I have received care for Dr Donovitz for 10 years & always receive the best care.
I have been using this facility for years and have been treated by Dr. Donovitz, Tammy, and Mrs. Cotton. They have always been exceptionally professional, good sense of humor, and genuine. They have always made sure to have laboratory testing done for hormonal levels and have adjusted when necessary. The post pellet insertion instructions are clear, and easy to follow. I have and will continue to highly recommended this group and staff for hormonal replacement.
Outstanding in every regard! The claims made in his book, "Age Healthier Live Happier," are ABSOLUTELY TRUE, as I am a living testimony. Thanks to Dr. Donovitz, I have never felt better in my 65 years of life!
I went to Dr. Donovitz for sottopelle treatments four years ago. He treated me with hormone pellets over a 9 month period never once suggesting a blood test to check my hormone levels; I ended up with 10 times the amount of testosterone in my system that is considered safe. I got extremely sick and ended up with thyroid disease which I am still battling to this day. My doctors believe my thyroid disease is a direct result of too much testosterone as a result of his treatment. He's a disgrace.
Horrendous!!! Beware allowing anyone but Dr.Donovitz do your pellets. His daughter improperly inserted mine last year and i was infected and swollen for 3 months. Lost 5 pellets and had to be lanced because she packed them all in one spot. Was supposed to have redone today. Specifically requested him or his assistant Tammy who is awesome. Not even a bruise when she did them but she no longer does them. Arrived today and was told dr. Was not in and i waited 3 weeks for this appt. Stay away!
My husband and I did some investigation on differences in pellets therapy. The conclusion is that BioTE uses pellets from a far superior lab when it comes to many factors including quality control. They are making sure they are using the best product available for their patients. In fact if you look at their map on biotemedical.com, there are around 1000 BioTE doctors that I can see nationwide, and that says A LOT about the success of this treatment. Gary Donovitz, the CEO also has a best sellin
I have had an excellent experience with Dr. Donovitz and his amazing staff. I have referred countless friends and family to him and all are equally happy with their experience. From the friendly bedside manner, to the knowledgable guidance on woman's issues this office has it all. I feel comfortable discussing all of my issues with them. The great thing is that both my husband and I are seeing Dr. Donovitz so it a wonderful experience for both of us!
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