Dr. Jason Conrad read my MRI and wrote that he found nothing wrong then added that I may be faking. How is it possible for Dr. Conrad who has NEVER examined me, NEVER laid eyes on me and did not give me the MRI make such an assumption about me? He was just the person who read the MRI. UNT Health Sciences Center found out what's wrong with me and is treating me.
Please dont waste your time seeing this Dr, he doesn't listen to his patients, He asks like he is God. He is very unprofessional telling his patients that other Dr's are wrong, all the while admitting he's never seen this problem. He refuses to do what you ask, I wouldn't take my dog to see him
Very pleased with the care Dr. Gregory gave to my family.
Dr. Gerstle saw my 18 year old daughter in ICU after she had a car accident which left her with damage to both carotid arteries in her neck and severe brain trauma. He did 2 stent surgeries to get blood flow back to brain after she had suffered several mini strokes, and a coil surgery to address a pseudoaneurysm. I am glad to say that she is healthy and back to her life pre-accident. She is taking college classes and is even more active than before. This doctor cares deeply for his patients.

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