I was recommended to dr Neblett by a friend. My first pregnancy was a nightmare as well as delivery! From the first time I met DrNeblett I felt nothing but comfort and the fear went away. Very good bedside manner!! I wish he would have dilivered my first child!
Heaven sent
Dr. J is truly amazing. She listened to me, answered my questions, and offered advice. She treated me like I was a person, like I was a friend, and I really appreciated that. I list her as my primary doctor, because she is so compassionate! I highly recommend her!
Nelbett came highly recommended to me by 3 friends that I trusted. I explained to him my history and how I was a high risk patient. He never treated me as such. He was too laid back and not concern when I would express problems I was experiencing. In the end I had a stillborn baby, in my opinion due to Nelbett not listening to me. Once I delivered he never said sorry for your loss or anything. Poor bedside manner and this was my 4th child. He told me these type of things just happen. RUN ladies!
I went to Dr. Neblett after having 2 terrible experiences with OBGYNs in Memphis. The first time I had to wait 15-30 minutes, but the second time I saw him within 5 minutes of my scheduled appointment time. He is caring, attentive, patient, understanding, and has an extremely good bed side manner. The office is excellent and his staff is outstanding. Now I understand all of the excellent reviews and why everyone wants to see Dr. Neblett.
If you are looking for a Dr that listens and actually hears you this is the one! I have never found a Dr. that I trust more and am more comfortable with. She did my hysterectomy and I knew I was in good hands. She explained everything in detail and walked me through every step. There are not enough words to say how amazing she is and how thankful I am for her. She has saved my life more than once!
Herb delivered both of our children in 1968 and 1972, respectively. He is a physician among physicians -- a perfectly pleasant person. They don't come any better.
I heard about Dr. Neblett from the reviews online and they didn't lie, I love him lol. Today was my first visit and from check in to check out I have no complaints. The ladies in this office are ver nice. I didn't see one frown everyone looks like they enjoy their job. Dr. Neblett has a friendly face and an even better personality. He has excellent bedside manner. He made sure he explained everything from start to finish and even made conversation. I would recommend him to anyone.
Caring, professional, & above & beyond helpful! He's taken care of me & my mother for years! We love Dr. Greenwell! He's like family to us! Even my husband loves him!
Dr Neblett is an awesome gynecologist! He has the best bedside manners that I have ever encountered during a doctor's visit. He is patient, kind and very well informed in his field!
Dr. Hinote is so knowledgeable and so caring, which is just an ideal set of qualities for an effective doctor. I have seen her for a few years, during which I have dealt with an eating disorder, and she has been so helpful and understanding (whereas most doctors don't even attempt to understand and end up exacerbating the issue). I have never felt judged, which is so important for this area of medical care (getting our lady parts inspected). I highly recommend her!
When I tell you Dr. Neblett is the BEST!! He delivered my son Dillon, now im pregnant with my second child and i couldnt be more excited and happier to go through this process again with him. He is always caring, loving, he made sure that i was ok at all times. I was so nervous to have my C- section. he grabbed my hand and held it through my epidural and from that point on i was relaxed and i knew for sure with God and Dr. Neblett on my side that i would be ok. Thanks Dr. Neblett!
Dr. Neblett was wonderful! It was my first visit with him and he came into the room and introduced himself, Hi, I'm Paul Neblett. It was great! He didn't give himself a God complex and tell me that he was DR. Neblett. He was easy going and I never felt that he was rushing me in any way. He warned the speculum. No one has EVER warmed the speculum for me before! It was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone. His bedside manner is great and the wait was hardly 5 minutes once I got into the room
Wonderful Dr love him!
seen her before & during my pregnancy & she was wonderful! the staff at the office were friendly as well... i would recommend her to anybody
he is the most wonderful doctor ever. his entire staff is fantastic. I am a high risk patient and he never made me feel like a burden. he genuinely cares for his patients. his nurse Laci is wonderful as well!
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