Dr Cox was my mom's Oncologist 10+ yrs ago and was a great Dr. We had the utmost confidence in him. my mom loved his bedside manner and thought he reminded her of Walter Matthau. I would highly recommend him!
I was diagnosed with stage-4 breast cancer. I am alive today (11 yrs later) mainly due to the care I was given by Dr. Cox. His level of expertise and his extreme ability to show he cared saw me through some difficult times. He is the most wonderful doctor a person could have. He also is a wonderful person.I don't think there is another doctor like him. All doctors are NOT the same.
Dr. Kannan ordered some lab (blood) work for me. My Humana insurance (one of the better plans offered) declined to pay for those tests (over $500) saying they weren't covered however they said with a letter from doctor explaining why these tests were necessary they would reconsider. This was in April 2016. Today 6 Sept. 2016, after three phones calls to her medical assistant I have not received so much as phone call or the letter requested. It will be "a cold day" before I go back.
very caring, goes out of way to make patients are taking care of.
Received a referral from my PCP over three weeks ago. Waited for a call to schedule an appointment. That did not happen, called their office, called the referral network number, physically visited my PCP's office (where I was assured I would hear from this doctor's staff to schedule and appt.). Did not happen-waited two full business days-called my PCP to give me another referral. I can't trust my healthcare to someone whose staff is clearly incompetent
my first visit with Dr Gandhi was very pleasant. He is very polite and explains things to where I didn't have a problem understanding. His English is very good and this is important to me. I am glad that I have found a new Doctor that I feel I can discuss things with and be confident that I am going to get the truth.
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