The office sent out one bill and i forgot to pay it. One year later we get served with court papers. No phone calls no other bills sent. Yes, I should have paid the 107.00 on the bill but i still think that the office could have sent out another bill, a letter or even a phone call before sending it to the court. I would not recommend the office to others.
Dr. Skedros was fine. We got tired of all the various bills being sent to us for almost a year. The total cost after everything was 3 times what they "estimated". It is wrong that doctors offices and health care providers in general can get away with this. They have done thousands of these same surgeries and they cannot pin down a better estimate?! I would not recommend this office to any one.
Dr. Stock is wonderful! My whole family sees him. He listens to what you have to say. He doesn't rush you, he makes sure all your concerns are addressed. The staff is wonderful and nice. I have never had an issue with Dr. Stock or his office. Whenever I have had an issue or question I can always call and speak with his MA and get my questions/concerns answered. I highly recommend Dr. Stock and his office.
Staff, and Doctor had me mixed up with another patient. The nose spray prescribed had a warning in 2 paragraphs stating if you have eye problems or glaucoma to NOT use it. He was told I had very red eyes and I was taking medication for glaucoma!! If I used this prescription I may very well have lost my eye sight!! The entire staff is irresponsobile and dangerous!!!!! Do NOT go to Dr. Stock!
Worst experience. He performed my 16 yr old daughters tonsillectomy. Called the night of the surgery to ask for different pain meds since she vomited 12 times from them. He was irritated about the after hours call and said take Tylenol. She was in severe pain he didn't care. Called 6 days after surgery to tell him there was a blood clot in the back of her throat, he said it was nothing. 2 days later she hemorrhaged at 1:00am, we rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery to stop bleeding.
Dr. Wilcox takes his time with each patient and provides great follow up. He is kind but professional. He is easy to schedule and accommodating to his patients. He specializes in ears and provides the latest and most current procedures available for hearing loss and other ear problems.
Dr. Skedros at first seems like a great doctor. He is friendly, kind, listens well. I thought he was my friend. For regular visits he was great. Then I needed an outpatient surgery and he went salesman on me. I didn't know what I did and did not need and I trusted him. Turns out he did 2x what was needed and my bill skyrocketed. I could not pay right away, and instead of helping out with a payment plan I was taken to court and forced to pay lawyer fees on top of medical bills.
Dr Wilcox took a scan of my sinuses and showed it to me explaining I had a "severe deviated septum and mild to moderate sinusitis" he recommended surgery in his office rather than the hospital to save on cost. I declined, but 15 minutes later I got a call from his office with my surgery date. At this point I decided to get a second opinion. My new doctor recommended getting a new scan of which showed NO deviated septum and mild sinusitis. He said there was absolutely no reason for surgery!!!
Dr. Wilcox was so kind and easy-going that when I met him, I immediatly felt more comfortable about having to get my tonsils out. He told me exactly what he was going to do, and when I woke up he came and told me everything that happened, and how I would be feeling during recovery. From the receptionist to the nurse that helped me get back in the car, and every staff member in between was helpful, kind, caring, and helped me feel at ease. That night he even personally called me to see how I was.
Dr. Skedros was totally incompetent in repairing my nose. He was supposed to fix my deviated septum and breathing problems. When I told him something was wrong he would not listen and would tell me everything looked fine (which it was not). He fixed the bad side of my nose and ruined the good side in the process. If you are considering surgery with Skedros, I would find someone else.
Could not be more pleased. Thank you for all you did for my little girl.
Doctor Stock is a good doctor and he has a rare quality: he likes to listen you before to take any decision.
Super nice guy. Took his time diagnosing. Carefully explained test results and then my options. A great experience.
I waited in his office for 50 minutes with no one giving an explaination as to why we were waiting, and then when he did arrive he was not courteous or friendly in any way.He was not any help at all. I had already been to our pediatrician so the only reason i was there was to get a specialist opinion on whether or not my daughters tonsils should come out. His response after looking in her mouth was well, they are large but do you realize that if you have them removed that she will be put un

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