Wonderful bedside manner. Really cares and has the best interest of her patient at heart.
I have been a patient of Dr. Yu for over 10 years and she has always demonstrated the utmost professionalism and medical skill. The most recent example was when she overrode the ER physician's order to discharge me with pain medication. I actually had a life threatening condition - gangrenous gallbladder - which was (according to the surgeon that removed it) caught barely in time. I believe that I owe her my life.
I have been a patient of Dr Yu for several years. She is very kind and makes me feel at ease every time I see her. I am truly lucky to be her patient and will continue to refer friends and family to her.
During the past several visits to Dr. Yu, I've completely lost trust. She has referred me to physicians who aren't on my health plan (and one who doesn't even still practice in this area); tried to schedule me for tests which were JUST done; and insisted I get vaccinations which aren't recommended for people my age (and which insurance will not pay for). Worse yet, she doesn't listen, doesn't follow up, doesn't read patients' records. I can't, in good faith, recommend her to ANYONE.
My doctor, also with H-TX died. I had a very bad fall. Dt.Yu didn't order an X-ray nor an MRI. I am 77 with DDD. She did test me & diagnose me with emphysema, I DO NOT HAVE EMPHYSEMA. I have been tested by two subsequent doctors. After the clinic's PA ordered an MRI, she sent me to a buddy of hers for pain management. The PMP is not experienced nor does she have the latest technology. All Yu wanted to give me were narcs. Narcotics DO NOTHING for inflammation. Geriatric doc? Ha-ha-ha-ha.
Dr Collins is a caring and attentive with me. He listens and communicates well. He is interested in me as a patient and spends the necessary time with the appointment.
I am extremely satisfied with dr. collins. my experiences with him over the past couple of years have been very positive. he takes the time to address all my concerns without making me feel rushed. I have needed a couple of referrals and have found the referrals dr. collins has given me have been to the very best doctors. if I have a problem outside of regular appts, dr. collins wastes no time in getting me in to see him. an added plus is that he has a wonderful office staff.
Dr. Collins has been such a kind, caring, and professional doctor. I have had a plethora of health issues from anxiety and depression, a dog bits, bronchitis, and internal bleeding. I do not know how I would have gotten through these past 2 years without Dr. Collins help and advice. He is efficient yet thorough, checking-in often and keeping me updated with lab and blood results. Dr. Collins cares deeply about his patients and I take his advice to heart. I am very grateful.
In my experience with Dr Collins, I have found him to be very thorough and an absolute professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a family doctor. He is very caring and considerate of of my needs and other patients I have observed interactions with Dr Collins. Comments from other patients I have conversed with provide glowing comments about his relationship and treatment from Dr Collins!
Dr. Collins was super friendly, informative, and cared about my concerns and addressed each one.
Dr. Collins is a very respectful professional doctor I ever came across. Very caring and thinks outside the box on helping with your health issues. I now have my wife seeing Dr. Collins and she is very satisfied. If you want an awesome doctor I recommend that doctor Collins be your future family doctor.
Dr. Collins is a great doctor that always get you in fast and the wait time is almost non existents. He always listen to me and has been very wonderful. The staff is amazing and always smiling.
I was seen today by Dr. Dominguez as a new patient. I am always so skeptical as to how the doctor and staff will treat me. Well let me just say that I was very impressed. Dr. Dominguez is extremely nice, educated and very well mannered. He even helped me off the exam stool. Most of all he listened! I love this facility. The staff were very pleasant as well and nice. Hands down the best place I have been to.
Dr. Grover, his PA, Mr. B, and his entire staff are professional, friendly, and respectful. The entire office is efficiently managed with respect to appointment schedules, prescription management, and response to special request. Their Patient Portal is a great enhancement to the communication process and provides easy access to patient historical information. I highly recommend considering Dr. Grover as a highly qualified PCP.
We have been with Dr. Clark since she started her practice and we very happy with her! She always knows about our illnesses and is ready to see how she can help! I have refered her to family and friends, they too are happy with her!
Dr Clark is responsive, through and professional. She has been my primary care physician since I moved to Texas and I couldn't have made a better choice!
Patient, explained everything in terms we understood and took his time. Very down to earth and full of knowledge. Both my daughters and son in law see him now.
Both my husband and I see Dr. Aldrete and are very impressed with both his knowledge and understanding of the physical discomforts and challenges that come with advanced age. He has never been brusque, but always kind and patient with us, ready with a smile and kind word. He understands quickly what I describe, and is great about coming up with a plethora of possible solutions that might work. I have recommended him to many of my friends (one currently in Kansas!). :)
Dr Grover good caring Doctor! Nurse James rushed defiant attitude fights you on prior authorizations & getting your medication. Takes it personal if he doesn't agree tries to be in charge & runs the show!! He's presenting himself as the only absolute authority of your needs despite the doctors recommendations & insurance companies allowances. Has given me false info on test results unsympathic to my medical issues?
Always on time, excellent bedside manners
I hope he opens his own practice soon. This doctor is an amazing physician he has helped me control my pain better than my own pain management doctor. I will go to Methodist just to see him if I get sick!
Dr. Aldrete was very kind and i formative. He listened to the issues i had andwe talked about several options we could choose
Dr. Grover has been a very caring, personal, and professional provider for me. I never feel he doesn't know who I am or what my needs are. He's been easy to talk to and works with my preferences, and I like it that he doesn't just whip out a prescription pad for everything. He respects alternative therapies. Dr. Grover also has a PA who is AWESOME!
Dr Colen is wonderful his medical explanation in a way that I could easily understand. He counseled not told what I needed to hear. I felt that he had my health best interest.
Outstanding PA, not at Wurzbach location anymore & he was the best part about that clinic.
Dr. Collins acts in an unethical, unprofessional and even childish manner. He has some sort of superiority complex when dealing with patients. He doesn't listen to patient concerns or opinions just the ones he hears in his own mind. Very disappointed as I was misdiagnosed twice , refused needed referrals so that the clinic could receive Medicare bonuses. In addition I was given the wrong vaccinations and meds. What a disappointment as a person who should be a trusted professional.
Finally a doctor that listened to me, he gave a good explanation of my condition and his treatment has worked.
Awesome thorough visit
Dr.Aguilar has always explained my medical conditions to me and made me feel better as far as diagnosis. His nurse and staff are very thorough. they have always tended to my needs and they are very nice and courteous. he always explains my blood work where I understand everything he is also a very caring doctor.
Dr. Clark is caring, efficient and involves me in my own care. She listens to my concerns, tells me she thinks we should d, and provides a clear explanation and justification. She reviews test results with me in detail. She also works seamlessly with my specialist doctors, has none of the ego issues I have seen in other MDs. I believe I am in good hands. My wife, an active hospital RN, also sees Dr. Clark and rates her highly. Dr. Clark's office staff can be unresponsive.
I saw Dr. Ashe because my regular physician was unavailable. She is personable and really listens when you describe your symptoms. Dr. Ashe discussed treatment options with me, and explained how she came to her diagnosis of my illness. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Ashe!
Dr. Feng is a very kind, caring physician. Spends time to address all concerns and problems.He inspires confidence.
Dr. Hain is the BEST primary care physician I have ever had! She spends time with each of her patients and does not make you feel as though she is rushed to get on to the next person. She answers questions well and is very knowledgeable. I had a concern about lab results I had done at another office and the specialist was not calling me back, so I sent them to Dr. Hain. Within just 2 HOURS she responded and made me feel much more relaxed. I cannot recommend her enough!
This Doctor will sit and listen to what is going on with you She does not act rushed to get out of the room like some doctors I know. All of the office staff are friendly and helpful.
I never feel rushed or a burden when I've seen Dr. Aguero. She is kind, thorough and caring. When I mentioned my husband and I wanted to start trying for children, she asked additional questions and made appropriate recommendations on vaccinations that even my gynecologist failed to mention.
Very caring of her patients. Explains in layman terms, easy to understand.
Dr Beine has been one of the top doctors in Health Texas Medical grp. She is great doctor to work for and friend. Thank you Dr Beine. Great experience.
Dr. Kristi Clark seems cold and uncaring and lack of interest in her patients, especially those she can depict as depressed.
Overall, I am not confident that he can improve my chronic health problems. Reluctant to prescribe certain blood tests and drugs. Billing department is not thorough and error prone. Will probably be looking for a new PCP soon
He is efficient, professional, and has a nice personality.
Dr. Clark is very good. I have been seeing her go several years and have a tremendous amount of confidence in her.
He is so proffesional, caring & through. Ive recommended him to several friends & family as a result.
Such a good, good man. Truly cares and will do anything to fit you in and makes sure to call you and check up on you. I trust him so much.
Excellent provider - took his time to address all of my concerns, very caring, and listens well. On-line appointment scheduling and consultation/lab results available. Dr. Konopacki also can usually see patients the day of the appointment. Had no wait time in waiting room. Knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend him.
I highly recommend Dr. Dan Powell, PAC Sara Powers and staff. They are courteous, respectful and show empathy to their patients. I feel I am in good hands. Sylvia A. inloes
Outstanding patient care. I had to establish myself with a primary care provider for routine physicals. He is attentive and I did not feel rushed. He answered all my concerns and all orders/referrals were followed through. And it is rare nowadays to get a call back from the provider himself regarding all my results. Highly recommend him and I feel I am taken care of.
The staff was very helpful and super nice. Dr. Konopacki I would refer to anyone. He is awesome, he truly cares and gets the problem/s fixed. Tammi L. Houdashell
Intelligent and caring. He listens and responses. You could not ask for a better doctor.
Dr "K" was excellent. I had my initial visit with him and he probably took at least 45 minutes with me. We discussed numerous issues ranging from allergies to orthopedic issues to some of my mental health concerns. They are even able to do my labs at his office. This is truly the "one-stop" type of medical care I am looking for. I hope I don't need to see him often but I am confident I will get great care when I do.
Dr Kosmatka was my wife's family doctor. After she passed I decided to go with him also since he was closer. His military background and my background makes it easy to talk to. he spends plenty of time discussing issues and family life. My family loves him and are happy that I am seeing him.
Dr. Kosmatka is amazing! I started going to him a little over a year ago and have had nothing but great experiences. I have a pretty extensive medical history being that I am a two time childhood cancer survivor and Dr. Kosmatka has made me feel 100% comfortable following up with my secondary issues after going through treatment. He is a provider that listens to the patient and addresses each of your concerns individually. He goes above an beyond to ensure great and compassionate care!
My husband and I have been seeing Dr Powell for about three years. Dr Powell has a lovely bedside manner. I never feel like I'm being rushed out the door and feel like he takes my complaints seriously. I rarely have to wait and if I do, it isn't long. Prescriptions are sent while he's in the room with you. Often my prescriptions are ready by the time I get home! Office staff is courteous, responsive, and helpful. If a pharmacy calls to get refills, Dr Powell and the office respond very quickly
Dr. K is always there to help. He is the best. Doesn't mind taking time to listen to your woes and give you advice on medical issues.
Very satisfied for a pleasant first meeting with Dr. Konopacki and his office staff, feeling grateful to be one of his future patients.
I have never had such a wonderful experience with a physician. Dr. K was very professional, kind and overall, thorough. For heath sake, I hope I don't have to return but I will miss his pleasant demeanor.
Easy to get an appointment. He took a lot of time to talk with me and explain my problems. His staff was excellent. I highly recommend him. My wife was impressed and is going to switch to him.
Dr Prevette is everything that a doctor should be.
The best doctor that I've ever had, hands down. Very professional, good listner, easy to talk to and he has a way to make is patients feel comfortable and being heard. His patient feel assured that he got their heath at the top of his list. Highly recommended! Mrs. Grant-Drew
Dr. Kosmatka is a prime example of an ideal doctor. He takes the time to actually listen to his patients and gives his diagnosis. Very thorough in explanations in reference to physiology of the body. Overall always a great experience. Thanks Doc!
awesome Dr!. shows compassion and pure concern for his patients.
Dr. Timothy Kosmatka is a very knowledgable and considerate physician. He goes above and beyond to treat all of his patients with dignity and respect! I believe that he is an integral and vital asset to the Health Texas organization. I only hope that his peers see him as such!
I attempted to make a new patient appointment today, April 18, 2016 and was told the first available appointment was in September. I asked, you mean at the end of the summer, 5 months from now? And was told yes, the doctor is all booked. Why are you advertising you are accepting new patients, yet you cannot get in to see the dr for 5 months. Cannot recommend anyone trying to see this doctor.
Dr. Jakubowski was, and is, the pinnacle of what I consider a great doctor should be. He listened intently and acknowledged everything that I had to say. I truly felt like he wanted to help me and took all the necessary time to make sure that his diagnoses were accurate and as precise as possible. He talked me through every part of what was to come and calmed me down because he cared not only about how I felt, but also about me as a person. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.
Awesome very attentive, and most important easy to talk to. Very accurate. ALSO AWESOME STAFF
This was my first office visit, Dr. Quinones was very thorough and very sincere. He listened to my health issues. I left his office very satisfied, I will definitely recommend him to my children and friends.
He is s great Dr he has been our family Dr for the last 14yrs. I wouldn't go to anyone else... When there is something wrong he will do everything in his power to see that you get the proper medical care ...
Since 1994, HealthTexas has made its home in the San Antonio area and has been a leader in providing primary health care to the community. Our team, of skilled Board Certified physicians, takes a hands-on approach to looking after people throughout all phases of their lives Spanish

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