I had to step in and specifically create this account because of the reviews that I have read on this site. I'd like to review this as a long time second-generation patient of his. This man kept my dads leukemia in remission for 45 years. I have never seen anyone treat my parents with more love and concern and care then he has my mom and dad. the staff has always been wonderful & many 2nd gen. Nurses. They're not there to joke, they're professionals. Pam Slayton is an angel, so are those ladies
Dr is friendly, visits are perfunctory with minimal interaction. Diagnosis are hasty, without question and involve some type of medication - Next ...! Perhaps most consistent is the rudeness of his staff. From the initial call for an appointment to the final transfer of records to another Dr, I felt I was imposing on their time and patience. A request to lower the TV volume was met with disdain, efforts to transfer med records, outright hostility.
I would NOT recommend this Dr. because he does not spend quality time with his pts and does NOT follow through with his paper work when required. His office staff is rude and unprofessional. When you call you get placed on hold or get hung up on. The office staff is not qualified or trained to fill out paperwork or follow up with pts. Don't waste your time or money with this this DR or office.
He is superficial.in his questions and hasty In his visits. His whole approach seems careless.

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