She told us we should have the hemmoriohpexy since the recovery was around 3 days with no post op pain till the next day and then it would be minimal. My husband woke up after surgery in agony. He's had complications since then. She left town for vacation and upon return blamed himfor a tear that somehow happened which I believe happened in surgerNo compassion, rude and uncaring. It's now been 3 weeks and he's miserable
Dr. Lorenzo is an outstanding doctor. She is caring, attentive and understanding, and, of course, is beautifully skilled and brilliant. Dr. Lorenzo's office staff are welcoming and kind. They make you feel at ease and their down-to-earth humor relaxes even the most anxious of visits. I recommend this group of medical professionals to anyone. God bless you all!
Terrible experience. Poor listener, easily offended when her advice is not what worked. I chose her because I am a very private person. She brought in a male resident and didn't even ask if it was ok for him to be there. I refused to be examined and I won't go there again or recommend her to anyone.
Dr Cockerham took complete charge after my breast cancer diagnosis. He quickly ordered a biopsy, followed by a consultation with both my husband and I. During my Follow-Up visit, he explained the next procedure, which was meeting with two oncologists.
She's excellent+++!!
Dr. Giles as well as his nursing & front desk staff are superior in giving patients quick & adequate treatment above & beyond basic treatment. I am treated kindly & extremely efficiently with each visit. I leave his office feeling respected & my medical issues taken very seriously. Scheduling as well as Nurse Debbie have been awesome to help me be seen quickly, even working past normal hours on my behalf. Dr. Giles is the reason I am alive & well today. Thank you all!!
Absolutely love this Dr super nice, caring and saved my husbands life.
Dr Giles took excellent care of me for 2 Months. My appendex ruptured and he made the best decisions for my situation. Dr Giles is an excellent surgeon, my surgery left me in little to no pain that day and my scars are barely noticeable and is only been a little over a month.
My lab tests revealed I had problems with my parathyroid glands and Dr Giles was recommended to me. He examined me and found that I had one parathyroid gland that needed to be removed. Surgery was scheduled and my gland was removed. No complications. Dr Giles is very understanding, compassionate and explains everything in detail. I would recommend Dr Giles without hesitation.
Dr. WItherspoon is a wonderful doctor and even a better person! She truly cares about her patients whatever their stages of problems. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing surgery of which type she specializes. She went out of her way to let me know biopsy results on a Friday night so I wouldn't stress too much over the weekend.
He was unhelpful and when I wrote a private and personal letter of request to him, he showed it to his nurses and office, in which case I received a call from his nurse saying, "We got your letter. . . " I found it offensive, and coupled with the fact that he was unhelpful, I wouldn't recommend him to anyone. They apparently do not protect privacy. It took me an hour to see him, and they don't mind making you wait.
Dr. Lorenzo was exceptional! I am always treated professionally. She is very respectful and always willing to listen to what I have to say. Dr. Lorenzo is very personable and answers questions truthfully. She is very open and honest about all that is going on and the best way to get her patient back to 100%
She is very smart and explains everything to you. She answers all your questions and puts you at ease even if somethings are hard to hear. I like that. Professional and I will continue to go to her if needed.
waited 2 months for Tuesday, July 12, 2016, was the 3rd time that I have been to her office. Had a CT Scan @9:00, on Friday, July 15, 2016. By 11:27am, when I got home, the pharmacy called and said I had 2 RX's ready for pick up. To this date, Monday, 7/18/2016, STILL haven't heard from her or her office staff! Went to my primary today and he had received a note that I had Diverticulitis? upper and lower! No pain meds! Running a temp, throwing up! What's wrong with these people!
Great bedside manners. Very caring. Will talk to you where you can understand what is wrong with you.
She is beyond wonderful, has a great bedside manner, and I can tell she TRULY cares about her patients.. She actually takes the time to teach me things about diet, you name it. Very smart and talented Doctor. Love her!
Definitely would recommend Dr. Cockerham to anyone!! He is such a compassionate physician who genuinely cares about his patients. I also love his nurse Monica, she has a wonderful spirit!! They have made the experience of going through breast cancer so much easier because I know that they are knowledgeable and truly care about my well being. Excellent physician!!
I had my thyroid removed at Enocrinologist's recommendation. No side affects. Everything is fine.
She's awesome
I had my appendix ruptured.
She was very quick and to point, did not welcome questions and acted like she was selling something, not looking at an overall solution for specific needs.

Appendectomy, Laparoscopic
Dressing And-Or Debridement Of Wound, Infection, Or Burn (Incl. Negative Pressure Wound Therapy)
Laparoscopic Surgical Procedure
Abscess Or Fluid Incision And Drainage
Appendectomy, Open
Colon And Rectal Surgery
Enterostomy (Laparoscopic Or Open)
Gastroenterology Procedures
Hernia Repair
Intestinal Transplant (Incl. Enterectomy)
Open Incisional And-Or Ventral Hernia Repair
Removal Of Reproductive Organs (Hysterectomy, Oophorectomy, Salpingectomy, Salpingo-Oophorectomy, Resection Of Peritoneal Malignancy)
Port Placements Or Replacements
Removal Or Destruction Of Rectal Or Intestinal Tumor (Incl. Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy And Control Of Hemorrhage)
Excision Of Skin Lesion
Excision, Shaving, Or Destruction Of Skin And Subcutaneous Tissue (Incl. Mohs Micrographic Surgery), Tissue Transfer
Gallbladder Removal
Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy), Laparoscopic
Gallbladder Removal (Cholecystectomy), Open
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Lung Surgery
Peripheral Artery Catheterization
Wound Repair
Biopsy Of Breast
Breast Reconstruction
Breast Surgical Procedure
Destruction Of Anal Tumor
Esophageal Surgery
Femoral Hernia Repair, Open
Fistulectomy Or Fistulotomy, Anal
Heart Surgery
Hemorrhoidectomy Or Excision Of Anal Tags
Inguinal Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Inguinal Hernia Repair, Open
Lymph Node Biopsy Or Excision
Proctectomy, Open Or Laparoscopic (Incl. Swenson And Duhamel Procedures)
Splenectomy And Splenorrhaphy
Umbilical Or Ventral Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Anoscopy With Removal Of Anal Tumor
Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
Colonoscopy, Proctosigmoidoscopy, And Sigmoidoscopy
Excision Of Breast Tumor
Excision Of Rectal Tumor
Incision And Removal Of Foreign Object
Pelvic Exenteration (For: Gynecologic, Urinary, Or Colorectal Malignancy)
Repair Of Anal And Rectal Defects (Anoplasty, Repair Of Imperforate Anus, Sphincteroplasty, Rectal Graft)
Stomach Surgery
Tracheal Surgery
Vaginal Surgery
Bone Marrow Biopsy
Colectomy And Sigmoidectomy With Robotic Assistance
Excision Of Stomach Tumor
Head And Neck Surgery
Laparoscopic Sigmoidectomy With Robotic Assistance
Paraesophageal Hernia Repair, Laparoscopic
Peripheral Artery Bypass
Thyroidectomy Or Thyroid Lobectomy
Transendoscopic Stent Placement
Abdominal Surgery
Abscess Incision And Drainage
Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Anal Repair
Aortic Repair, Open Or Repair Of Arterial Aneurysm, Open
Arterial Aneurysm Surgery
Arterial Revascularization
Arteriovenous Fistula Repair
Arteriovenous Shunt Creation
Balloon Angioplasty
Bile Duct Procedure
Carotid Artery Stent Placement
Carotid Endarterectomy (Cea) Or Excision Of Infected Graft
Carotid Surgery
Carotid Ultrasound
Colon Cancer Screening
Colon Surgery
Decortication And Pleurectomy
Dialysis Access Procedures
Embolectomy, Thrombectomy, Or Vessel Exploration
Endocrine Surgical Procedure
Endovascular Procedure
Endovascular Repair Of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
Endovascular Repair Of Aorta
Endovascular Repair Of Visceral Aorta
Fecal Impaction Removal
Hemorrhoid Removal
Hemorrhoid Treatment
Laparoscopic Abdominal Surgery
Laparoscopic Abdominoperineal Resection Of The Rectum With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Colectomy
Laparoscopic Colon Surgery
Laparoscopic Excision Or Destruction Of Ovary With Robotic Assistance
Laparoscopic Rectal Surgery
Laparoscopic Ventral Herniorrhaphy
Laser Angioplasty
Non-Coronary Angioplasty, Atherectomy, And Stenting
Open Diaphragmatic And-Or Paraesophageal Hiatal Hernia Repair
Open Thymectomy
Peripheral Vascular Surgical Procedures
Proctosigmoidopexy With Robotic Assistance
Puncture Aspiration
Rectal Surgery
Removal Of Arteriovenous Shunt For Renal Dialysis
Renal Transplant And Nephrectomy
Repair Of Rectocele With Robotic Assistance
Revision Of Arteriovenous Shunt For Renal Dialysis
Stereotactic Biopsy
Surgical Procedures
Thromboendarterectomy Or Excision Of Infected Graft
Thyroid Lobectomy
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