I'm only choosing one star, because zero isn't an option. I'm not sure if I count as a new client, because I've never actually seen the doctor...I was in the waiting room for 37 minutes, and when I asked how much longer, they were unsure, so I left. That was my first time there, and that was a very bad first impression. They wasted so much of my time. If I made my Clients wait that long, I wouldn't have any clients. I hope this is helpful for others that are searching for doctors to go to.
Very unprofessional and uncaring. He asked me personal questions about my finances and the amount I was required to pay for premiums then told me how much he pays and the amount each of his staff pays for insurance premiums then went on a rant about socialized health care. When I didn't agree with his views on socialized health care he was very direct and firm about his opinion with no regard to my own opinion. Four different times I had to ask that we "not talk about it" but he kept ranting.
I'm very disappointed with Dr. Waterman. I had a condition that needed a doctors note for a medical leave. I explained the circumstances. He said he would do the note and recommendations. When HR called them to confirm everything he told them without consulting me that he is not backing up the medical leave. It was extremely unprofessional and he also didn't bother to explain why. I would never recommend anyone to him. Uncaring and 2 face and mostly has assistance do all the work.
Dr. Waterman is the best doctor! I have been going to him for years and you can tell he really cares about his patients.
I have had two different appointments with Dr. Waterman recently. One appointment I waited one hour and then the next one, I waited 30 minutes. Both times, I had to leave because I had other places to be. They didn't seem too upset that I had waited so long. The first time no one even apologized. My time is more valuable than that, I had to find another MD to see. Dr. Waterman is fine for a MD, but I don't have time to spend sitting in his office every appointment.
efficient accommodating knowledgeable
I had two cataract surgeries this year. I thought he did well explaining the procedure and possible complications.
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