I had a very positive experience with my back surgery done by Dr. Shah. I just completed my post operative appointment and am now walking 3/4 of a mile daily. If I ever have any issues with my spine, I will be seeing Dr. Shah. He is confident in his diagnosis and communicates that to the patient. I appreciated the efficient and competent way that he corrected my problem and got me on my feet in an amazingly short time.
The best phone call I ever made was to this office and making an appointment with Dr. Happ. After many years of suffering, he listened to me and provided a thorough exam and diagnosed my problem immediately. Thank you Dr. Happ. Life is good again.
I had a collapsed c6-7 disc and needed and artificial disc replacement. Dr. Tinley was extremely thorough in explaining pros and cons of surgery. Surgery was a breeze was up and out the next day. Called me personally to check on me.
Really fixed my neck. Tried other things prior to surgery. Once I decided to go for it and got the surgery, I am now thankful. They were all really nice at Baylor Surgical too. I'm no longer in pain, and no tingling etc.
Dr. Shah is very personable, as well as very intentional in listening to my needs. He performed my spine surgery a month ago and I'm very pleased with the outcome so far! I'm a testimony to his incredible surgical skills and I anticipate my recovery to be exceptional. Dr. Shah exceeded my expectations and earned my trust and respect. I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.
He is actually a doctor that is 'human'.. easy to talk to, he listens to you, he answers questions and exudes with confidence that made me feel safe and in good hands.
I want to say Dr Shah and staff are both professional and personal. I had 2 herniated disc and a fracture in my spine which Dr Shah corrected 3 weeks ago. A week after surgery I am walking 10 miles a day! It doesn't get any better than that! Thank you Dr Shah and staff!
Dr. Tinley just performed disk replacement surgery on my C6-C7 yesterday. I have to say my experience with Dr. Tinley and his staff hve been a full 5 star experience! For those that complain about the wait, this doctor is well worth the wait ! ! I am so greatful i had Dr. Tinley as my surgeon! It's amazing how well i am doing! I truly pray God's blessing upon Dr. Tinley and his staff ! Thank you for giving myself back to me !
This a conclusion the first part of my survey/review. The disc replacement in my neck was such a hit that I wanted Dr Shah to address a much more nagging problem. My L5 lumbar. He went in, did a fusion and I just got home from my discharge. The 2nd surgery with Dr Neil in 45 days. I think I'm doing better post-op than most do maybe just by having a fit, physical profile but I have to give Dr Shah a real pat on the back and full credit for what I think was a damned good job. Go see him.
The best orthopaedic/neurosurgeon I have used following a broken back in an aircraft accident in 1979. His willingness to see, evaluate, and treat patients who have been treated by other ortho/neurosurgeons is very helpful for patients with long term spinal injuries. Doctor Tinley is a humble family man and consummate professional that I recommend to all I know that have back problems. He has operated on me three times in the last 10 years with excellent results each time!
Dr Chris Happ is a very skilled as well as caring Dr. He takes the time to really listen before evaluation. Great guy!
Highly recommend Dr. Shah to anyone considering spinal surgery. I suffered from a herniated disc for several years. It is now 7 weeks since my spinal fusion surgery and I am very glad that I had the surgery. Of course, I credit Dr. Shah for the results from my surgery and post-surgical care.
I would recommend Dr Shah to anyone seeking any type of back surgery or even conservative care. I found Dr Shah to be a caring and very thoughtful physician. He is not a typical physician. Dr Shah sincerely cares about his patients and wants the best outcome for each patient. His office staff is wonderful and easy to deal with. I can't say enough good things about Dr Shah and his staff.
I had very good results from my surgery. I was very scared as I had extreme pain from a previous procedure with a well known dr. Dr Tinley found a leak in surgery that did not show up on
Dr. Shah was extremely thorough explaining the options I had to relieve my back problems. We waited two months before deciding on surgery. The surgery was on January 5th and everything at the hospital and the surgery were completed without any problems. After a six week post surgery period I am fully recovered and released to resume all activities. I am pain free and moving with no limitations. I highly recommend Dr. Neil Shah if you are experiencing back problems and considering surgery.
Without a doubt, one of the most personable and outstanding physicians one will encounter. If you are looking for a cure or remedy for lower back pain, Dr. Shah will do everything possible to make it so. I am one year out from an L4L5, L5S1 fusion and am better off than when I was 30 years old (60 years old now). If you're just looking for pain meds, find someone else. Let someone who needs his expertise in surgery have the appointment.
Dr. Neil Shah is very helpful, professional and made me feel real comfortable about everything related to the procedure. The surgery went without problems and I now have my life back. I can walk anywhere and for as long as I like. I got my life back and became active again. Because of Dr. Shah skill and his commitment to my wellbeing, along with the Baylor Surgical Hospital surgical team and the nurses, my surgery and stay at the hospital was successful. Thank you Dr. Shah for all of my care!
Great doctor. Took away my neck pain.
Dr. Tinley and his Staff are such caring , helpful people that going to his office is like visiting your favorite relatives. They definitely know their stuff and they never make you feel stupid & answer All of your questions But they also never Rush you. Dr. Tinley has done my back surgeries and I Personally don't think you could find a better Doctor or Staff to be treated by! I am so Thankful for to have found him. So if you need a surgeon of TOP QUALITY then this is where you need to go. Great
The first thing Dr. Shah said to me is " I'll be honest, I love doing surgery; I'm a surgeon. That said, I will not proceed until it is the last resort." Dr. Shah was attentive and thoroughly professional. It is obvious he does the procedure often, and the surgery went as well as it could have. I definitely recommend Dr. Shah.
I am very pleased in so many ways with my experience with Dr. Tinley and his staff. Very impressed with staff and his surgical skill. There are many good Doctors, but great ones are hard to find. Dr. Tinley is worth the time and investment. I travel some distance to his offices. I am very impressed with his procedure and at my recovery. His staff has been helpful and knowledgeable from the very beginning. I feel blessed to have been seen by him. Thank You
Dr. Tinley is one who likes to teach patients about their condition and what can be done before anyone makes a decision. He is a great advocate for the best outcomes for his patients and is very down to earth during the office visits. I trust him.
One word -GREAT !
Dr. Shah performed my microdiscectomy surgery back in late November of 2016. When I met with him for consultation he was very professional and honest about what I needed. He saw how bad my back was and got me in for surgery a few weeks later. The surgery went exactly how he said it would and the post op period went the same way. Now 6 weeks later I am pain free and in therapy. He has helped restore my healthy quality of life. I am 100% grateful for Dr. Shah and his team. They are awesome!
Everything was great everyone as well
I went to Dr tinley for a year before he decided to do surgery. I had surgery and the only time he explained anything to me about what was going to happen was my last visit before the surgery. And then he didn't tell me everything. He told me they were going to replace the disk. Well I didn't know they put in screws and rods. And pulled bone marrow out of my hips. It was a failed surgery. I have since had a spinal stimulator put in and still in pain. Will never use him or refer anyone to him
He seems to genuinely care about the quality of my life and health.
Dr Tinley got me immediately out of neck and arm pain exactly as described without having to fuse the disc. He took the time to explain the problem to me, show me my MRI, and give me all the options of what works and what may not. He guided me through trying medications and physical therapy first, and when this didn't work, we had a outpatient surgery to fix it! Wish I would've done it sooner!
Overall experience was very OK. We discussed my back surgery prior to, and then he decided to take a different approach. After surgery, my disc herniated again within a month, or as I was told "continued to leak out" - what dies that even mean? I'm managing OK, but the issue isn't resolved and I would not have agreed to the operation had I known that the procedure was going to change when I was under the knife.
Dr. Happ is WONDERFUL! He took time showing me my MRI and explaining everything to me. I have seen several doctors for my back pain and he is the first one to get to the root of the problem. THANK YOU Dr. Happ!
I had lumbar microdiscectomy and my leg pain is gone. I am back to work and feeling great. I felt very comfortable and confident in him after our first visit. The whole process was so easy, the surgery took 30 minutes, I went home the same day, and then I followed the instructions. I am so thankful for him and his staff!
One of the worst bedside manners I've witnessed. A total company Doctor not a patient oriented Doctor
C5, C6 and C7 fusion. Woke up feeling great and 3 months later don't even notice I had surgery other than no more pain on my left arm.
Dr. Shaw performed surgery on me in 2015, of a spinal tear.
Dr. Shah performed a Cervical Disc Replacement in May. 3 other doctors had recommended a cervical fusion. I am doing amazing, my neck pain and the burning in my arm is gone! I am so thankful to him and his staff for their wonderful care!
While Dr. Shah's office is located in the Las Colinas Medical Center he is in now way associated with any of the services offered by the Las Colinas hospital. On my recent visit, the staff asked me to go to the radiology to take X-rays before I saw the Doctor. I was never told that the services will be billed separately by the Las Colinas hospital. To my shock I received separate bills from the hospital for $240 which should have been covered in my copay or would have cost $40 outside.
Not impressed. He spent all of 5 minutes talking to me. Minimal effort, no eye contact, spent more time complaining about patients who have had similar issues and why the issue exists. The off the cuff recommendation made the problem worse.
On May 6, 2015 Dr. Happ did surgery on my back. Placed a spinal cord stimulator implant w battery on my right hip. I'm extremely sorry to say that he did not place it correctly but he kept saying that it was just swelling. I WISH HE WOULD HAVE TOLD ME THE TRUTH!!! I had to have it removed and a new one placed. Thanks be to God, I am now doing better but, it was a terrible experience!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!
I made an appointment with Dr. Shaw due to severe neck pain on my left side. I had tried injections in 2014 and pain management. Dr. Shaw listened to me and I also followed all his instructions. My surgery was on 2/19/2016. My nerve pain is gone and I am feeling stronger and better as the days go by. I am so grateful and pleased with Dr. Shaw, his staff at his office and the hospital ( Baylor Medical) where the surgery was done. Thank You all so much for helping put a smile back on my face.
Excellent Physician!!! Truly cares for his patients!
My experience with dr happ was great. As far as customer service it was asanied, being I tried getting my physical theropy set up for almost 3 weeks and my calling 12 times to try and get it set up ast dr happy request. Final cenero his phone staff talked with me each time I called back and assured me it was taken carte of , but of course wasn't. I then requested to speak privately with dr happ. This same person said at that point (!) give her 5 min to finally used wrong fax number (more)
Dr. Tinley is one of the best spinal Surgeon I know. He performed back surgery and fixed my problem. My back is stronger than before the surgery.
Dr. Happ is warm caring and works hard to get his patients better and then follows up post op. To make sure you're getting better.
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