after a long journey of trying to figure out why our little one wouldn't eat and sleep, we found resolution in the sleep part, and somehwhat eating after seeing Dr. Ehmer. He was straight forward, honest, personable, and put us at ease for our sons conditions. We ended up in surgery for adenoids, ear tubes and a tonsillectomy. All were necessary, as we already suspected. All was taken care of in such a professional and talented manor. Life is so much better now for our Ellis. We HIGHLY recommend
Dr. McDuffie proposed correcting many of my issues related to sleep apnea. The prior Sleep Center did not check all my related issues ... Thank you Dr. Duffie for correcting all things ENT; and my wife of 38 years is very happy I no longer snore.
I have a family of 8 and we all see or have seen Dr. Mehendale for our ENT needs. He is just amazing. Knowledgeable, open, collaborative and works with you to understand and make decisions on your own healthcare/treatment options. Excellent at explaining things on level you can understand. Staff is all excellent as well. Worth the drive from wherever you are.
he did my sons surgery and was so easy to work with ...he is the best
Dr. Kapadia handled our son's Tonsillectomy and Adenoidectomy. Our son was totally paranoid about doctors in general, but Dr. Kapadia was one of the most wonderful doctors we have come across in the past year, after going to several ENT specialists for my son, across states due to our moving. He gained my son's confidence in his very 1st visit. The amount of patience care and expertise Dr. Kapadia has shown is tremendous for us!!! HE IS THE BEST??! We would highly recommend Dr. Kapadia!
thorough he asked for all my doctors names and will send them his consult reports so I don't have to worry about them communicating
the end of the year is clearly very busy but his staff squeezed me in for appointment
so thorough and concerned even though its a bad problem that I have, I feel better about it
friendly staff, optimistic doctor that reassured me it will be better
nicer than my last ENT answered my mom's questions about surgery
Dr. Paiva is an amazing audiologist! She is a compassionate caregiver who is very patient, takes time to answer all your questions and is willing to spend extra time with you to ensure you get the help you need. She is a shining example for how medical care should be provided. Highly recommend.
the office is efficient and clean, and he is professional
Had surgery with Dr. Kapadia, he did a great job and got me thru the recovery. Highly recommended.
he was great with my 3 year old we got the ear tubes promptly scheduled
Great to work with. Great at communication. Would recommend to others with ENT issues.
i am not satisfied with his treatment, as am suffering with sinusitis,he simply gave me Allergy relief tablet which i can buy from a wall mart or gastation . even now also am suffering with stuffy nose and blockage .i spent 250$ for 2 min.utes examination ,its not worth
explains and writes down the plan which make it easy
I explained to that doctor that I may have major issues in the morning where I am spitting out greenish to brownish semi-thick fluids and sometimes with hints of blood everyday or every other day. I also mentioned constant canker sores (which of course hadn't been a cure or form of medication created for it yet but still can mean possibly mouth cancer) and am constantly spitting out flem, maybe rooting from nostril inflammation. Took him only 2 minutes to tell me there's nothing he can do...
I felt like he didn't listen to me, rushing thru my exam... Looked up my nose , in my ears and then he decided I needed another round of steroids and antibiotic when I just finished with those medications. I still feel terrible and it's been a 1 1/2 week. I feel like I need to go to my pcp and find another ENT. I felt the same way when he did my sinusplasty and told me it didn't hurt when it did
Amazing with my kids. It was easy to get surgery scheduled and the care afterwards was thorough and caring
Very good about coordinating care, even called my OB doctor to find out about my medicine
My daughter was very nervous seeing a doctor, but Dr. Kapadia was calm and gentle with her My wife and I were impressed
Efficient and thorough
I travel a long ways to see him because my family and I have confidence in him
I finally did surgery after Dr. Kapadia tried medical treatment, and I'm glad I did it I'm better already
He's been treating me as a kid and into adulthood. I think the comments that are negative are from people are wrong
Best ENT doc I've seen ( and I've had several ). Straightforward and clear
Dr. Ehmer is a surgeon and that is the only method he uses to resolve health problems- no other alternative. I did not accept this , even though I was almost convinced to have my thyroid removed. I was sick and seeking treatment and help from the doctor and staff and was abruptly told that he is a surgeon and 'does not manage care.' I have since found ENT's who do. I'm glad I did not listen to him, 4 months later I was healthy- and kept my thyroid. I would recommend to explore all options
Dr. Kapadia did not spend much time with me and completely misdiagnosed my illness. I had a goiter and was subclinical hyperthyroid and he diagnosed me with acid reflux, ordered a contrast test using iodine that made my illness worse. He tried prescribing me a $300.00 medication- which I did not take because I knew I did not have acid reflux. I went to another doctor in the practice and they immediately diagnosed my thyroid illness correctly. Would not recommend.
I have mouth pain. He spent all of 2 minutes with me. Asked very very few questions and then prescribed an unneeded antibiotic. I would not recommend this doctor.
Dr. Mehendale is the best! Great personality and makes you feel at ease. He is a gifted surgeon and health care provider. I would most certainly recommend Dr. Mehendale and his staff to anyone needing expert ENT care.
My son has been a patient of Dr. Mehendale practically since day one. My son had tons of ear infections early on and required ear tubes a few times, a tonsillectomy, etc.. Dr. Mehendale and his team have always taken great care of my son and has always made me and my husband feel very at ease.
friendly and informative
Dr. McDuffie's staff found a slot for me right away, and the schedule was running on time. He was extremely personable and knowledgeable, and I was very impressed with his exam. Dr. McDuffie prescribed a round of antibiotics, and also recommended meI see an oral surgeon. He called the oral surgeon prior to my visit, and so the surgeon was very informed about my case. I was also impressed with the oral surgeon, Dr. Mark Craig, in McKinney. Overall, I had an excellent experience.
Dr Peiffer rushed my daughter's examination, including asking questions and not listening to her answers. He sprayed a numbing solution so he could scope her nose and throat, but didn't wait for it to take effect before inserting the scope. Then told her she just needed to relax when she told him it was painful. Very unprofessional, and a terrible patient manner. He stood with his hand on the door know while he briefly explained what he saw, then exited quickly. Followed up with $600 bill.
I have been receiving allergy shots for 2 years, and this spring I call tell its paid off. This is the best allergy season I have had in years
I like how he explains things to me because he keeps it simple and to the point; he usually writes down my recommendations for me
I appreciate the fact that Dr. Kapadia tells me the truth even if I don't like it
My son is already better this weekend after being treated Friday afternoon.
I really hate going to doctors but this was not bad at all
I can hear better now!
friendly and informative, but also easy to make appointment
I just left the office and it was very smooth. My scan is scheduled and I love that I can get prescriptions filled , since it was done electronically
friendly yet efficient service , as well as quick response for test results
Did not address the hearing issue for which I came. Did only a brief analysis and sent me on my way. I guess he had more lucrative appointments waiting.
This was my second opinion and he was informative. My wife liked him also
overall very pleasant and caring staff and environment
He did not seem to listen to my symptoms. It felt like he had a diagnosis prior to seeing me and was not willing to change. No matter the fact that none of my symptoms were consistent with he preformed diagnosis.
Friendly doctor and office staff. Very good with kids
Loved his optimism. Would strongly recommend
Did not address the issue and did not provided treatment at all. Instead he requested a second appointment for no reason.
The doctor was in the room with us for no more than 5 minutes, said to consider surgery, and gave us a prescription. $250! I had the same treatment in our home office clinic for $10 for me, and they ran the same test. My son hadn't gotten over strep and had several courses of antibiotics. We went to an ENT thinking he would suggest a different form of treatment. Highway robbery if you ask me for VERY little time with us. Wish I could make that kind of money for 5 minutes!
Filled out prescription incorrectly. I had to drive out of my way to get the new prescription and then i had to wait for them to get around to filling out the order. The inconvenience of all this while my daughter was recovering was too much. I should be able to focus on her and not someone's lack of doing their job correctly.
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