Dr. Kent was and absolute jerk to me when is was injured and visited Drs. Care. He really walks the line on "do no wrong line". I will rate him 5 stars for ego and 1 star for bedside manner. I pray that this new Gateway stepdown ER puts a beating on Drs Care.
I'm not sure if Dr. Kent as I did not wait around long enough to see him. The waiting room and facility was absolutely disgusting. Every single corner had dead bugs and I was forced to stand in a corner where a large spider had been squished to the floor. The tiny room smelled horrible and it became very clear that I did not want to seek any medical attention from a Dr or staff that would allow a facility to be maintained in that manner. I will never go back to any Dr'S Care facilities.
Just a flat our jerk to my family. Spend less then 30 seconds with us and was mean to my kids. How does this guy have a license to practice medicine??
I was very impressed with dr. Kent and I do not impress easily. If I could have him as my primary doctor I certainly would. I am an elderly woman and have had many Dr. Very few of them has shown the compassion and kindness that Dr Kent did.
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