Rude, talks down to you. Treats you like your opinions don't matter. I've been seeing pain docs for 15 years & this nurse practitioner wouldn't consider my previous medical records & tried starting me out on step 1 of treatment when I've been on like step 7 for years. I also need an implant surgery to be off of medications & they wouldn't consider doing the surgery even though this is what I need according to my previous treatment & medical records. I just moved here & need to find another doc.
Not a good nurse practitioner. Can't make any decisions on her own and needs to consult the doc about everything. Waste of time. Also has pointless requirements to see more docs in the group to pad their pockets even though you have other docs on your own.
Doesn't listen, requires seeing "their physical therapist & psychologist" even though I have another physical therapist & psychologist on my own. Didn't look at my previous pain management doc records to continue treatment. Just moved here & trying to continue treatment with medications until my implant can be replaced. Dr. Harris and his nurse practitioner are only out to do unnecessary procedures to pad their pockets as well as wasting time seeing other docs in their group instead of your own.
This is one place that loves to drive your bill up and up. They require you to see their physical therapist and psychologist. They also don't start helping you until your second visit with them and then their help is very minimal. I've been going to pain management for 11 years and just moved here. So my treatment requires medications and surgery. They were uncooperative with previous medical records and wanted to start me out on step 1 when I've been on like step 7 for years. This didn't help m
wonderful dr and group
As a patient I felt he cared for doing what was best for me. He listened carefully and asked questions to completely understand my needs. It was a very refreshing experience to meet a doctor who seemed to genuinely care and give thoughtful consideration to his patient's needs rather than shoving a pill at them and making one feel like "lets get her in and out so I can get on to the next one". I was in great pain, but his calm assurance and dedication has made it an easier burden to bear.
Never even saw his face, he came into the room gave an injection, which caused more pain than I was. Already in!
Cetessa Mack is a wonderful provider , caring , supportive and works with you to find options that meets your specific healthcare needs. Provides a whole systems approach with all aspects of the healthcare team!
Dr. Jett has been my orthopedic Dr for a few years now. I went through several others before finding him and his staff. He and his staff have helped to alleviate my knee and hip issues, and we are now working on my back problems. I am thankful for them. He is an expert and has a wonderful bedside manner. Very attentive. I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Dr Harris and his staff take the time to listen to the patients, and recommend treatments other than just a handful of pills. I have been a patient at 3 different pain management clinics and his is the first where I didn't feel like a user seeing a drug dealer.
Staff was professional yet personable. Dr. Jett was courteous, asked appropriate questions regarding my condition, listened to me, and carefully explained/outlined what his recommendations were regarding further testing and therapy. He answered my questions to my satisfaction. The wait time was almost an hour past my appointment time, but based on my experience, I feel it was because he was probably taking the time each patient needed.
Dr. Jett and his rehab team provided excellent care. When I came to rehab I was bad shape. His decisions and care is one of the reasons I was able to recover from a near death experience. I would recommend Dr. Jett anytime.
Very rude. Will not listen. Treated me like a number. The rudeness was so bad I would have gave him zero stars if I could. Left his office crying more then once.
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