7 years I had my First opinion of my neck issues from another Dr. I ran and never went back..I was referred toDr. Kamath 5 months ago and I have been truly impressed. I feel 100% certain that he always knows his stuff and that you are truly cared for ! His nurse Becca is also truly the most wonderful nurse I have ever had. she has followed up with me and made sure that I was ok when I had some unexpected issues arise. I would recommend this office 100%.
After having back surgery in Oct, I went to my first post op visit and all he could talk about was when I wanted to have the neck surgery. Had the neck fusion done, and on the first post op visit, he released me from his care. No talk of a second MRI to see if the back fusion worked or not. Very good surgeon but after care, he has a lot to learn.
Doctor Echols should open his own practice to better serve patients. Doctor Echols has a natural demeanor that instantly makes most patients comfortable; it's the type of thing that really can't be taught in med school or otherwise.
Wait time is consistently over 90 minutes
Headaches is what he wrote I came in for which wasn't the whole story. He did CTs, I heard the tech say seizure activity during scan. Nothing said about that in report and I wasn't the only one who heard it. He put me on knockout meds too! Didn't take them after I kept falling. Got a letter in the mail that he was moving and that was that. I'm considered non compliant by those that just throw drugs at me. He's sweet and kind but dropped the ball.
My daughter and I went in and he wouldn't let me finish the first sentence interrupt me by screaming you just want drugs there's nothing wrong with you but your fat !! You need surgery to make you not fat your spine is good !! Ok I guess I've been getting shots in my back and neck for years for no reason !! My daughter yelled back at him ! No one atacks her Mother like that ! I will not ever be seen by him again ! That doesn't fly in this country !!!
I will say I had 2 neck surgeries one in Dallas and the last one Dr. Kamath did. I would use him again if ever needed. On 1st surgery had to wear neck brace for 3 months. This last surgery done by Dr. Kamath, no neck brace and was back to normal in 1 month. Love Dr. Kamath. He is the best.
I would recommend Dr Pak as he cared for me with professionalism and was caring. He would be recommended with out any qualms. I hope he will be back n Wichita Falls soon.
I was in a lot of pain and had nerve damage in my arm and was losing feeling in my fingers. After neck surgery by Dr. Kamath I have no pain and have feeling and complete use of my fingers. I have recommended Dr. Kamath to many people. His bedside manner is excellent!
I am a Veteran, Dr. Pak is a complete blessing, with my care and with dealing with the VA. He and his close staff are a full 5 stars. I and my family are so very thankful for Dr. Pak.
Dr. Park has always been professional, thorough, and never in a hurry.
Although I am still in pain, after the surgery, I feel Dr. Kamath did his part. He is continuing to help me get out of pain. Thank you Dr. Kamath.
He is great I will never go anywhere else

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