what a Dr. should be - listens, explains with detail, not rushed or bothered. She even took time out of her busy, surgery day, to see me between patients, to assure me that surgery was healing properly, and what to do about excess fluid. Her nurse Jennifer is -- awesome -- she answers when you call or calls you right back, and gives great advice, for concerns, doesn't brush you off.
Dr. GARVEY treated me for 7 broken ribs and lung and liver contusions, as well as 10 fractured vertebrae that came as a result of being bucked off of a horse. I appreciated her no nonsense approach. She was direct and to the point. I found her to be an excellent surgeon.
Dr. Anderson is very kind. He made me feel at ease when I was nervous about my surgery. He and his staff went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and well informed with the procedure I had.
Now I can't really vouch for Dr. Heaton, as I never had the opportunity to meet him. However, his staff is incompetent. I have insurance that requires preauthorization be given for certain type of procedures. I made the staff well aware of this fact. I checked and double checked with them to ensure that they would follow my instructions. However, they failed to get authorization and are not trying to charge me for the consultation bill instead of just my $35 copay. They were very rude.
Amazing. Going to the doctor is not the funnest thing in the world, but Dr. Bikhazi has been one of the best doctors I have seen. He knows his stuff and is very professional and calming. I highly recommend him to anyone that has ear, nose or throat issues. If I could rate a ten star I would.
The level of professionalism, concern and sensitivity to the patient is at the highest level of review. Dr. Christensen is friendly in his approach, he answers questions and inquiries, and takes time to address concerns. I love and appreciate his "bedside manner." I've already recommended him to other men. After having undergone surgery under his excellent expertise, my medical concerns that initially brought me to his office have been resolved. I can't imagine a more qualified urologist.
Dr. Garvey is thorough and efficient. She saved my father's life. He had pancreatitis and she was the er on call surgeon. She took unbelievable care of him. She spoke with him honestly and sternly and told him what he had to do to recover. He recently had pancreatitis again and Dr.Garvey is here for him again. We know she will be straight forward and tell him what he has to do to be healthier and gain strength back. He respects her candor and trusts her advice and instructions.
My son broke his nose and Dr Bikhazi took him to the OR to reset his nose. After surgery he said, It was an easy fix. Don't worry about a followup, he's good to go. He had simply placed a nose cast over the top and that night the cast fell off. I called his office and he called me back and said, Don't worry about putting it back on, it's fine. Within a few days my sons nose looked exactly like it did before the surgery - broken. Later I learn that he should have packed the nose! He did not!
Completely transparent. I trust her. She is truly amazing at what she does and has excellent people skills. We KNEW we were in good hands. She is empathetic, consistent & realistic.
Spectacular Dr. Would highly recommend. Enjoyed him and his friendly staff.
He put 4 different catheters in me in a three month period. Each lodged in the back of the bladder where no urine could come out, he claimed it was because I was so fat!! I ended up With a hole that leaks Urine and needs a surgical repair, a bladder that still doesn't function, and a major staff infection from wounds associated with all the catheters. It is a long terrible story, stay away from Dr Christensen , I learned the hard way and require so much more medical attention !!
Do not use Dr. Martin Brown. His office staff is unprofessional. They will not take responsibility for their mistake, then hold you accountable for it. My family will never use him again due to his office staff.
I fell on some ice, and broke my face in a few spots. Dr. Anderson was great at explaining what my options were, and didnt recommend going right to surgery, even if it is what makes him the most money. I ended up having the surgery, and had a bad reaction to the pain meds, ones that I had taken before. I gave, Dr. anderson a call and he had a solution for me with in minuets. Super great guy, and an awesome doctor.
Excellent care. He took the time to explain my condition in a way that I understood. I was very sick and he showed his concern. He even gave me his cell phone number. He was very easy to talk to and so was his staff. I had a bit of a wait to see him, but it was worth the excellent care that I received. I would recommend him to my family and friends.
Very caring. Excellent office staff. He answered my questions and spent plenty of time. I felt he understood my problem and made me feel very comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and has excellent surgical skills.
I'm from out of town and had a snowboard accident. I was seen in the ER for a fractured femur. Dr. Hall was the surgeon on call. He explained condition, surgical treatment and prognosis with me.. He answered all of my questions. Excellent bedside manner. Immediately after surgery he spoke with my family. Post operatively, after discharge, I had to contact his office with some concerns. His staff returned my phone call within the hour with instructions on what to do.
He knows a little sign language but a great sensitivity to my needs. He's a joy to have small talk with. I'd recommend meeting an appointment in the morning, not in the afternoon, so that I don't end up waiting too long. Pleasant staff.
My 81 yr old mother was referred to him by her primary care provider. Neither of us were impressed by him at all. He seemed very flippant and did not explain benefits, pros and cons of different treatments. Seemed to have a kind of whatever attitude. She has been in extreme pain from sciatica for 2 months He scheduled an MRI and then said to come back. We had to find him outside the room to get something for the pain in the meantime and seemed mostly bothered by us. Terrible bedside manner
Very hard to get hold of staff if you have any medical questions or concerns. They usually get back within 48 hours. Very difficult to get appointments with Dr. Gonzales, you often have to wait several weeks or a month to get in to see him, even if you need more immediate help.
He is very, kind, caring, and compassinate. He explains things and puts your mind at ease. He did an excellent job on a menicus repair on my knee. I would go to him again when I require knee surgery. He is an excellent doctor.
Wow. One stop shopping. No waiting. Got in within four days. In a one hour appointment he did an exam, in-house CT, discussed options and scheduled surgery. GREAT!
Not impressed at all. He actually made me feel like he was an idiot. He didn't even look at my chart.
Does not do anything for you if you are on Medicaid. So, if you are on Medicaid, do not go to him.
Horrible bed side manner, did not disclose complications nor document them. not compassionate, was not truthful about my surgery, actually fractured my septum while doing a septum repair, never mentioned it. He also caused a severe vasal vagal reaction at 2 weeks post op while doing a post op scope. I became very ill, he dropped a dripping wet paper towel on my head and left the room! I mentioned symptoms I was having 2 weeks post op, he blew it off, said I must be one of those people.
Doctor Anderson was not only very knowledgable, but more importantly, he was very kind to our 3 year old son who needed his tonsils and adenoids removed. He cared for him the way any good parent would!
Great Dr! I have had problems for 10 plus years with my sinus's. Had surgery this morning and feel great tonight....
He performed should rotator repair of two tears was incredible returned to work within 30 days my spouse had hers done by another doc a few years back and had a horrible recover and had to have it broke apart from frozen. Thomas sent me home with the right equipment to heal my poor spouse was sent home in a cheap Walgreen sling no ice machine or nothing. I would definitely go with Thomas
Easy to talk to, willing to try different options and listened to me. Just enough science to help without overwhelming me.
Dr Richards is a great doctor! He's so good with my little boy and makes him feel comfortable getting his eyes checked. He's very thorough and kind.
Dr Ziegler is a very compassionate and highly knowledgeable provider. I trust him with my care and would recommend him to anyone.
Initially I met Dr. Otto through an ER visit; he was the on call urologist. I found him to be wise, skillful, calm, compassionate, flexible, careful to explain the issues in an understanding way, and I even enjoyed his sense of humor. I hold him in high regard and recommend his care without question. His office staff have been attentive and caring.
Dr. Otto's medical attention and his staff's support were excellent. Rog.
Excellent doctor and staff!
He has an awesome bedside manner and he is very knowledgeable. We've been to a lot of urologists and he is the best one we've ever been too.
I recently had a total knee replacement with Dr Sorensen and highly recommend him. My physical therapists have been blown away at my flexibility from day 1 and say this is not uncommon with the patients of his they see. My cousin used to work with him in surgery and told me he is the best orthopedic surgeon and when my cousin needed to have his shoulder fixed that is who he had do it. When I went in for a follow-up appointment the staff member said he did get Grandma's two totals!
I have had back surgery and neck surgery by Doc. Winters, both were successful, giving me a much better quality of life then what I would have had otherwise .I recommended him to my son only because I have such total confidence in him. I have also recommended him to my friends knowing they would get the very best care. Doc. Winters is always completely honest in his assessment of what he can or cannot do to help with any condition I have asked him about, I really appreciate that.
Dr Thomas was very knowledgeable and explained everythng well.
I've been treated and cared for by Dr. Ziegler for at least 10 or more years now. He's always been very understandable, clear and concise. His bedside manner is excellent. Thank you Dr. Ziegler!
For a specialist, he didn't seem to know much. Dr. Ziegler seemed to only care about getting as much money out of my pockets as he could. He saw me in an office visit, proscribed me pills I shouldnt take just to say oops, oh yeah you shouldn't take that. He then wanted me to come back the same week to discuss another option, when I asked if the co pay would be waived since I was just there he said no and told me I should just see another doctor and that he couldn't help me.... Waste of my time!
Dr. Otto and his staff were extremely cordial and helpful. Very professional and quite refreshing! Dr Otto really goes out of his way to relax and inform you on conditions, possible causes and treatment options. They are all awesome people and I highly recommend their service.
Very Skilled. Excellent Knowledge. Super personable.
professional, good at communicating information to me, proactive, caring
Most doctors speak over your head and seem to be in a hurry. DR Otto took his time and explain what has been happening to me the past several years and what I could expect. He showed me what to do and explained things in so my spouse and I could understand.
Excellent urologist
Thoughtful, caring, explains thoroughly !!!
Dr. Wayment is kind, competent, listens with patience, and truly cares about patient well being. He has been my urologist for many years and he remembers me and my special needs from year to year. Thanks for doctors like him.
Dr winters gave me my life back!! About a year ago he performed a Microdiscectomy and in a few short weeks i was as good as new!! Highly recommend!!
After years of searching for a provider that took my needs and concerns serious, Dr Smithing treated me through five years of infertility and repeated miscarriages with dignified professionalism and compassion. He then was my provider through three high risk pregnancies. I cannot thank or recommend him enough.
Dr. Ziegler discounted every symptom I talked to him about. He did not listen well and he responded very rudely to me. It was clear that he could have cared less about the pain I described. After one short office visit, I elected to find another doctor
I went in to to see Dr. Wayment when I had kidney stones. I was quite nervous and scared but he made it comfortable and personal. He was really friendly and always answer any question I had. He is a great Dr. I recommend him to anyone.
He went out of his way to accommodate my vacation plans by squeezing me in for an exam.
I would recommend Dr. Thomas. He performed carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand recently.. My surgery was successful. It was performed efficiently and effectively allowing me to return to my work without lost time. My recovery time was quick..

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