Dr. Loden took the time to help my dry eyes heal so that I could have LASIK. I have not been able to see anything without my glasses and I was 20/20 a day after the procedure. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking about getting it done, but only at Loden Vision!!
Dr. Loden performed cataract surgery on both eyes and I am extremely pleased with the results. My lense replacement options were explained in great detail and he and his staff put all concerns about the actual surgery to rest. If you are thinking about cataract surgery but have been putting off because of fear, take the leap of faith and get it done! Life changing. Special shout out to Jessica who coordinated my procedure!
Amazing job!! Dr. Loden and his staff were great to work with. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable about the iLasik procedure. Dr. Loden was very thorough from the initial consultation to post opt procedure. I would highly recommend Dr. Loden for any ophthalmology needs.
Came to Loden Vision for an emergency of the eye and they saved his eye. Everybody was amazing, met us at the front door and everyone was very helpful even during a late night call.
everything went awesome. better vision day.
I had lasik with Dr. Loden in 2015 and my vision is still great in 2017! Dr. Loden's staff made me feel comfortable and gave me ample information about the procedure and recovery. I do have some dryness after the iLasik procedure but using artificial tears now is a small price to pay to be able to see the world clearly, without any glasses or contacts!!
I had Implantable contact lens surgery about four years ago and it has been amazing. I had a really high prescription and unable to do LAISK. This was a big decision and kinda scary. Now I am so glad I did it. After 4 years, my vision is still clearer than was with my contacts or glasses. Thank you Dr. Loden!!
Did not like this doctor or practice at all
Dr Loden and his staff were great! I had surgery a few years ago and am still enjoying my new sight! Thanks so much for helping me get out of my glasses!!!
Dr. Loden was professional, encouraging, and proficient. He made my lasik surgery feel very normal and simple. Very little pain. I would highly recommend Dr. Loden to anyone seeking to have lasik surgery.
I had LASIK by Dr.Loden and it was amazing!! I had a great experience!!
I had lasik surgery with Dr Loden 3 years ago and it was the best decision ever! I had surgery in late afternoon and was able to go back to work the next day. My day time and night time vision is still fabulous! Thank you Dr Loden!!!
Great staff, top doctors in the nation.
I had the iLASIK Procedure done. Everything was fantastic and much easier than expected. Results have me seeing better than I did with glasses and contacts.
I've known Dr. Loden for years. Unfortunately I didn't start seeing him for a complex eye injury from 1977 until a few years ago. Luckily my old and outdated ophthalmologist retired. I had a severe intra ocular bleed while on Coumadin and Dr. Loden was able to get the dangerously high pressure in my eye down and save my eye. The best thing is I see better now than I've ever seen since initial injury. Dr. Loden and his staff are true professionals and I'm forever grateful for their care!
unprofessional staff. Doctor did not spend time with me. I went because of the ads and the price was right. But my lasik did not turn out well. Having severe dry eyes and they are blowing me off unless I want to spend more money. didn't have this problem before surgery.
Closed his clinic at Skyline without warning. I don't know what type of problem they had but they should tell patients. Called the number and they said I would have to go to one of their other facilities but I would not be able to see my normal doctor. not happy.
I had cataract surgery 2-4-16. I was scared to death about having the procedure done. My daughter had Lasik with Dr. Loden in August 2015. She assured me that I would be just fine. Her words, He gave me superpower eye sight (20/15) and you will be good too. On the am of 2-5-16 I was 20/20 and refracted to 20/15. I could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you Dr. Loden and all of your staff!

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