Dr Alsharif is awesome! She was able to find my health issue with one test after several other doctors and a hospital failed to turn up anything. She explained everything and was truly happy to see me improve. She was the Dr assigned to me while I was in the hospital and I did not see her in the office or interact with her staff.
He is excellent in explaining condition and procedures. Included my wife in discussion. An excellent physician.
Dr. Dabbagh did not treat the underlying problems. I did not get any sense of what was wrong after 2 sleep studies--he didn't give me any clear results. He eventually told me I needed to see a psychiatrist and gave me a business card for Parkway Psychiatric Services.BMH). He also told me I did not qualify for much-needed medications even though I soon found out I had qualified along along. He still did not prescribe my needed meds.
I believe wholeheartedly that this man works miracles. He is hands-down the greatest physician I have ever seen. He is brilliant, kind, has a fantastic bedside manner, yet remains perfectly humble. However much this man is getting paid it is likely not enough. He is a world-class physician in our small town of Maryville. He's an inspiration to be around and an exemplar of what a physician should strive to become.
After a routine mammogram was questionable, I was scheduled for an ultrasound and follow up mammogram. I did have cancer. Dr. Niethammer broke it to me as gently as possible. He and his staff are the definition of professional caring health care providers. Their patience and concern continued through 2 needle biopsies and the wire implantation needed before my breast cancer surgery. I am so thankful they are with Blount Memorial Breast Center.
Dr. Price saved my husband's life. We were on vacation when my husband got sick. Dr. Price asked many questions and he was meticulous in getting to the root of the problem. He found an aneurysm in the aorta and my husband got surgery right away. All the nursing staff was very nice to us. Couldn't be happier. My children and I are grateful.
A great experience with Dr.Ragdale...very nice, friendly and very informative. I recommend Dr.Ragdale,he is a great Doctor.If in the future and (I hope not ) I hope he is the one to put me to sleep. 5 ?????????? CAROLYN L. REYNOLDS
Very caring doc, took good care of my daughter. Took a lot of time with us and we felt that he was very knowledgeable.
I would never recommend him to anyone , not my worst enemy . I saw him in the emergancy room at Blount . I went by ambulance , I was in unbelievable pain and couldn't walk . Laid in the hallway 2 hrs crying in pain , no medicine . My partially dislocated hip transplant popped back into place on the xray table . Agony. Xray showed it back in place . He loudly told me and the full hallway I was the lucky one , because there was nothing wrong with me . I will never go back . Sad excuse for a Dr.
Incredibly sensitive and caring during a very trying and confusing time. Not only is Dr. Petty absolutely wonderful to work with, his staff is kind, helpful and reassuring without exception.
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