I have the pleasure to see Dr. Templeton at Skyline Medical. He and his nurse are the best, he takes time to listen to his patients, he makes you feel comfortable when you describe how you are feeling and is truly concerned. He is professional and each time he has treated me I was healed.
Love Dr. Zimmerman. He and his staff are very good with my mom. She has Alzheimer's. They take extra time to make sure all her medial needs are met. It's nice to have A very kind and knowable doctor caring for my mom.
I have been a patient of Dr. Julie Dunn close to 15 years and I have high respect for how she has taken care of my medical needs.You will not find a better doctor.
Dr. Reichert is a wonderful doctor. She took her time and covered each issue in a compassionate and thorough manner. I am fortunate to have found Dr. Reichert and highly recommend her!
He is quite knowledgeable and gave me a proper diagnosis within just a few minutes;
Would gladly recommend him. However, I understand he is not taking any new patients. He is a great Dr. And a wonderful human being.
Dr Dunn is smart, efficient, & friendly. The entire office team is a 5 star experience.
Dr. Scarpero and his staff are the best!
Dr. Reichert is very thorough when I come to visit. She listens to what I say and takes the time to help me find a solution. She's is very personable and easy to talk to. I am an RN and I highly recommend her!
I have been a patient for several years and have always received prompt and courteous service. I have had some serious health issues and feel I am in very capable hands. Thanks for always being there.
I became a patient of Dr. Zimmerman several years ago. Since then both my wife and mother-in-law have become patients. I appreciate his demeanor, his experience and dedication to me while he is treating me.
Dr Prest did more for me in my first visit than the other 2 doctor's did in the last four years. In some ways I feel she gave me a few more years of living.
A bit young and inexperienced. Complains of how hard her day has been, rolls her eyes like a child. She inherited most of her patients when my Doc retired. She is Not what I'm looking for when it comes to my physician that I'm to trust with my health care. Didn't realize it would be so difficult to find a new doc, the search goes on.
I found her lack of experience came through when she criticized me because of my illness as well as her little knowledge of it. Her lack of empathy shows it self when she slipped up and called me a name, she caught it herself and apologized. I found no comfort in her smart attitude.
I feel like I have got the best DR. Dr Ewart takes real concern when I have a problem ,we discus it and he checks on what to do ,to help me. I feel he has addressed every problem and is there for me to make sure I get the what I need to help me . He also has the best nurses, they are friendly and caring.
Dr. Thomas Zimmerman is a thorough professional. He will continue to pursue symptoms until a proper diagnosis can be reached for treatment. He does this with patience and kindness. The staff at the clinic is always very helpful and upbeat. Patients need a smile and encouraging words when they are in pain. I have recommended Dr. Zimmerman and this clinic a number of times.
Very willing to listen. Knowledgeable, friendly. Everything you would want in a doctor is here.
I started seeing Dr. Prest when my physician of 20 years retired. I love this Doctor she is always available, she listens attentively when i come for my visits. I love her caring respectful personality. I would recommend anyone in need of a competent, friendly and caring Physician to consider this practice, you will not be disappointed.
Dr. Ewart is an Awesome doctor and is one of the best that I have had since my childhood Physician. He has given me Excellent care and I would not put my life in the hand of any other doctor. He has awesome bed side manners. He truly cares about and listens to his patients. He does everything he can to heal them as quickly as possible and he really listens to you and he truly cares for his patients. He is a wonderful example of what a doctor should do and be. I thank my Father God for him.
Dr. Scarpero has been my primary care Doctor for a number of years now.. Dr. Scarpero and his staff are always professional and very friendly. I would , without a doubt, recommend Dr. Scarpero to any of my friends and family.
I like a doctor who looks attractive in appearance and not like they just got out of bed and slept in their clothes. I figure if she can eat right and look healthy then maybe I could do a better job on myself to come up to that standard. I like a doctor with a sense of humor but also gets serious when discussing medical issues. I don't like pill pushes but I do like a doctor that listens and works with the patient and hears what they are saying. Her winning smile always cheers me up.
Dr Scarpero is an outstanding doctor. He is knowledgeable, kind, friendly. very patient, takes time to listen to his patients, thorough in his examinations and explanations. His staff is comforting and knowledgeable. He has no problem making sure that his patients received the very best medical care available. My husband and i are very happy with him and his services.He takes a personal interest in his patients. Never do we feel rushed or uncomfortable.. I
Dr. Scarpero is a outstanding doctor, wouldn't have anyone else
Dr. Julie Dunn always listen carefully to my questions & concerns & always explains everything in a very clear way that I easily understand. That is what I really like about Dr. Dunn. Also, my calls regarding health problems between visits are always returned & dealt with. I am very happy with my primary care doctor - Dr. Dunn
Dr. Dunn has been my physician for a few years now and was the only one of several physicians I saw who finally diagnosed my thyroid issues. She sees patients in a timely manner but is always thorough.
I am so thankful that my insurance company assigned Dr. Prest as my primary care doctor. She a patient's dream physician. She always friendly, patient and will listen, hear my concerns. She is knowledgeable and upbeat even if she has an office full of patients. Her staff is friendly and courteous. I trust her with my health! Thank you Dr. Jessica Prest, you are a joy visit!
Cold and unfriendly. I thought I was being judge mental so I went back for a few appointments and it was the same each time. I understand that he's been to Med School but as an individual I know my body and my pain and HE JUST DOESN'T LISTEN! He will control the conversation and cut you off, already telling you what he thinks before he hear the problem. It's a rush job and you might get 10 minutes of his time if you're lucky. Maybe he's psychic or Med school should also teach an etiquette class
Dr. Prest is very pleasant and seems to be a good physician; however, the practice is poorly run and wait times are excessive. At my last appointment, I waited more than 2 hours before being seen. Since this practice clearly didn't have any respect for the value of my time, I switched doctors.
Dr. Ewart is a very pleasant person and a very good physician. He LISTENS, which is a great thing. I would truly recommend him.
He a super nice person. He listens to you and your issues.
Good doctor, only one complaint,orders unnecessary test and refer you to specialist for things he can treat. I have a history of Gout, instead of Dr Zimmerman waiting for blood work results to determine level of Uric Acid, which causes Gout, he referred me to an orthopedic doctor,who only prescribed me pain medicine (waste of my time and $) also Dr Zimmerman order a MRI whitch cost me a Co pay of $200.After all of this,blood work came back showing very high levels uric acid he put me on Gout med
Quite a first for me. I felt she was uncaring and suspicious in regard to my visits. I'm still not sure what she was expecting but it certainly didn't help me. I observed as she dictated the referrals while I thought I should have some say in my medical process. I guess she wants her patients to jump. Why would they?
Whenever a new person to Nashville or just someone looking for a doctor, I always recommend my doctor, Dr. Thomas Zimmerman. He is open-minded and very accepting. He knows his stuff and always answers all my questions and gives me as much time as I need. He's the best. If you are looking for a great doctor, you will be as pleased with him as I am.
This doctor is only out to make money. She prescribes tons of unnecessary tests just to stack up the bills. If you are not careful and medically trained, she will trick you into consenting to tests and lab work that are completely unnecessary.
My grandmother has been mistreated by this office and this doctor. Dr Bal prescribed medicine to support her anxiety and depression associated with advancing Alzheimer's disease. This medicine was helping her greatly for the 2 years that she prescribed it, but then took her off of it cold turkey. This created a HUGE problem for her and my whole family. When asked how we should get the medicine, we were told, "just go to the ER." This doctor is ONLY out for money, NOT the well being of patients!
Not only am I a patient but my husband and mother are also. Dr. Ewart is a great physician. He takes the time needed to explain anything you may need along with is caring. His nurse (Kelly) also is great. They never hesitate to help when needed in my experience.
Dr. Zimmerman is a great listener and a wonderful physician. Since being under his care my blood pressure has been down and I know longer need to take a pill everyday. I would recommend his service to anyone trying to get their healthy in the right order.
Aaron was very kind, thorough and helpful at my last visit to Skyline. He seemed to have sincere interest in my health concerns. I would ask for him again.
She is very patient friendly provider. She is practical and thorough provider. My health and pocket book are in good hands. She is knowledgeable and honest. Her manner is engaging, friendly and caring.
Dr. Prest is an amazing doctor. I have been her patient for a couple years now and she has been one of the best things that has happened to me. My diabetes is under better control then it has ever been she really knows what she is doing. I like her so much my Mom and my son are both now patients of her's.
Dr. Reichart listens to the patient. Then she formulates as reasonable action plan for care in conjunction with the patient. Nice, easy personality.
Takes the time to care for the patient.Doesn't try to rush you in and out,and listens.
Dr. Julie Dunn and her staff have provided extraordinary care for me over the last 15+ years. They listen and are very proactive in providing me with the latest medicines and care for every type of illness that I have had. I can not say enough good things about the concern that Dr. Dunn has for all of her patients. I have referred every family member I have to her and rate her Excellent in her care of her patients both physically and mentally. Thank you Dr. Dunn.
I am a patient of Dr David Ewart. He is really really bad in keeping up with appointment schedules. Last 3 appointment his nurse showed up 30 minutes late and he showed up 10 minutes after she left. Above all he spends too less time with patients. He tries to run away from the appointment. He was get this appointment done to jump to next one. I am writing this review after waiting for 40 minutes from the reception area.
She is honest, caring, and extremely thorough. Before Dr. Bal, I have never had a doctor see me in their office after my appointment- I've only seen this in movies. It makes a HUGE difference. You have her full attention as she explains medicine, treatments, next steps, etc. She doesn't pull punches (she'll call you out for being overweight or smoking), but she actually CARES. You can't buy that!
Dr Prest is wonderful. She is thorough and caring.
Dr Dunn has that wonderful quality of instantly making a person feel comfortable and at ease. She listens well and answers questions and concerns I may have. I never feel rushed or dismissed and she is always on time even though I know that running on time is difficult in the medical profession. I am happy to be her patient.
He is the best!! I have never had such a great Doctor and staff as Dr. Zimmerman!! I've been remarkably well since I have switched to him over a year ago after being with my other primary care physician for 15+ years! He is on top of your health and never fails to listen to you. I love him and his nurses and staff. The most friendliest atmosphere ever!! If there were ten stars he would definitely get them and then some!!!
He is extremely kind and caring physician. He is very knowledgable . His office staff is very professional. I have recommended him to many friends and people.

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