Dr.Siddiqui is outstanding!! Word cannot express how much my doctor is to me. I've been sick and depressed and feel so alone in it and he is so patient with me ,kind,caring,empathetic, and so knowledgeable about everything! And takes his time explaing things and encourages me throughout it all. Exceptional bedside manners. I really believe in him. I could go on and on. He's been a light in a very dark time for me.
I trust Dr. Siddiqui. My frustration is that it's hard to get an appointment with him. I want to see my doctor. Not his NP I feel he has more compassion & knowledge. If this continues I'll have to look for another primary care physician. I do not want to switch. I understand he's busy. I do. Office staff doesn't offer a date & time to see him. They don't give you the option of an appt with the Dr. They say NP avail. No TU I signed up for the Dr. Like him but hard to get appt. But I like him
Would not recommend to anyone. She is clueless and rushed my visit, she did not show any concern. When she did speak she didn't say anything worth listening to. She needs more schooling.
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