Dr. Alpern is an excellent doctor. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and thorough; and he treats his patients with the utmost respect, as does his staff. Very happy with the results of my procedure and highly recommend him.
If you have a cataract. Dr. Alpern is the Doctor to see. He and his staff are amazing. My Pre-OP, OP and Post OP were perfect. This Man cares about your vision. I am so happy he is my Doctor.
Excellent Dr., friendly, courteous, comforting, no non-sense. Tells it like it is, does not recommend procedures he feels aren't necessary. Performed a cataract procedure on my left eye. 1-1/2 years later no issues. I told the Dr. he gave me a bionic eye. I recommend him all the time, because I have relatives and friends who have had the same procedure and they all have nightmare stories to tell. I am thankful and feel blessed. Our eyesight is everything.
Dr. A is a very caring and gentle ophthalmologist ! nothing but the most up to date equipment and well trained staff. He has overseen my glacoma for 25 years and I would never go anywhere else. Marilyn Poel
Extremely competent and we trust him. Excellent health care.
The service and experience was awesome. My cataract surgery was excellent. I was very happy with the facility and especially the doctor. Thank you.
This was the first time I saw this doctor. I was so impressed from the moment I signed I was treated with professionalism and courtesy. The doctor and all his staff were very thorough. They asked a lot of questions and answered all of mine. I am so please to have found this doctor and highly recommend his office.
Always a pleasure going to visit dr. The staff and doctor work well together to make appointments comfortable and in a time efficient matter. Very friendly and helpful.
i had two cataract surgeries. Dr. Alpern's bedside manner and the way he explains to the patient what happens from the office setting to the surgical setting is comforting. I learned so much from him about my eyes. He puts you at ease during the procedure. The procedure went smooth without any complications. It was a great experience and I highly recommend Dr. Alpern.
My family and I have been Dr. Alpern's patients and we have to assign him and his practice a 5 star rating
The doctor and his nurses were very patient with me. I was nervous and was assured it would be ok. The doctor even spoke to me in Spanish which I appreciated very much. I need cataract surgery soon and the doctor told me to go home and think about it then make a decision and call his office to make arrangements.
All of my family has seen Dr. Alpern and we are all very pleased. Would not trust any other doctor.
I highly recommend Dr. Alpern and his staff for being so attentive to all his patients. His office is very well organized and clean. I am very happy that I chose him to take care of my eyes. He is excellent!
I was sent to Dr. Alpern because I was told I had glaucoma at the VA. He immediately informed me that was not true and instead I was treated for something else. I would highly recommend him and his staff for being so helpful and courteous. They made my office visit go real smooth.
Excellent Doctor
I have been a patient of Dr Alpern for 25 years and he has treated my eye condition as it has changed. He has kept my eyes healthy and I have total trust in his treatment and expertise. I would recommend him to friends and family.
I had my first eye operated on by another surgeon in El Paso. I chose to change doctors for my first surgeon because I felt the first doctor did not really care about me. What a pleasant change from my first doctor. Dr Alpern took the time to listen to me and answer my questions. I am so happy I made this switch. Don't make the same mistake I did. Start with dr Alpern.
Dr Alpern is a throwback to a time when doctors really cared about you. Everything about his office reflects the excellent dedication to patient care. The results of the surgery speaks for itself. I would not consider going anywhere else.
I would highly recommended Dr. Alpern to Family and Friends. He has a Friendly staff that made me feel at ease from the minute I walked to the time I left. Thank you Doc. Best experience I've had with an Ophthalmologist.
Very well organized office, friendly staff. Dr Alpern took lots of time to explain my eye condition to me
The doctor kept pushing for surgery but would not explain why I needed it. He operated on my husband eye before and he lost sight after he told him it would help him restore it. I was concerned it would happen to me, I can still drive and read with glasses. Last time I was there he basically ran me out because I told him I would do the surgery but not right away since I was having something else done that month. He belittled me then said he would put in my record that I should not drive.
This is a terrible doctor. Dishonest and lazy. I was sent by the VA to him because I am losing my sight, and he not only failed to treat me, his staff refused to give me the records for my visit. He told me I was in danger of having a torn retina but he refused to do anything. In fact, he went out of his way to obstruct me from getting treatment anywhere else. Don't let this guy anywhere near your eyes. He needs to get another job, like selling shoes - women's shoes.
He was recommended to me for good results and I would consider recommending him for good results, efficiency, patient care, and patient comfort.

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