Dr Swartwood has taken excellent care of us for the past three years. He is open to questions and treats us with the latest medical techniques and medicines. We love him like family!
Dr. Mettetal is a dying breed of wonderful caring doctors. He has been our family doctor for many years and we will be lost if and when he decides to retire.
I have been a patient of Dr Cleaver for around 3 yrs. Her bedside manner and the way she explains things to me are allways in a kind and caring way. I am 42 have multiple sclerosis, heart problems and have not been in good health for awhile now.She has given me referrals to the specialist that my health warranted me to see. I feel blessed to have such a caring and knowledgeable dr in my corner helping to orchastrate my many healthcare needs. God bless Dr Cleaver the hardest working Dr i know. JM
I have used him 32 years now. He is a Christian & a very caring doctor. He is respectful & listens to you. He has great bedside manner & a sense of humor. He isn't the "strictly business" kind of doctor that runs you in & out like a cattle auction. He takes his time with you. His nurse is a really sweet lady. Expect to wait 30-45 minutes. Sometimes emergencies arise & you may have to wait longer, but remember, you could be that patient & he'd be there for you. On a 1-10 scale, I give him 11!
He refused to help me and would not refill prescription for me. All he did was send me elsewhere.
My husband and I both see Dr Jennings together. He has a great personality. We both trust him. He's made us feel comfortable since our first visit 2 years ago
Might be a good doctor but lady at the front desk is the rudest person I've seen . I would recommend him but I wouldn't put anyone through dealing with the staff or at least the one at the front desk
He is kind and compassionate towards his patients and their families.
She is not knowledgeable enough to make serious health decisions. Wait time was over an hour. Takes it upon herself to make decisions for you that she's not qualified to make. She should learn to admit when she's out of her league and make appropriate referrals.
I wouldn't suggest Dr. Jennings. He made a person trying to get medication feel like a criminal. He was unfriendly, didn't listen to anything that was told to him and frankly was condescending. The staff is always kind and helpful but this physician was a deal breaker for me.
Dr lemmon is very interested in you and solving your needs. For me its always been one call does all. rb
At first he seemed nice and caring though he did interrupt me quite often and I had to repeat myself till he got what I was trying to say. Now as time goes by I'm thinking of finding another doctor. On my last visit he was flustered and barely paid attention, let alone time with me. He jokes around with his staff too much. Speaking of his staff . . . the response time in answering refill requests is far from prompt and getting a return answer for voicemail messages is often in non-existent.
Very upbeat, candid, friendly, patient/family focused, and responsive. I'd recommend Swartwood if you are in his area.
My wife and I both come to this office and the girl at the desk Britney is consistently rude and have caught her in numerous lies. Have talked to the office manger and reported. I have watched her treat everyone like your a Medicaid patient or one cow out of a whole herd. Real professional Brit! Good luck.
I felt that Dr. Heine was very helpful and knew what he was talking about. He was very friendly, wasn't in a hurry and answered all my questions.
In too much of a hurry and can be rude
This is the worst dr I have ever seen. I was hospitalized. The hospital called him in. He stood about 10 feet from me, asked me 3 questions & walked out of the room. He gave me no information and never touched me. I later got a bill for $400! No care was given and that is absurd! I spoke with the office & told them how horrible the care. I never heard another word from them. I assumed they wrote off the bill out of embarrassment. I just learned they turned it over to collection. Ugggg!

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