Was unwilling to cross reference information in his own system to verify prescription information and dosage strength. I was given less than 25% of my dosage strength of medication that I had been prescribed for 4 years from where he worked. After he had messed this up, he refused to fix it and additionally prevented me from getting medication for 2 weeks. This doctor is an extremely large medical risk for everyone he examines or prescribes to.
My children used to Dr.Merchant and when he moved practice to another city I was left having to look for a new pediatrician. Now both of my children see Dr.Dieguez-Arsenault she is the best pediatrician anyone could ask for. She will get my children in the same day I call. The nurses and her will catch the children up on shots if need be. She is very caring and takes her time to get to know you and your children, and will answer all your questions before she leaves the room.
This is a amazing pediatric doctor. I have 3 children that see her. Her and her staff are some of the sweetest and most knowledgeable people you could want to take care of your children. Even when I don't have an appointment she is willing to see my kids, even all 3 at once if needed. Love this doctor and wouldn't think to go anywhere else!
My child got a lab test for lead and I was sent a letter from her office informing me that my daughter had extremely high levels of lead. When I went to the clinic Dr. Dieguez-Arsenault told me my daughter did not have high levels of lead the letter just stated that, so they would be sure I would go to the clinic. I got worried for my child for no reason. Giving inaccurate information is not acceptable that is why I changed provider.
Dr. And his staff were very professional. They took time to listen and did not treat you like a number. Completely satisfied!
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