Receptionist and staff we very helpful and welcoming. Dr obrock had amazing knowledge and wisdom he shared with us. He was very prompt and and had great bedside manner. My son was very comfortable with him. I had so many questions and he took plenty of time answering them all! I would highly recommend anyone to see him!
I have struggled up with pain in my arm radiating from my neck down to my hand. I felt as if I was really HEARD when I sat with Dr. Obrock. He was the only doctor who went out of their way to research my symptoms and diagnosed me correctly with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. He truly got me to feel better. I know now that I will be able to work again and carry my beautiful baby boy around.
It's extremely interesting that Dr.Sessions moves every couple years and all his reviews from every hospital and practice he's been in are the same. I can't believe he still is able to practice medicine and is able to get hired after the lawsuits from hospitals he's been in!
Doesn't listen to patient. No explanation of medical condition and solution. Poor communication skills!!
contacted a sever foot wound after hip surgery released from hospital not being told of the foot unethical
Dr. Sessions did my ulnar nerve entrapment surgery and it went great and had no issues. He was professional, friendly and explained everything about the surgery to me and my family. I will deferentially use him again.
Sessions operated on my knee for meniscus tear in left side. Above my knee he burnt me with some kind of medicine left scared and numb. The meniscus still causing me pain and now pain in right side as well. Wouldn't recommend him for a dead dog. He sucks.
Dr Sessions is very rude!! I would not recommend him to anyone. My daughter was referred to him due to an issue with her elbow. By the time we saw him three weeks later, he said this was nonsense, he sees nothing wrong. Whatever WAS going on, was probably a 12 year old thing and made her feel like she was full of it. Really frustrated me because it embarrassed my daughter:(
I saw Dr. Sessions today for a wrist injury. I am very impressed and that says something. Being a dairy farmer I do not like going to a doctor for anything. Sessions staff is extremely courteous and helpful and he was very thorough and was very down to earth and sympathic to my pain. I am highly recommending him.
Dr. Sessions practice is a joke! I was referred to him by another doctor, for a gunshot wound I had attained four weeks earlier. I was a victim of a random shooting! From the shooting my left hand now has severe nerve damageand, other medical problems in the arm, I was told by the doctor who referred me to him he was the one who could fix me up, and get me moving back to normal. All Dr. Sessions could do was play detective. When I told him more than 3 times I don't know who shot me he grabbed
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