The receptionist was not too friendly, kind of abrupt. She also overcharge my co-pay after I told her what it was she stated it was more. The wait was longer than I expected but Dr. Westberry was nice and very professional as usually.
Truly one of the worst experiences in my 44 years of going to ophthalmologists. All in all, I was there 3 hours, which is ridiculous. No one was in outside waiting room when I arrived and only one patient in inner waiting room. My prescription was incorrect. They are just awful about answering the phones. I loved Dr. Fleming years ago and that is why I decided to try this group. Never again..
Dr. Wilson is up to date on all current issues regarding Ocular Melanoma and is prepared to help and treat every way possible. He is very personable and more than willing to answer any questions. Very professional while helping patient understand their situation, but not without compassion.
Wow. I'm no longer afraid of transplants.
I would recommend Dr. Kanner to anyone in need of eye care. He is thorough and knowledgeable in his field. He is matter of fact and gets the job done, I have confidence in trusting my eyes to his care, and I don't take that lightly.
I have been with Dr. Kerr since I was little and she is so proficient. She really understands you, and helps you whenever you are having a problem with your eyes. I would highly recommend her!
Dr Ditta is very great! Don't hesitate going to see her you won't regret it....she saved my son's vision!!!!! I'm forever appreciative of her? From Tylon Currie's mom!
I'm 57 years old and visited two other doctors who refused to treat me knowing that I previously had lazy eye surgery 30 years ago potentially leaving me with scar tissue. Dr. Kerr didn’t hesitate and said she felt confident with more complex surgeries. I’m so thankful that she accepted my case and her confidence eased any concerns. I’m had surgery one month ago and am 100% satisfied with the results! Wow! Dr. Kerr, thank you so much!!!

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Canthoplasty And Canthopexy
Destruction Of Lesion Of Retina And Choroid
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