I've been to several shrinks, never liking any, until I met Dr Fermo. Overbooked by the VA, he perseveres to meet the ever increasing challenge to help every single vet that walks in. He is professional & carries himself as such; not stoic, he socializes, jokes & laughs, depending on the patient. His mannerisms & smarts may be bad or even intimidating to some. On the contrary, I know he's great - he's a well-studied scholar & one of the best things to help with my health in a while. Semper Fi
She is a PA for the VA clinic in Richmond, Texas. She is there for Veterans, not the public, and as such we Veterans are assigned to her. I was just assigned to her and have not seen her yet. We are not allowed to bring family or friends to see her, or any VA employee. The VA is a dictatorship .
TX, Richmond, TX, 77469
Richmond VA Outpatient Clinic
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Richmond VA Outpatient Clinic
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