Dr. Singson is a very knowledgeable, kind doctor. I really like that she is down to earth and takes the time to discuss my issues and works with me to solve my problems. I would recommend her to anyone.
Very kind and patient man. Who looks out for the best health benefits for his patients.
I have worked with Dr. Singson for years and find these negative reviews to be bizarre. I have always found her to be thorough, evidence-based, and vigilant with the details of her patients' care. She is an excellent communicator and takes time to call consulting physicians and return patient calls. I would trust her to take care of myself and recommend her to friends and family.
She was terse & did not demonstrate concern or compassion to me. I am having extreme abdominal pain & distention with no explanation. She began with "what do you want to do about it?" (I don't know, that's why I came to a specialist) then dismissed it as "constipation" (it wasn't, I had an X-ray). When I asked for Rx Ibuprofen, she scoffed at me like I was drug seeking & did not address my pain again. I had tears in my eyes from worry/pain; she looked at me blankly. Please don't waste your time.
I wanted a fresh opinion and maybe some additional testing after my colonoscopy 11 years ago in another state. Dr. Singson was unwilling to give me a lactose intolerance breath test, if dairy bothers you, stop eating it. She took my 11 year old diagnosis of IBS and dismissed any other possibility of making me feel well. Her bedside manner was awful, so what do you want me to do? I moved onto Dr. Havranek and was diagnosed w fructose malabsorption from the breath tests. He has changed my life
She did not address my pain. I am very upset I did not receive any relief from extreme discomfort, despite my descriptions and telling how my quality of life is suffering. I felt no compassion or help from Dr. Singson.
Condescending, arrogant, shows no compassion, just wants to move along to next patient. Does not listen well, conceited, is very assuming.
I've seen him for a year. Went to Colorado on vacation right after being in the emergency room at northeast Methodist. Advised that I had an Ellie's, and should visit my gastrologist who they had already notified. I saw him the week before I left for Colorado. He said I was fine. (Even though I felt lousy). Went to Colorado. From the airport in Denver, I wound up in hospital with illusion, stomach hernia, and previously twisted lower lateral intestine. Suggested surgery at earlies
He's a top notch doctor. Extremely knowledgeable and very friendly. You instantly feel like you're in good hands. Listens to your problems and you never feel rushed. I would highly recommend him to anyone. The staff is fantastic as well.
Fine physician, friendly, knowledgeable, very concerned about your condition. Various family members see him and regardless of age or medical condition he is an excellent caregiver. Associates also very good. Some front office staff are not as friendly and helpful as they should be, especially when dealing with older patients who are often confused about procedures and paper work when they come in. Medical assistants in back always excellent.
Dr Shaffer is one of the best doctors I've ever seen. He spent time with me. He didn't rush through the appointment. I will recommend him to everyone I know. Excellent physician.
I've gone to Dr. Jackson for a number of years. I have never felt rushed during an office visit, he listens to your concerns, and always friendly. Yes, I would recommend him to family and friends.
Dr. McMyler was able to fit me in during a very busy end of year schedule for a procedure. She was very kind and personable, asked a lot of questions and answered all of mine. Very Happy!
Worst experience I have ever had with a doctor. He was harsh & rude. He does not like to consider what the patient is experiencing versus what he believes to be true or assumes. He also sends his nurse in for appointments instead of himself often. His nurse is also often not even on the same page as him which results in getting different instructions on how to take medications & different answers on questions depending on him or his nurse. His nurse is was also very rude & usually wrong.
Though, caring, and knowledgable. Staff is great too. Highly recommend him.
He seem to be a nice doctor upon my first visit, although i felt he rushed through the appointment. Second time i felt that he didnt give much direction or care about my condition just wanted to do another very expensive procedure that he even said was an option and not necessary. Doesnt take time with you, rushes through the appointment. From check in to check out i was out of there in 15 minutes!
Excellent with procedural medicine. Have had several endocscopies by Dr. Guirl. He's capable and very nice. My problem was in the follow up. I had many issues and some that were emergent but had a hard time working with staff to get any information regarding prescriptions and support. I went weeks suffering from digestive issues, was given an inappropriate prescription that caused MORE issues and NOT ONCE did I get to speak to the doctor over the phone.They have too many patients/too little help
I've had a stomach condition that this doctor has not been able to diagnose for the past three years, despite lower and upper GI's. Most recently , He sent to a lab to conduct what's called a motility test. The lab reported results to this doctor a month ago. He never communicated them to me and after four phone calls later or results, he had still not responded to my request for test results.
He actually listened and answered all my questions. Did not seemed rushed.
Worst Doctor Ever! He does not care about patient care or pain management.
This doctor does not follow-up with patients in pain! The absolute worst! Do NOT make an appointment with this doctor!
I have been wanting to see a gastroenterologist for over 10 years. I finally got around to seeing one after a bad bout of intestinal issues. Dr. Ali is so down-to-Earth and is really thorough. I'm very happy I found him and I hope I will start getting better now!
Most personable physician I have ever met. The staff are friendly, compassionate and really enjoy their work. Beautiful office with a lot of teaching tools and high technology. Dr Ali took time to explain the details of my issue to me in a manner that I could easily understand. This is what healthcare should look like.
Dr. Garza did not take my husband's symptoms seriously, did not prescribe a single test and suggested "Peptobismal". This is after my husband presented with dramatic weight loss, 30 days of diarrhea, and pain. Our PCP suggested we seek a specialist, but I've never seen such an uncaring doctor. We are seeking help elsewhere with someone who listens. AVOID.
He made me feel very comfortable from the handshake. Not an alarmist, not quick to write a rx, confirmed my questions and explained issue. His easy comfortable way, listening, sitting down, looking me in the eye, was quite a departure from most doctors that stand there, looking at records and hardly look at you. Did not feel rushed, another thing that is too too common these days.
I had a colonoscopy scheduled. I didn't talk to Dr Dwivedi until just before the procedure but he was reassuring and warm. The nurses, anaesthetist, and nurse anaesthetist were efficient, professional and caring. I felt like I was in good hands. The hardest part of the procedure was the prep - the actual procedure was a breeze. Get it done here - you'll feel so much better afterwards.
Dr. Cavazos was very professional and informative. He listened and advised me of my condition, and made recomendations that I liked. My colonoscopy went better than expected with absolutely no problems. His staff is extremely courteous and I did not have to waiting long, even with a lobby full of patients. I am very glad to have chosen him as my doctor.
He is an excellent doctor and I am glad to have him apart of my health care providers team. He is very nice and explains everything that is going to happen and what is going on with me. Thank you
Incredibly rude doctor. Not helpful at all. Ugly to new patients, condescending and rude. There are many good GI docs in San Antonio. Find someone else!! I am a former patient and I have a family member who is a new patient, soon to be former patient.
I have found very few doctors to be as caring and concerned with my well being.
This Doctor is flippant and does not care about me as a patient. Maybe if I were not a Senior Citizen, he might feel differently about me. His attitude about my serious problem is oh well, shrug. Avoid him if possible and good luck if you can't. He does not semm too interested in getting my gastro problem solved.
Dr. Fincke takes great care of me
Dr Piesman is fantastic! From his bedside manner to his honesty, a true professional. I had a procedure today, and not only was he reassuring, but he and his staff made me feel very comfortable. Btw, Stephanie was great! Green is my favorite color! Thank you!
Amazing! Great explanations of procedures! Highly recommend!
Dr. Cavazos saved my husband's life last year when he was at St Luke's in the critical care unit . I just was googling his information to share with a friend. I have recommended him to several other people over the last year. My husband has continued to follow up with him and is very satisfied. Dr Cavazos is highly competent and has a wonderful bedside manner. I have been a Registered Nurse for 18 years & he is the only Gastroenterologist I would see in San Antonio.
I had been dealing with chronic diarrhea for several months and prior doctor's tests were not giving any answers. I'd found information online that I should be tested for H. Pylori, but first doc I went to refused to do that test (Typical Doctor Eye Roll, y'know). From the moment I called for an appointment, I was amazed by this GE practice and its people. All so considerate of my health and my time. Dr. McMyler did my H. Pylori test -- POSITIVE. Put me on med & cured the problem!
Very kind and personable! Determinded to find your problem, even if it isn't easy and take a lot of time and research on her part! Doesn't give up and just throw some BS diagnosis at you! I think she really cares for her patients wellbeing, which is refreshing these days, when most docs want to cookie cutter you into some group or disease. Goes until she finds the actual problem, no matter how long it takes! Would recommend her to anyone, even my mother! Trust her that much!
Told my driver, young son, he had removed polyps. No intention of taking time to talk to me himself or have anyone else talk to me. I had to insist on talking to him when I came out of anesthesia after colonoscopy. Had insane amount of burping and some gas pain starting immediately afterwards. Not sure that was his fault. All I know is I was normal before and now I'm not.
Dr was very rude and disrespectful and told us he could not help us total time he spent with me was less than 2 min and told me he had somewhere else to go
Had my 1st appt with Dr. Jackson today and it was a 5 star experience from beginning to end! All of the staff were friendly & professional. My wait time both after arrived & once I was in the exam room was less than 10 minutes. Dr. Jackson was friendly, professional, thorough & attentive. I did not feel rushed or that I was just a number. Within a total of 1 hour in his office he scheduled blood work, a bone density test & an endoscopy all within the next 2 weeks. He is an answer to prayer!
This Dr. Only wants to push biologic drugs. If you have pain, forget him caring and writing you a script. Also I asked this Dr. For a surgical consult, and his response is talk to you PCP. You mean to tell me you don't know 3 different surgeons that have performed GI procedures that you could refer? Ummm I call foul. Stay away from this guy, all he wants to do is push Biologic drugs.
A great senior Doctor who withholds nothing from you. Fully explained my GI problems and gave me the best answer in how to treat it without surgery. If problem gets worse, which it did, then the other option is surgery. Dr Chumley evaluates you and he passes his experience and evaluation on to other GI surgeons who fix you up.
Has that knack that makes you comfortable and at ease right away. Very personable. Did my colonoscopy - no issues - came in after and talked to me. Had staff call and check on me about another issue and saw me again relatively quickly. This doctor CARES about people - which I find is rare today!!!
He explain and answered my questions to my satisfaction. I will for sure recommend dr. Girl.

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