Rarely have I seen the majority of other reviewers hit the same negatives as I have seen with Dr. Tung and his staff. He walked into the room and didn't have any idea why or who he was seeing (husband and wife both in the room) and this was after we spent 30 minutes (not by choice) filling out questionnaires with a PA. Arrogant. No time to listen. Immediate pushy on tests without determining any issues--feels like a bill mill. Dirty, poorly organized rooms and old equipment (main location).
Staff poorly managed and rude when addressing errors in billing practices. Plan to wait well over an hour past appt time to see a Dr who doesn't appear listen concerns or address. Switched after 2 appt and wish I read his reviews beforehand. Much happier where I am
Not only did Dr. Lee take the time to review my recent blood tests with another doctor (different specialty), she discussed options & helped me understand possible outcomes. She is incredibly competent & professional - I feel cared for, not only personally but also from a big picture. She's ensuring we're taking the right steps to avoid unnecessary testing & medicine. The overall experience is top-notch, and her staff & appointment process are excellent. Grateful - I'm in the right place.
I have been seeing Dr. Mittadodla for hormone imbalance. She has always made me feel at ease, and answers any questions that I may have. She is willing to go above, and beyond. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing a specialist in endocrinology.
Dr. Tung and his staff really have given me a better understanding of our knowledge.
Went to Dr. Lee's Office in February as a new patient, wait time was incredible had me roomed with-in 10 minutes of me arriving. She sat with me and helped me understand this new disease i was diagnosed from my primary care doctor, she gave me some steps to follow and left feeling more at ease. I went back in middle of March for my follow up as i was out of town and my second time was amazing as well even the staff made me feel so welcomed. This doctor knows what she is doing.
I've seen many endocrinologists over the years and finally found a good one! Dr. Michaelis was friendly, explained things well and was even able to find my old files from another doctor in the Memorial Hermann system. They even did an ultrasound right there in the office, no rescheduling! The office is a little frenetic, but it was early morning and lots of patients in the waiting room.
Personally, I like Dr. Al- Karadsheh, but his staff NEVER do what they are instructed to do. Lab results are kept secret until you make multiple phone calls to obtain same and then his nurse gives cryptic answers about your results. The wait time is awful. Today, I waited one hour without being told why, the receptionist said " let me go see how much longer it will be." Instead, I gave her lab results from another of my doctors seen this week and I left his office.
Its unfortunate that a doctor can be judge on the unprofessionalism and rudeness of their staff. That is what happened here. I didn't even get to see Dr. Michaelis, I had a late afternoon appt, took off from work to be there & when I got there (15-20mins later) l was told that the Dr. would not be in and I could see a different Dr. or reschedule. I asked why wasn't I called and given those choices before my scheduled appt. The response was "we found out in this morning"
although I have been going to dr. tung for years. he became my dr after another dr left the practice. I would never recommend him. he is arrogant, rude, doesn't listen, always late and spends less then 10 min for every visit, with most of that time spent with him reading my medical file.
Highly competent and personable.
Dr. Tung is a good doctor. However, he is a classic doctor that has no respect for anyone else or their time. He is consistently late for all appointments. Not just late, but hours late. I have consistently set up 9:00 appointments to be first in line. Show up at 8:15 and he doesn't even bother showing up at clinic until after 9:45 This puts him late for every overbooked appointment he has all day. Unless you are retired and want to watch TV in his PACKED waiting room, look elsewhere...
This doctor is absolutely horrible. Highly do not recommend. Beyond yelling at his staff in front of patients, his bedside demeanor is unprofessional. He is also unwilling to listen or provide responses to questions. Will definitely never go back to visit him again.

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