I went to Dr. Jared Peterson because I had cataracts in both eyes. When I talked to him, I found out I could get a symfony lens which would correct my vision as well as remove the cataracts. I had the symfony lens put in both eyes and now I have 20/20 vision in both eyes and don't have to wear glasses any more. I am 66 years old. It was expensive but worth it. Dr. Peterson, your were great and so was your staff! Thank you! Robin G.
I have been diagnosed with a lifelong eye problem. I have received excellent care from Dr. Treft and his amazing staff. They are always courteous and caring about me, as an individual. I never feel like I'm just another number to them. They help me feel at ease and are reassuring. I would highly recommend Dr. Treft. I have only had positive experiences.
The surgery was quick (20 minutes for one eye and 15 for the other one) with little discomfort. I was able to see very well the first day and two weeks later both eyes are 20-20 without glasses.
I was a little nervous about having cataract surgery, but Dr Peterson was VERY helpful and did a great job. I wasn't nervous at all when it came time to have the second one done. He knows his job and does it very well. I am extremely satisfied with my experience.
Dr. Jepsen is trusted by my entire family. We have experienced only the very best care and services from Dr. Jepsen and his staff.
My name is Paula Buckley my husband has been a patient with Dr.Treft for 16 years, we've received the most excellent care, respect not only from him but his staff, they are like family to us. His bedside manner excellent, he explained every step of all surgery my husband has had, best personality just a great all around person.
Dr. Jepsen has been my eye doctor for the past few years and he has always been very respectful, patient and informative with me as I have went in for my checkups. He answers my questions and concerns with kindness and allows plenty of time to discuss treatment if needed for my eyes with my type 2 Diabetes. I would highly recommend him. The staff and office are great too.
I have been seeing Dr. Treft for 25-30 years and have always received GREAT treatment. I had both eyelids operated on about 10 years ago, with excellent results, and have had cataract surgery on both eyes within the last five months. (At my follow-up exam last Monday I was seeing 20/20 in both eyes!) I can't say enough good things about Dr. Treft as an Eye Doctor and Surgeon and have no reservations about recommending him to both family and friends.
Have been going to Dr Treft for many many years. We have always been more than satisfied with his attention to our concerns, care and final decision for correction for our problem. We have referred so many people to Dr Treft. They have become regular patients with very positive comments with his service.
Dr. Peterson provides the very best in eye care. I have never experienced such a high level of care. I highly recommend him
Dr. Peterson and his staff are great! You can tell they genuinely care and are also good at what they do. Dr. Peterson was great to explain everything.

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